Watering Hole: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 – I Remember

I remember when all vegetables were organic and purchased from the local farmer.  As a matter of fact, when I was a very young child, I remember a farmer driving his truck around the city where I lived and selling his produce right off the back of his truck.  Before supermarkets, our food came from the corner grocery store and with the exception of the Birdseye frozen vegetables and canned vegetables (yuk), it was fresh from the local farmer.  If it was out of season, it wasn’t on the shelf. The corner grocery store was often owned by a butcher.  Our little neighborhood supported three corner butcher/groceries.  The meat was not factory farmed and tasted good.  Once a week, the milkman would stop by very early in the morning and drop off farm fresh milk and eggs.  My mother would put money in an envelope along with a note for her next order and leave it in the insulated milk box.

Then the supermarket chains appeared and gradually put an end to the corner butcher/grocery stores.  This was when factory farming became all the rage and the farmers turned to using pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  The ranchers discovered that feeding steers grain made them get fatter faster which meant a quicker and higher return on their investment.  Along with the grain came an increase in intestinal salmonella growth in the cattle and the contamination of the meat supply.  Cattle are NOT grain eaters.  They are grass eaters and salmonella does not grow freely in a grass fed bovine.  Besides, grass fed beef is high in Omega 3’s whereas grain fed beef is high in Omega 6’s.  That’s a story for another time.

Now, we pay premium prices for organic food which was once the only food that could by purchased at the local grocery.  Has Monsanto won or are we waiting for summer’s bounty from the local farmers?  I am anxiously awaiting the return of the local farmers’ markets.  Now if only I can find room in my small house for my freezer.

This is our Open Thread.  Speak Up!

81 thoughts on “Watering Hole: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 – I Remember

  1. I think I’ve spotted a trend here in Amurkkka, and I wonder if anyone else has noticed it — whether the topic is agriculture, or meat production, or energy, or medical practice, or pharmaceuticals, or clothing, or shoes, or politics . . . it’s not the well being of the people, or the critters, or the air and water, or even of the planet’s climate itself that counts. It’s the MONEY. ONLY THE MONEY that drives us, that has any enduring meaning. Everything else is expendable.

    Why is that? Why are humans the only species yet evolved on the earth that finds itself consumed by money? And what is money anyway? The Constitution uses the word ‘money’ six times, but never really defines it, simply allows Congress to “borrow” it or to “coin” it and “regulate the Value thereof . . .” No help there.

    Humans are weird.

  2. This morning, we are having the running of the kitteh here.

    And now she’s flopped over having a pit stop. 😀

  3. Tell ’em I ain’t got it: Texas debt hits $341 billion

    A sobering new report on state debt shows that Texas has been lying to itself about its fiscal health.

    Texas has the third highest total state debt in the country, at $341 billion, once you count the colossal debts that politicians have been keeping off the balance sheets.

    In total indebtedness, Texas surpasses Rust Belt black holes such as Illinois and Ohio, and trails just California and New York.

    Yeah, that Rick Perry was so good for Texas, running the same fiscal responsibility scam he learned from Bush the Wanker. Each job ‘created’ in Texas comes with its own built-in debt burden. It’ll take a Democratic Party governor like Wendy Davis to turn the state around, unless the legislature becomes the same type of obstructionists Obama has to deal with in D.C. Once the wealthy get the sweetheart deal they want from government, they just have to protect the status quo.

    • I’ve noticed something about these assholes, some of whom used to be in my life. They go along in life, doing what assholes do best, and when they get caught, “it’s not a reflection of who I am.”

      Of course it’s a reflection of who you are!! It’s the very definition of your existence! But you think that by saying “it’s not a reflection of who I am,” it somehow makes it true, and they’re surprised when you roll your eyes or question them.

    • Loss prevention in retail is a high priority, and even more so in tough economic times. That’s why the employees are subjected to the patdowns and searches.

      My ex is a pro at seeing through scams the thieves attempt in her store. They try to ‘return’ stolen merchandise that didn’t even come from her chain. They don’t realize she can look up all the stores in the district in minutes and determine if the item has even been sold recently, if it’s a high dollar item.

  4. Bachmann: Thank God For The Koch Brothers

    I just thank God that there’s a billionaire or two on our side. All the billionaires seem to be on the radical left, so I’m glad that we have a couple on ours. I hope we get a few more that are willing that come out but realize also this is an intimidation movement, I’m sure that the donors on our side don’t like to have their names vilified and that’s what this is about, intimidating people from giving money to our cause, that’s it. There’s something called the RICO statute, the racketeering law, that should be applied against them for doing this.

    From the Lars Larson show, with audio. See, we should be locked up for discouraging others from shopping at WalMart, Hobby Lobby, and Papa Johns. We’re racketeers.

    • All the billionaires seem to be on the radical left, so I’m glad that we have a couple on ours.

      She’s full of shit. There are a lot more billionaires on the right, we just don’t hear about most of them. And David Koch once ran for Vice President, so he’s as much a public figure as Bachmann.

