The Watering Hole; Friday March 21 2014; Monarch Roundup

Sometimes it only takes a simple one page email letter to tell it like it is. This one, from the Natural Resources Defense Council popped up in my inbox just yesterday, and it took me maybe thirty seconds to act, to add my name to the petition of protest.

Monarch butterflies are in crisis, and we must take immediate action to protect them!

Less than 20 years ago, an astounding 1 billion monarchs migrated to Mexico for the winter. This year, a mere fraction of that — just 33.5 million — made the journey.

Why? In large part it’s because industrial agriculture is killing off the native milkweed on which monarchs depend with a new generation of potent herbicides.

Tell the EPA to adopt tough new restrictions on the weed killers that are wiping out monarchs!

By placing commonsense limits on Big Ag’s rampant use of herbicides like glyphosate — marketed as Roundup by Monsanto — the EPA could dramatically increase the monarch’s chance for survival.

But the EPA is unlikely to do that unless it hears from hundreds of thousands of us!

Monarchs can’t live without milkweed — it is the only plant on which they lay their eggs.

What’s at stake here? One of the most astounding and extraordinary migrations on the planet — a true natural wonder.

Each year, as they have for countless generations, North American monarchs undertake an epic journey, flittering upwards of 3,000 miles across the U.S. and Canada to just a relative few wintering grounds, including Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountains.

But as industrial agriculture has ramped up its use of genetically engineered crops resistant to weed killers like glyphosate, it has also dramatically escalated its use of herbicides — and monarch populations have plunged.

This is the ninth year in a row that the population of monarchs wintering in Mexico has fallen below its long-term average, and this year it hit an all-time low.

Please tell EPA the time to act is now!

Thank you for joining NRDC at this critical moment in our fight to save the monarchs.


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council 

So: a common agricultural herbicide (Monsanto’s Roundup) is very likely a major player in the apparently impending destruction/extinction of the Monarch Butterfly. Good old Monsanto. From herbicides to pesticides to genetically modified seeds, the destruction of the biosphere continues unabated . . . because there’s a lot of money in it. And nothing else matters, dontcha know.

I do hope that everyone who reads this will (a) sign the petition, and (b) spread the word far and wide. It’s time that we find the means to destroy something other than butterflies. As for Monsanto? — great place to begin the undoubtedly interminable process of destroying the destroyers. Gotta start somewhere, though.

0718-Butterfly and shadow on sunflowers



51 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday March 21 2014; Monarch Roundup

  1. Watching Monarchs hang from Eucalyptus trees, then as the day warms the butterflies begin to ‘wander’, filling the air with their beauty! Flittering from Milkweed to salvia, lavender, queen anne’s lace, etc., true poetry in motion!

    Monsanto is evil. Everything it touches withers in time.

  2. Loss of habitat is also to blame.
    Developers have a sexual climax every time they see a bulldozer clearing land for a new strip mall or housing development.

    • Money. There’s lots of profit to be made when environmental destruction is the ‘other’ consequence. No matter the project, if there’s money in it, the consequences DO NOT MATTER. Ask the Kochsuckers if you have any lingering doubt.

      The universe will be a lesser place if Monarch butterflies are extincted by human stupidity and greed. If, on the other hand, humans should extinct themselves via their own stupidity and greed, the universe will be a notch better off. What a sad testimony, what a crappy legacy, will ultimately be that of ‘we the people.’ Makes one wonder just what sort of ‘god’ it would take to create ‘us’ in “His image.” And why?

  3. Letter from Ukrainian living in the Crimea from yesterday – I could clean up the trans a little, but I don’t think it needs it.

    “Dear people of ” mainland “of Ukraine !
    I – êðûì ÷ àíêà .

    I will not retell all the events that happened to us during these days . Even more impossible to describe the feelings of hopelessness , confusion , helplessness.

    But one thing I ‘ll say , but rather ask . Do not let their friends and relatives say that Crimeans sold , bought or surrendered . That’s not true .

    We have a lot of people who perceived the incident as a tragedy , as the collapse of all, what they believed and how they lived.

    Talk about it.

    We were in such a terrible trap , where do we can not get out .

    Now we have specifically set a condition – for a month to decide what state citizen you stay .

    This month ! Then no options. And it is not clear what rights will be those who do not want to become a citizen of Russia. I dread to think about what will happen with the Crimean Tatars …

    When I listen to some people here , who are familiar with for many years, it seems to me that they have started a mass psychosis . People are literally ready to claw your eyes, if you say that you are in Ukraine. We already accused of all sins – fascism , drug abuse and other diagnoses. I confess that I was not ready for this.

    I will not complain. Not for this writing .

    Just want to let you know – we are, we ‘re not giving up , we believe in Ukraine .

    Please do not fail you and us! I believe that everything that happened on the Maidan, was not in vain . At least according to how all ganged up against it now .
    May the Lord help us all ! “

    • It’s sadly far too easy for most folks, esp. here in Amurkkka, to shrug it all off. One wonders what would be the reaction here if, say, Canada marched into and reclaimed Upper Michigan, or maybe northern Maine, or even the ‘chimney’ atop Minnesota. International boundaries have never really been sacrosanct; they’re always variable, to a degree. But still, what’s the point of one gigantic nation moving into a tiny place and claiming only a shred?

