Sunday Roast: Cats & Zooey take a day trip

Yesterday, it was such a beautiful day that Cats and I decided to take a spur of the moment day trip.  We made a loop from Eugene, down past Cottage Grove, over to Reedsport, then up to Florence, and back to Eugene.

The scenery was AMAZING, and here are just a few of the things we saw:

Canada Geese having a rest on their journey home.

Canada Geese having a rest on their journey home.

Roosevelt Elk, looking a bit raggedy and having lunch of fresh green grass.

Roosevelt Elk, looking a bit raggedy and having lunch of fresh green grass.

More Roosevelt Elk having a lie down.

More Roosevelt Elk having a lie down.

Stunning pink rhododendrons.

Stunning pink rhododendrons.

Dunes in Florence.

Dunes in Florence.

It was a perfectly lovely day, and, as you might imagine, we discussed all the issues of the day, and solved every single one of them — if only people would listen to us.  😉

This is our daily open thread — Get on with it!

39 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Cats & Zooey take a day trip

  1. Now they’ve got a fictional movie about the NFL Draft. From the same people who brought you: Watching Paint Dry, The Grass Grows Slower Here, and other titles made specially for insomniacs!

    • I’m seeing that exit polls are predicting that 93% of voters want Crimea to be part of Russia. If that is true, it can’t be ignored.

      • The ballot was something along the lines of:
        Crimea annex to Russia
        Russia should annex Crimea

        The 7% probably didn’t vote, leaving it blank.

    • That’s not what jeezus said when he wrote the constitution. Ask any conservative nitwit: the Founding Fathers meant for this nation to follow the xtian bible (they just don’t know which one)
      Freedom OF religion (then they stop reading), Freedom From religion.

  2. I hate arguing with misinformed RW Libertarians, especially when they misquote and distort Jefferson, and can seem to find no other source to support their arguments, as if one Founding Father’s view was proof that ALL the #FF’s believed the same thing.

    I told him the convo was over and Goodbye. I was still civil. I no longer need to be if he comes back. 🙂

  3. Certainly don’t need another Repugnant at the helm.

    Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, of the San Bernardino community of Twin Peaks, said he would have the state “frack our way to prosperity,” cut taxes and reduce regulations as he called Brown “a Marxist progressive parading as a Democrat.”

    “On my first day as governor, I will declare a moratorium on all new laws that contain restrictions on your freedom, on your business and on your constitutional civil rights,” Donnelly, 47, said to cheers from a crowd that waved his campaign signs.

    We are on the positive side with our current Dem Gov – after the GOP puppet/idiot Arnold effed it nearly drowned the economy.

  4. Danica finished 18th at Bristol, one lap down, with fifteen cars on the lead lap, and only two other cars one lap down with her. I had to sleep through most of this race due to it being delayed by rain twice, then it was rained on with three laps to go and Nascar declared it over with just a little ago.
    Tonight may be the last Sunday I’ll have to work, if my second shift guy gets to move to day shift and I get his spot next week. Maybe then I can stop having to sleep two times a day to get six or seven hours of sleep!

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