      I’m sure that the donors on our side don’t like to have their names vilified and that’s what this is about, intimidating people from giving money to our cause, that’s it.

      This blissfully ignorant statement presumes there is no reason to vilify the Koch Brothers for the things they’ve done with their money. They’re evil! They want to do evil things that serve no other purpose than to enrich themselves. They back political candidates who want to do terrible things to this country. I hate when the right tries to make false equivalencies.

  5. Crimea Declares Independence Ahead of Popular Vote on Secession

    The parliament of Crimea, a majority ethnic Russian region within Ukraine, declared independence Tuesday ahead of a popular vote on secession and annexation by Russia.

    The declaration appeared to be the latest attempt to shore up the legal basis of the upcoming referendum, which is scheduled for Sunday but has been declared unconstitutional by the country’s central leadership in Kiev.

    A representative of the regional parliament’s press office said that 78 of 100 deputies voted to declare independence.

    I understand from panels on several shows, that if Crimea’s voters are severed from Ukraine, that Russia will have even less influence over Ukrainian politics in the future. The concentration of Russian sympathizers in Crimea balance out the non-Russian rest of the country. Makes me wonder if it’s really worth it for Putin in the long run.

  6. Church Tithes Stolen From Lakewood

    Thousands of dollars in cash and checks – along with written credit card information – were stolen from Houston’s Lakewood Church on Sunday, according to an email sent by church leaders to members on Monday.

    Houston’s KRIV-TV is reported that the total amount was somewhere around $600,000, although church officials have said that the money in the safe had not yet been counted. Church leaders said they are not sure how that dollar amount was reached.

    This is the megachurch led by celebrity pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen. The amount stolen is the take from one weekend. One weekend.

      • Here’s the ‘godly/christian’ man:

        Joel Osteen’s $10.5 Million Mansion, Cross-Less Church and Other Surprising Facts About the Mega-Pastor

        Pastor Osteen acquired Lakewood Church’s new home at the former Compaq Center in 2005. The 16,000-seat arena is home to the nation’s largest congregation (43,000 members) and underwent $95 million in renovations, according to a 2005 New York Times article. “Like many new evangelical churches, the building has no cross, no stained glass, no other religious iconography. Instead, it has a cafe with wireless Internet access, 32 video game kiosks and a vault to store the offering,” the paper reported.

    • Megachurches are some of the world’s most proficient ripoff artists, have been for decades at least. Hi Tammy Faye, et al.

      What’s it called when ripoff artists get ripped off by a different line of ripoff artists? Is it still a crime? If so, why?

  7. Stan Coulter is at it again:

    Ann Coulter likened the shift in U.S. demographics to “being raped” as a room full of attendees of the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference guffawed and applauded.

    Coulter was appearing at a private gathering of conservative and Republican bloggers and media representatives held across the street from CPAC 2014. She alleged that Democrats have been intentionally bringing more legal immigrants into the U.S. since 1965 in a long-term plot to gain electoral supremacy.

    Pundits working for MSNBC, she said, are the intellectual shock troops charged with hammering home the pro-immigration, liberal propaganda.


  8. Now it’s starting to feel like spring might arrive after all. We hit 54 yesterday and I flew for most of the afternoon and this morning I was serenaded by courting geese. The new kitties were very engrossed by the geese on the roof! Kodos tried to claw his way through the window and Kang, whether through fear or frustration I don’t know, crawled under the covers with me.

      • Indeed. On the other hand… It seems like extremely severe winter weather events has a similar effect. The smiles are more forced but it’s still not uncommon to see big grins on the faces of people pushing cars out of snow banks.

      • Yep. I just saw a flock of a dozen or so a couple days ago. I don’t know if they like the leftover crab apples because they have grubs in them or for the fruit itself but they seem to have eaten just about all of them.

  9. Joe McGinniss, RIP.

    Joe McGinnis was responsible not only for several books that are landmarks of journalism – he was also the case study of arguably the most famous essay about journalism, Janet Malcolm’s “The Journalist and the Murderer.”

    It’s not an exaggeration to say that McGinnis – at the tender age of 26, in 1968 – transformed political journalism with The Selling Of The President.

    And finally, he went to do what others wouldn’t: to find the real truth about the Palins, and he came closer than almost anyone. His honesty and doggedness will be missed.

  10. Finding The God Particle

    ‘[Director Mark] Levinson—whose film background consists of dramatic narratives—had one requirement. “I did not want to make a science documentary about particle physics,” Levinson says. “I wanted to make a dramatic character-oriented film that could engage people in a unique period in the history of science.” ‘

    • Apparently he knows where the bodies are buried; after all he vehemently denies spying on the Senate, which means…yes the CIA was spying.
      (Obama should never have even thought about Brennan, after all he was a ‘left over’ from GWB )

  11. The Peter Wheat Bread truck used to drive around our city. Mom never bought from the truck – too expensive. Once in a while our neighbor would purchase a donut for us!

    The knife/scissors sharpening van would come around about once a month.

