The Watering Hole; Thursday March 13 2014; Dumb and Smarter

Fox News contributor and retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson on Monday compared American society to Nazi Germany.

“I mean, [our society is] very much like Nazi Germany,” Carson told Breitbart News, after declaring that we were living in a “Gestapo age.” “And I know you’re not supposed to say ‘Nazi Germany,’ but I don’t care about political correctness. You know, you had a government using its tools to intimidate the population. We now live in a society where people are afraid to say what they actually believe.”

Yeah, well, OK, a confession: I am NOT“afraid to say” that Herr Doctor Carson along with the entire panoply of his wingnut comradistanians are filled from toenail to treetop with something extremely putrid and smelly. In fact, he and alladem who smell really bad serve absolutely NO useful purpose on this galactic dirt speck other than to remind me of certain critters that, given the opportunity, could well manage something I cannot, i.e. to enjoy a lunch with . . . ermm . . . OF . . . well, y’know. Like fer example, here’s two pinnacles of putridity, named Carson and Dubya, resp.:

Herr Doctor Carson and DubyaSo. Diversion anyone? Another world maybe? One where there is NO stupid? Where cool reigns? Courtesy of the best wildlife photographer I know, Denny Green, on his recent visit to the Desert Sonora Museum in Tucson, Arizona, a few shots of, in his words, “the best looking mountain lion I have ever seen.” Compare the qualities of soul implicit in this Puma with the lack thereof in either or both of the dudes shown above and understand the dramatic contrast between those pinnacles of putridity . . . and the GRANDNESS of other life on this earth!

Puma 2

Puma 3

Puma 4

[All Puma photos © Denny Green, Tempe AZ, 2014]

Reminds me of an old yarn about a pair of Puma brothers, one from New Mexico the other from Texas, who got together once each year in the hills near Carlsbad. One year, the Texas brother came limping back, ribs showing, and hungry. His brother said, “Hey, man, you look awful! What’s up?”

“It’s the damn drought,” his Texas brother replied. “Ain’t been no rain, so there ain’t no grass, no weeds, no deer, no cows, no rabbits, no nothin’.”

“Well, yah,” his New Mexico brother replied, “It’s been like that here too, and there ain’t none of any of them here neither.”

“Well, what the hell do you eat then? I mean, you look like you been eatin’ real good.”

“Yah, I do OK. I eat people. They’re all over the place, y’know, and easy as hell to catch cause they’re dumber than rocks even. Just sneak up behind ’em, jump, and there you go. Dinner. What, ain’t there no people in Texas?”

“Yah, them’re the things that walk on two legs but ain’t birds, right? We got lots of them. I’ll give ’em a try.”

So, the next day the Texas Puma headed home.

A year passed, and on schedule the Texas Puma came crawling back into the hills near Carlsbad. His brother spotted him and was shocked — nothing there but skin and bones; he was crawling on his belly, barely able to make it.

“What the heck’s up with you?” The New Mexico Puma cried. “You look almost dead! What, no food in Texas? No people even?”

“Well yeah, there’s people all over the place, but they ain’t worth nothin’,” the Texas Puma replied.

“What, you can’t catch ’em?”

“Nah, they’re easy to catch. They’re easy to sneak up on and all. But right when I jump to git ’em, when they see me it scares the shit out of ’em. And then there ain’t nothin’ left to eat!”


I suppose I could waste time elaborating on allathat, but really don’t see the need. The intellectual contrast between the Puma and most any wingnut AND most any Texan politician is almost unanimously clear and obvious (Wendy Davis excluded, of course).


53 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday March 13 2014; Dumb and Smarter

  1. [even though it’s on an obscure channel, I’m certain FauxVomit will have something not so pleasant to say about]:

    New ‘Black Jesus’ Live-Action Comedy Series To Air On Adult Swim Channel

    “Black Jesus” which producers expect to be controversial, is expected to star Gerald “Slink” Johnson as Jesus living in present-day Compton, Calif.

      • And if any RWNJ can prove (with scientific evidence, not quotes from the Bible) that not only did Jesus actually exist, but that he was a white man, then I’ll allow them to complain, but not to have cancelled, this new series.

  2. You know, you had a government using its tools to intimidate the population.

    “Had”? You mean we don’t have that here? Anymore? That’s one of those broadly, vaguely worded statements that, given time, could eventually prove to be true, if you bend the meaning of words along the way.

    We now live in a society where people are afraid to say what they actually believe

    Well, they don’t have to fear the government. But what I think he’s really talking about is the public shaming that comes when someone on the right spews some racist, bigoted, prejudiced, idiotic nonsense. What Ben Carson really fears is being publicly ridiculed for his views. On the Right, this is known as “attacking” someone. Not their views, their person. Another form of RW lying.

    • Absolutely right Wayne. To most of these folks freedom of speech means the freedom to say whatever you want without being criticized for what you say.

