Friday March 7, 2014 Music Night

I probably should pay more attention to what Gummich posts so apologies in advance if this Portland band has already been showcased.

I like them so much I’ll add a second. Here’s a Hungarian/Roma instrumental played in a Portland street. Sweet sound. Real roots music.

38 thoughts on “Friday March 7, 2014 Music Night

  1. Not Music Nighty…. but if you want to play a part…. here’s the deal – anything you can do to connect and support the young men and women of the Ukranian services bottled up in Crimea this very night…. do it. If they can still be there and demonstrate with their courage, resilience, tolerance and humanity why they are there, then maybe Putin’s Rubber Stamp won’t go so well.

      • (low morale of the Russian soldiers) That may be what is needed to lower the intensity of the situation.

        Reading this is a bit concerning, perhaps a ‘Catch-22’?

        The E.U. is Russia’s largest trading partner by a large margin, so European countries do not want to risk the health of their economies to intervene in Crimea. 75 percent of foreign investments in Russia come from the E.U. “The E.U. economy is so interconnected with Russia’s, it means any economic sanctions will also hurt the E.U. That’s the reason that countries like Germany and the Nertherlands are withholding support for sanctions and instead pushing for a diplomatic solution,” TNR’s

        • Putin’s betting on it……. I posted that link on the main open thread earlier with a *very* plausible game plan….. right now, those young men and women are all that’s stopping him – no one else will

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