  12. Billy D.:


    The ignorance is appalling. “The Catholic Church as an institution had almost nothing to do with [the Inquisition],” writes Dayton historian Thomas Madden. “One of the most enduring myths of the Inquisition,” he says, “is that it was a tool of oppression imposed on unwilling Europeans by a power-hungry Church. Nothing could be more wrong.” Because the Inquisition brought order and justice where there was none, it actually “saved uncounted thousands of innocent (and even not-so-innocent) people who would otherwise have been roasted by secular lords or mob rule.” (His emphasis.)

    • Ah yes. The opposite of the truth is one thing that Catholics excel at. I can’t find a clip but it also spounds like FAUX and Fiends were wondering why, if Neil DeGrasse Tyson is so smart, Cosmos needs writers.

    • Something to keep in mind: Bill Donohoe HATES Seth MacFarlane. Billy D tried (unsuccessfully, of course) to get Family Guy kept off the air before it ever aired because……wait for it……Seth is gay. That was pretty much his entire motivation.

  13. Peter Beinart dismantles Rubio’s knee-jerk foreign policy:

    “Taken together, Rubio’s statements divide the world into three parts: the utterly virtuous (us), the utterly evil (our adversaries), and the utterly feckless (everyone else). It’s not merely a cartoonish vision. It’s a cartoonish vision that was tested against reality for several years after 9/11, when George W. Bush and Dick Cheney hyped Saddam Hussein’s Iraq as a new totalitarian superpower, ridiculed the UN weapons inspectors who questioned American claims about Saddam’s military arsenal, and insisted, despite the misgivings of close U.S. allies, that America could replace Saddam with a model regime.

    Say what you want about Rand Paul: He’s trying to learn from the disasters of the Bush years. Rubio, the supposedly serious Republican candidate on foreign policy, is making them his template.”

    Read the whole thing. What I got from it is how dumb Rubio is.


  14. Televangelist Pat Robertson warned a viewer on Tuesday that watching horror entertainment shows like “The Walking Dead” or pornography could allow “demons” to wreck her car.

    “I was watching a horror movie the other day of the recommendation of others,” a viewer explained in a letter to The 700 Club. “It was rather strange and awfully macabre. And then this past Sunday, I got into an accident leaving church.”

    “Did watching that movie cause a curse — or the Lord’s protection to be lifted from me?” the viewer wondered. “Did I grieve the Holy Spirit by watching this series?”

    • I saw the story earlier today and was going to post it but I still can’t decide whether I find the question or the answer more disturbing. I think that I will go with the question. The fact that anyone whatsoever seeks the advice of Marion “Pat” Robertson is just about to drive me to drink. And I don’t mean a pleasant buzz. I mean drink till I drop and manage to forget just how stupid people can be for a few hours.

    • Answers to the q’s in the third paragraph: no, no, and no given that neither curses, nor a Lord, nor a Holy Spirit exist, or have ever existed anywhere but in the minds of the gullible.

      I do often wonder if the human species can ever, as a whole, move beyond godman-style mythology, or if it will take several more evolutionary transitions, maybe someday to a species that actually deserves then name ‘sapiens’. I suspect the latter

    • How did these people progress to being able to go to the bathroom and wipe their own bottoms….? It doesn’t seem possible.

    • I was going to post a link to Mythopedia the other day but I forgot. I hope that MMfA is upgrading their servers because the sheer volume of right wing lies is staggering.

    • (although not an ‘intellectual’, many of those were quite humorous)

      • A Roman walks into a bar and asks for a martinus.

      “You mean a martini?” the bartender asks.

      The Roman replies, “If I wanted a double, I would have asked for it!”

      • Schrodinger’s cat walks into a bar. And doesn’t.

      • Another Roman walks into a bar, holds up two fingers, and says, “Five beers, please.”

      A definite groaner:

      • A Higgs Boson walks into a church and the priest says “we don’t allow Higgs Bosons in here.” The Higgs Boson then replies “but without me, how could you have mass?

    • I almost cried tonight… despite all the political discussions I’ve had with my sister and all the political blogs I’ve exposed her to, while listening to the election results earlier she asked me why I didn’t vote today! 😥

        • Florida does have mail in ballots and early voting for regular elections. My disappointment is in my sister’s lack of comprehension of information she just watched being presented. I have explained how our U.S. congressional district, FL 6, was created with the gerrymandered redrawing of district lines after the 2010 election and have talked about our new representative Ron DeSantis and the old one John Mica. Then we watched Rachael Maddow’s report last night about today’s “bellwether” election to replace Bill Young, the longest serving Republican in Congress, who represented Fl 13 in Pinellas County, which is on the Gulf coast on the other side of the state!!

          • Bill Young began his Congressional in 1971 after serving 10 years in the Florida Senate, quite a taker he was. The next longest serving Republican member of Congress Don Young who began his career in 1973. Michigan’s John Dingell is the longest serving member of Congress in history, having begun serving in 1955.

            • “Hee haw hell” oh so perfect!
              I’m impressed that you and pachy are able to maintain sanity in such a place!

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