    • I’ve said it here many times before, will say it again. Nazi Germany was a far right FASCIST operation, a form of government which, in the US, only the radical right “Republicans” seek to impose — a governmental thesis which Ben Carson and all the others at Fox News, plus numerous billionaires and their PACs each and in their own way/voice and in the company of CPAC are working diligently to impose upon the rest of us.

      One of their extreme tactics is to accuse their opposition of being what they themselves genuinely are. They’re either too stupid to realize what they’re doing, OR they know full well what they’re up to, and they realize exactly how well similar tactics worked in Germany of the 1930’s, tactics which elevated Hitler and his Fascist movement to full power of the state.

      Sadly, a huge percentage of people here in Amurkkka accept their philosophy of fear and hatred, dutifully masked in their own (purposely misleading) lingua franca.

      • There is a group of RWNJs who plan to go to DC in May to remove the current president. I doubt more than 20 will show, but this is part of their plan from one of their websites:
        “Phase 3 – Those with the principles of a West, Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Lee, DeMint, Paul, Gov Walker, Sessions, Gowdy, Jordan, should comprise a tribunal and assume positions of authority to convene investigations, recommend appropriate charges against politicians and government employees to the new U.S. Attorney General appointed by the new President.”
        Fascist to the core.

    • Not sure of Bitch BcConnell’s real age, but he does seem to have an early 19th century political mentality. I mean, what would white guys in, say, 1850-1860 have thought of a black president?

  3. No sleep till world domination

    It’s become clear that it wasn’t just Wall Street employees who believed they worked so hard because only they were smart enough to steer the global economy. It seems Congress believed it too, and multiple presidents, and at least a couple of chairmen of the Federal Reserve. They took Wall Street’s advice and made men such as Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon the consummate insiders. They let them write their own rules. And the same stupid cycle has already begun with tech. Industry leaders are dipping their toes in politics through vehicles such as Zuckerberg’s immigration reform PAC, and they’re hard at work writing the rules of their own industry, an industry with which the law has a notoriously difficult time keeping pace.

  4. more on the Mexican Gray Wolf:

    Endangered Mexican gray wolf at heart of political battle in Southwest

    March 13, 2014 6:00AM ET

    Federal efforts to recover wolf population expose bitter tension between anti-government and environmentalist activists

    “Wolves are easy,” said Ed Bangs, a retired Fish and Wildlife Service wolf recovery coordinator, suggesting that people rally around wolves as stand-ins for larger issues. “People are very interesting.

    “There is so much controversy and bitterness, and it’s not necessarily about wolves, but deeply held symbolic values,” he said. “Things like private property rights, our relationship with nature, climate change. Then people become very polarized over it, and that doesn’t help anything.”

    After more than two decades of planning, the recovery team reintroduced the first Mexican gray wolves into the wild in 1998. Since those 11 wolves were released into a region straddling Arizona and New Mexico, with a recovery goal of 100 wild wolves by 2006, there are currently fewer than 90 living in the wilds of Arizona and New Mexico.

  5. Lesser prairie chicken: NM landowners ‘insulated’ if endangered species listing proceeds

    Listing of the lesser prairie-chicken under the Endangered Species Act appears imminent, but landowners across Southeastern New Mexico appear to be insulated from the decision’s potential impacts.

    Douglas Lynn, executive director for the non-profit Center of Excellence for Hazardous Materials Management, based in Carlsbad, said New Mexico is the best positioned of the states to absorb the impacts from federal protections.

    “Everything is leaning toward the listing of the species,” Lynn said during a Wednesday meeting of the Bureau of Land Management’s Pecos District Resources Advisory Council. “It is what it is and the political reality is that the species is threatened.”

    • Hmm. NM landowners ‘insulated’ if endangered species listing proceeds so if the Keystone XL pipeline (Canadian owned) proceeds are the Nebraska landowners similarly “insulated”?

      Yeah, right. But then there ain’t no money in prairie chickens like there is in toxic tar sands bitumen. And besides, landowners clearly NEED protection from killer prairie chickens, but why in the world would landowners even WANT protection from toxic crud?

        • Exactly! Plus, how can they claim their dioramas are an accurate representation? If the “first couple” didn’t care then they would not have spent all their hours making sure that hair or bushes or something was blocking their view of the good parts.

          On the other hand. I recently saw a comment from a fundy who claimed that it never rained before the flood. There were vegetarian dinosaurs eating plants, that didn’t need rain, and leaving footprints in mud that wasn’t caused by water. Or something. it is absolutely, 100%, impossible to argue with “logic” like that.

  6. I was reading another article about concussions in football and was once again struck by something lacking. Has anyone discussed adding padding to the outside of football helmets? Concussions occur when a head is quickly accelerated and decelerated. So, logically, one wants to reduce the G force transmitted to the head. When two hard helmets collide or a helmet collides with the ground or another fairly hard object then the G force is extreme because the entire helmet, regardless of the padding on the inside, starts and/or stops almost instantaneously. If there was, let’s say, 3 inches of soft padding on the outside of the helmet it would actually reduce the acceleration.

