Sunday Roast: Gravity Glue

Michael Grab balances rocks into beautiful shapes.  He calls it Gravity Glue.

“…I am referring to meditation, or finding a zero point or silence within yourself. Some balances can apply significant pressure on your mind and your patience. The challenge is overcoming any doubt that may arise.”

I think this would be useful in life, outside of your rock balancing efforts.

This is our daily open thread — Breathe.

68 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Gravity Glue

    • I may have mentioned this before so forgive my redundancy if I have.

      When I was in college speech class I did a beat poet reading of One Fish, Two Fish.
      I dressed in all black, wore cheap yellow flip flops, black wayfarers, turned out all of the lights except the one over the podium and proceeded to read beatnik style out of the children’s story.
      It was a hit.

        • I know this is going to be a facepalm, if I ever get it, but I haven’t been coherent since I started this stupid third shift job, and had to sleep three hours at a time, twice a day.

          I don’t ken this at all.

          • I was never coherent on third shift either. It helped me to avoid eating during the night. YMMV, I had to switch shifts frequently.

            • Switching shifts is impossible for me. If the second shift guy leaves, and I move to second, that better be it. I’ll not change again unless it’s to move to a different company.

          • Haven’t got a clue – even ‘googled’ it and didn’t see any context.
            Perhaps Wayne will explain.(even though he stated it would ‘lost in translation’)

            How’s kitty?

            • She’s in heat. I was told she was already fixed, but I guess not. Ex is going to get me a deal at the vet.

            • “Ex is going to get me a deal at the vet.”
              That has to be one of the top ten strangest sentences ever.

    • Okay, so the way I read it, those most eager to send you into harms way are the ones that want to leave you twisting in the wind after you’ve done their dirty work.
      I’m shocked.
      Shocked I tell you.

  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s take on the Oscar nominated ‘American Hustle’:

    “The main thing we learn is that Amy Adams has some awesome blouse tape.”

  2. Van Jones to Rich Lowery: ‘You can’t point to God to excuse your bigotry’

    “The one great achievement in the last century, we took out of American lexicon six words: ‘We don’t serve your kind here.’”

    “We took those words out, it took the Civil Right Movement to do it. Dr. King got killed trying to do it. ‘We don’t serve your kind here’ is not acceptable anymore. Those ‘no blacks allowed’ signs came down, we don’t want to see ‘no gays allowed’ signs in this country.”

    Van Jones gives me the shivers. 🙂

    And he’s easy on the eyes.

    • Oh ok then, I can make a comment about Amy Adams now – I was going to stay classy, but WTF.

  3. Marcus Lemonis, Grand Marshal of today’s CNBC 500 at Phoenix, is the first fuckwit since Danica started racing in NASCAR, to say “Gentlemen, start your engines”, instead of “Drivers, start your engines”.

    • Don’t know what it means, but Danica is decently fast so far. She picked up 7 spots before the mandatory caution at lap 35.

      • Well, she ran well up to about halfway. She ended up in a spin after contact with two other cars, had left side damage, but was still one lap down, then the damage wasn’t fixed well enough and she cut a tire and spun again. Now she’s five laps down, in 38th place. Couldn’t see the cause of her first spin, the camera wasn’t looking in the right place when it happened.

    • Fox is running a lot of promos for the new Cosmos series with Neil deGrasse Tyson, during today’s race.

      • Not to paint all NASCAR fans the same colour, but what demographic in common do a bunch of rednecks turning left have in common with those who are thrilled by the wonder of the universe?….. …. It’s just you HoR, isn’t it? Maybe they are targeting ads direct to your TV now, personally, just for you?

        • The ad promotes the series over ten different Fox and National Geographic Network channels, Fox, FX, FXX, FXM, Fox Life, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Mundo, and Nat Geo Wild.

          Don’t sell gearheads short. We have to believe in science, in order to understand how these race cars work.

        • “rednecks turning left ”

          I didn’t think they could….there’s hope yet!

    • • “Flat tire in Alaska.”

      • Please, who can’t distinguish between an opossum and a cat?
      (cats only wish they had an opposable thumb)

      • There was an ad on tv where a woman couldn’t see well, and was inviting a raccoon into her house to ‘come snuggles with mama’.😀

    • Can’t imagine who would hire a graduate from kookoo college!

      “We believe that all humanity is descended from Adam and Eve.”

  4. I have a question for my fellow cat lovers. Is it wise to get two cats fixed at the same time and keep them together while they heal?

    • Absolutely, yes, it’s both wise and forward-thinking. Cats raised together, and that get along together, can be sympathetic toward each other and actually help each other heal. We’ve often had siblings spayed and neutered together, and everybody turned out fine. Also, if they’re both “laid up” and healing together (and they’re fine after the surgery, they just have to take it easy), you won’t have one all healthy and riled up and wanting to play aggressively while the other is too ill to play along. Get ’em fixed together. That’s our advice.

    • I can’t see a problem. I’m about to do just that to my two new males. We routinely castrate multiple pigs and cows at the same time.

    • I called it here…. at least 5 years ago ….. that Emma Watson …. oh yes…. you know it.

  5. A guy who I knew for 20 years and worked with for 8 won an Oscar in the technical awards segment and they showed him accepting his award. I about gagged. He’s not worthy and is a supreme suck up.

    I remain mystified by the plaudits for ‘Gravity.’ Unless seen on Imax or a big screen, it doesn’t have that much to it.

    Oh, this Oscar telecast is unbelievably plodding.

    • Frankly, while a new dictator rises to “save the people” in his own “Sudetenland” – I find the 4 hour circle-jerk exceptionally offensive tonight.

  6. By all other accounts on The Twitter, Pink gave a fantastic rendition of “Over The Rainbow.” But there’s one foul-haired man out there who isn’t so easily pleased…

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