Tuesday March 4, 2014 Watering Hole Open Thread – Food for thought.

So after witnessing a black president being elected twice, I thought there were no miracles left to witness. Now this comes along.

Pope Drops the F-Bomb!

54 thoughts on “Tuesday March 4, 2014 Watering Hole Open Thread – Food for thought.

  1. He probably has a drink or two, and who knows, he might like a good Cuban cigar once in a while.

  2. Let me let you in on a secret. The Pope will read anything that is put on that Teleprompter. And when I say anything, I mean anything.

  3. I agree with one of the commenters on the link, he’s reading in someone else’s language, one mispronunciation. Its not dropping the f-bomb really, give Frankie P a break.😉

  4. Following the Euromaidan and Kyev post twitter feeds, the Beeb and a single mom in Kiev who seems to be able to beat all of them to it half the time.

    From the Beeb an email on the live feed and it is this that I think a lot of people are watching in the old Soviet Republics – remember Putin got away with it in Georgia in 2008 (thanks Chimpy McFlightsuit – we assume you saw that coming in his soul years before and just fooked up or maybe didn’t give a shit like you didn’t about everything else):

    “Pauls Zakis, Riga, Latvia emails: As a Latvian and citizen of Riga where our city population is one million people and half of which are Russian, my family and I can only wonder if Putin could target another ex-Soviet state like us too? Would be madness but Putin has perhaps already shown us a glimpse of his perception of a new map. Worrying.

    Exactly it’s been done before….. and it took a world war to get rid of the last fascist bastard who used that play book. As Mr Sulu says: “Those who forget history are going to end up looking pretty stupid”

  5. While the EU shows its yellow streak (except the Poles who know a Russian fascist when they see one) and John Kerry goes on safari (OK so the $1B emergency aid will help – that would be 2 B2 bombers or 1/3 of an Israel for a year – which is more value?). The only people who are really up the nose of the Czar of All the Russias are these guys:

    “Why aren’t they shooting? ….”

    All across the Crimea, the Ukranians are simply not handing over their guns, not coming out of their bases and not giving in to bribes nor provocation. They are the only thing standing between Putin and a clean takeover. Oh and the 40% of people who are *not* Russian and the % (still unknown) of that 60% who don’t like the idea of being ruled out of Moscow.

    Dog not yet barking in all of this: Turkey. 15% of the Crimeans are Muslims, ethnically related to the Turks and the Turks could put a cork in the bottle for Putin’s Black Sea Fleet just… like… that…

    • “Russian fascist” . . .

      Weird, don’t you think, that 70 years ago the US “democracy” and the Russian communists fought side-by-side (mostly) and finally defeated both the Italian and German Fascist regimes . . . and today, both Russia and Amurkkka have either adopted Fascism as their national meme (Russia) or are working diligently to do so (Amurkkkan Far Right Teabagger/GOP). Wonder why that is? Something to do with dick size? Hatred? Dick size? Money? Dick size? Power? Dick size? Hatred? Dick size?

      Hard (sotospeak) to figger.

  6. BFD, the EU has ‘reached a preliminary agreement to freeze 18 Ukranians assets’ – the Beeb. No word yet on whether they have found a piece of paper and a pen to start writing a memo to Mr Putin yet.

  7. Pooty’s epistemic closure, rambling news conference. After watching the full presser, Julia Ioffe decides that ”Merkel was absolutely right: Putin has lost it”:

    “For the last few years, it has become something like conventional knowledge in Moscow journalistic circles that Putin was no longer getting good information, that he was surrounded by yes-men who created for him a parallel informational universe. “They’re beginning to believe their own propaganda,” Gleb Pavlovsky told me when I was in Moscow in December. Pavlovsky had been a close advisor to the early Putin, helping him win his first presidential election in 2000. (When, in 2011, Putin decided to return for a third term as president, Pavlovsky declared the old Putin dead.) And still, it wasn’t fully vetted information. We were like astronomers, studying refractions of light that reached us from great distances, and used them to draw our conclusions.

    Today’s performance, though, put all that speculation to rest.”


    • It certainly is an eccentric little show – dangerous in that if he really believes all that (and I don’t think he does, I think lying ferret-faced fascist bastardo is more likely). I personally think he is counting on someone to start shooting and he will blame the Ukraine army for shooting at its ‘own citizens’ and there you are…..

      As Zooey says, what kind of gun-shows do they have in Crimea where you can buy your own BTRs? I mean some of these ‘Crimea self-defense’ yahoos have bought some naval ships and put them into Sevastopol harbor – *that’s* some Second Amendment you’ve got there Ivan!

    • 3,700 early votes cast…went uncounted

      Civic duty/pride of voting early and it doesn’t even count…way to go!

  8. I can’t keep track of the conspiracy theories. Depending on which rightwhiner is talking at the moment the events in Ukraine are: A cunning plan by Obama to keep us distracted from Benghazi, the result of Obama’s failure to bomb another country over Benghazi, a cunning plan by Obama to ensure that NBC made money with their Olympic coverage, something to do with the “librul media” being consumed by the story of a gay football player, and the result of Obama wearing “Mom Jeans” while riding a bike while Putin rides horses bareback. But? There hasn’t been so much as a peep about the fact that seizing the Crimea has been a goal of Russia since the breakup of the Soviet Union.

    Have I recently mentioned how much I hate these freaks?

    • I also have a prediction. At least one of the rightwhiners will go full circle and claim that Obama is only talking about the Ukraine crisis to distract us from Benghazi.

      • Lindsey Graham is already blaming this Ukraine situation on the Benghazi attack. SRSLY.

        • I hope and expect that Jon Stewart will, once again, have the most honest and intelligent commentary on Lindsay’s playing politics. It will be especially effective if he digs up a clip of his man love for Putin during the Georgia crisis.

  9. If only humans were smart enough to devise a weapon that would kill only humans and leave each and every other species alive to prosper, I’d send at least ten dollars to support the project. Unfortunately, we the people aren’t there yet, and so if we do finally go for M.A.D., well, then even the non-human cockroaches will suffer.

    Brings up the question: where the fuck is god? AFAIK, s/h/it has been absent for roughly 3000 years, or whenever it was he wrote the byebull. Well, ‘cept for that one visit to wherever it was the virgin named Mary was hanging out. Or so some have suggested, at least.

    I guess s/h/it’s too much involved in stopping contraception and ridding the world of Obamacare to find the time to worry about the panoply of human idiots already out there.

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