Music Night, March 14, 2014 More about backup singers

Ok, I’ll admit, I love Nashville (the tv show), not because it’s a dopey soap and not just because Connie Britton. Well, maybe it is Connie. At any rate, this week’s episode had one of the minor characters auditioning as a backup singer–pretty girl with a pretty voice. Sweet. And, thanks to 20 Feet From Stardom I was shaking my head the whole time.

No power. That’s something made clear time after time in the film; all these women have tremendous vocal power. Hell, they probably don’t need microphones half the time. Case in point is Judith Hill, the youngest of the performers. YouTube has a number of videos from her time on The Voice, but this one is my favorite, from the film. Gorgeous, exotic woman who can bring down the house with her singing.

22 thoughts on “Music Night, March 14, 2014 More about backup singers

      • I told her there was musical doppelganger here who would say pretty much that :):

        “The Ukraine music just builds on that infectious dance rhythm …. it was fun”


  1. And then there is this one…… the video is fun and the girls will enjoy listening to this by watching the band play live, they’s good-looking French boys…

  2. “And the Rodneys are queuing up, God forbid…”

    Wow, didn’t we all get old. Stranglers after 40 years (10 days ago)

  3. Just read this, and I’m not buying it.
    Why hasn’t any ‘group’ come forward to brag about such a feat?

    Malaysia: Investigators conclude flight hijacked

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