    Am I missing something?

    • Racing Innovator Bill Simpson Tackles Football Concussions With New Helmet

      Bill Simpson was a long time finding the National Football League, but it finding him might change football.

      The former California drag racer, Indianapolis 500 driver and motorsports safety innovator has created a football helmet that he and others believe could revolutionize the sport. Simpson knows this because he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to making safer helmets. Researchers believe it because they have seen data charts.

      The entrenched helmet manufacturers don’t want the Simpson helmet to take away their exclusive market. It’s got to happen though.

      You wouldn’t want 3 inches of soft padding, a better way would be a coating that starts softer on the surface and gets gradually harder. You want to increase the deceleration time of the head and brain. You’re on the right track, the helmets are too hard on the outside.

      • Thanks, house.

        That’s about what i thought and I’m glad that it’s at least being researched. Layers of hard and soft material makes sense because it would function much like “torpedo blisters” on a warship. The hard surfaces would actually tend to reflect some of the shock while the softer materials would slow and distribute the force.

        One thing to watch out for would be making the outer surface too “sticky” because that would pose a danger of neck injuries but I would think that using “slippery” materials and possibly a neck brace of sorts would mitigate that danger. I figure just about anything would be better than a hard outer shell because that results in instant acceleration. Whenever I look at a hard helmet I think of the clacking steel balls from the famous desktop game.

        • I thought about a neck brace system somewhat like the HANS device in auto racing, but the ability to turn the head to increase one’s field of vision is too critical in football. Down linemen do use a neck brace to limit the range of motion front to back during blocking.

  7. Ok, so shit is starting to go down in the East of Ukraine now. 3 people killed in clashes between pro-Russian and pro-Kiev factions. No idea who started what, the Euromaidan site says that the fighting started when one side sang the Ukraine national anthem. Putin has approx. 88,000 soliders hanging about to the east & north of Donetsk… I fear that widespread anarchy will be the pretext for more Russian incursions in mainland Ukraine. My friend says the talk is that Putin was not dissuaded from Abkhazia and Ossetia and those lands were ruined and over a 1,000 killed in Ossetia in 2008. She’s out of work too 😦 – does anyone need an events promoter, music, theatre and live entertainment at a local level? Able to work remotely? Speaks at least three languages, maybe four.

    • Damn, it reads as if a no-win situation in the making. Putin doesn’t need a reason to cause death and mayhem, he’ll just make one up.
      Sorry to read about your friend. Unfortunately I don’t hang with musicians, however I’ll keep it in mind.

  8. Just in case you missed it – the Twitter event of all time is coming to the tweeter tomorrow – God has written a new book for the Bible – the Book of Bieb and will tweet it every 2min until 5pm EDT tomorrow. Between God and Wil Wheaton, I may have to stay off the tweeter tomorrow or unfollow them.

  9. I’m glad they cleared this up. The KKK isn’t against “coloreds” and “mongrels”. They are just really, really, for “the white race”. I wonder… Would it help if DNA sequencing becomes cheap enough so that every baby born gets a breakdown of their “racial purity”? I have a feeling that many of the KKK types would kill themselves on the spot if they got a good hard look at their genealogy and many of the remainder would be kicked out of the movement by those with a could percent less “other” DNA.

    • Something very weird, if not unprecedented, happened to that plane. Of course; I’m sure that the rightwhiners will manage to blame President Obama and/or Hillary.

        • I tried to get into Lost but I just couldn’t get past the realization that NO ONE would survive from a plane that broke in half in midair. Then, some years later, I decided to watch the final episode and realized that the producers knew that from the start and the whole series was just a mind fuck. The whole series would have worked if they just started with the premise of an entire airplane landing, intact, on a mysterious island.

    • The airplane, a Boeing 777 200 ER, has a wingspan of 199′ and requires a 5,098′ runway to land at maximum weight. I would think any landing area away from civilization (within a fuel range circle centered on the last known location) would have been known about by our military/spy agencies and probably able to be seen on Google Earth. At this point there is no evidence that the plane has landed anywhere.

      As yet there has been no debris or oil slick evidence to indicate the plane has crashed in the water and there were no explosions detected by the people that monitor the world for them.

      Barring further evidence about the plane’s location, I have no reason not to believe that aliens used a Star Trek-type transporter to relocate the aircraft to an unknown area of the universe. 😯

    • Well, OK, I can agree that on a planet where the human population already exceeds seven billion, sex is definitely “NOT an actual need,” and does, in fact, further increase the probability of mass global extinctions, courtesy of human stupidity. Now, when birth control is part of the equation, at least the planetary consequences of the act are dramatically reduced, and in a very good way. Call me a Birth Control Advocate, iow, one who doesn’t give a crap about either bowling or stamp collecting. Among other things.

    • Um. No. There’s a very good reason why sex is sometimes called “the biological imperative”. Every biological entity with more than two cells is ruled by “the urge to merge”.

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