      In this case, and given that Putin seems to enjoy going shirtless atop both horses and tanks, I gotta say he reminds me of scenes I remember from San Francisco’s annual gay freedom day parade (whatever it’s called) some years ago. Maybe Crimea is his way of showing that he’s not REALLY gay, even if he looks that way?

      Whatever, the guy’s got a problem, and it’s deeply embedded in his psyche. He’s nuts enough to be a Republican, for chrissake, and that’s NUTS!

  4. When is Congress going to drop the hammer (and sickle) on Russia, and demand that beef stroganoff be renamed Freedom Steak?

    ‘White Russians’ will now substitute Mountain Dew for vodka and will be called ‘White Powerade.’

  5. On the brighter side of the news!!!!

    TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW) Fred Phelps Sr., the former head of the Westboro Baptist Church, died late Wednesday night, according to a family member.

    Phelps’ son, Timothy told 13 News that his father died just before midnight. Timothy Phelps works at the Shawnee Co. Jail.

    Ironically, another son who is a member of the church, attorney Jonathan Phelps told us Thursday morning that Pastor Phelps “is doing fine.” That could have been a spiritual reference.

    No Funeral

    Margie Phelps, Phleps daughter, told WIBW-AM that there will be no funeral for him.

    i hope they’re feeding him to the pigs

    • I’d rather they grind him up and feed him to cows. I like pork, but avoid beef, and if traces of Phelps were perchance embedded therein, well, that’d do it once and for all.

    • I looked up the data for son’s school on All minorities are over-represented in percentage of those suspended.

    • No one seems to know how to deal with anyone else anymore. From toddler to the elderly, the first solution is law enforcement. Given the militarization of our police departments, dealing with them tends to be dangerous, if not deadly.

      • I also looked at data for other local schools that I was familiar with. My son’s elementary school has the lowest percentage of black students in the county at 10%, yet 67% of the suspensions were given to black children and 12 students (race unspecified) were referred to law enforcement. This is a K-5 school.

        • There is no reason on earth to suspend any child in a K-5 school. We’ve spun out of control in this country, and we better get back in control soon, because I don’t want to think about how much worse things will get.

    • I have to admit that I’m getting a bit tired with the world’s outrage over Crimea. We witnessed an almost bloodless annexation of territory to which Russia can lay some claim. While the big vote was kind of a joke and there’s room to doubt the results; the people were given at least a token say in events. And? Looking at the relative economies of Ukraine and Russia it’s possible that the people of Crimea will be better off under Russian rule. I don’t approve of Russia’s actions but I think they pale in comparison when one considers that we have a whole pack of unrepentant and uncharged war criminals living lives of luxury in our own country and the world press no longer even mentions them. And I consider Bloody Bill to be every bit as guilty as the people who enacted his wet dream of an invasion of Iraq. In the grand scheme of things the annexation of Crimea will barely cause a ripple while generations of Americans yet unborn will pay for the crimes of Bushco with their blood.

      • “We witnessed an almost bloodless annexation of territory to which Russia can lay some claim.”

        I see your points here pete, I see the Kochs, the Abramoviches, the Putins and the Yanukovychs all as part of the same thing and what we witnessed in Ukraine in February was, I maintain, the victory of the ordinary people over those people for once at the cost of 100 lives. Crimea is more like a blow against *that* IMO and I was not surprised of the weak EU and US response – after all, we should all still be good for business together right?

        What about the young soldier who was shot dead in this ‘almost bloodless annexation’ (Austria and Czechoslovakia were also ‘bloodlessly annexed’ on the same pretext) – he has left a 4-year old boy and a pregnant wife? It matters to them.

        It was not right, it was fascism on the march, global fascism is fighting back again, it does matter because it won’t stop in Crimea. I think I’ll stop there.

        • FWIW, I agree with you. Global fascism IS fighting back, and they are winning/will win. Money and power will not be denied their perceived rightful place, i.e. atop and driving the hierarchy. I see absolutely zero difference between Putin and, say, Cheney, or the Koch’s for that matter, among myriad others around the globe. The goal of the oligarch is ownership and the power/wealth that goes with it. The rest of us get to eat cake, as some rich bitch supposedly said a few hundred years ago. Some things will never change, but the die has been cast of late to enable them in their spurious goals. My guess is that this time they’ll win. Remember, “Corporations are people, my friend.” Etc.

    • The Mercer coach postgame interview on the floor: “These guys work 365 days a year, or however many it is now…”

      Well, he is very emotional.

  6. Oligarchy, anyone?

    Koch Power Raised Gasoline Prices By 40 Cents A Gallon Overnight

    Koch Power is not the name of a company. It is the oligopolistic power wielded by the Koch brothers over the Minnesota retail gasoline market. On May 16, 2013, they exercised that power to raise the price of retail gasoline by 40 cents a gallon overnight. But that story, like all stories involving the Kochs, does not end there.

  7. I thought that the story about creationists demanding equal time on Cosmos would be the funniest story I herd today but it’s been blown out of the water by this bit. A Texas town is paying Nugent $16,000 to stay the Hell away from their 4th of July concert. The sad part is that none of his right-wing buddies will comment on his hypocritical acceptance of tax payer’s money whether he performs or not.

    • I bet they could find someone to kill him for much less.

      Btw, you can add ‘Ted Nugent’ as the third person on my Death Trifecta List, from yesterday.

    • I’m thinking he could stand in the subway playing “Cat Scratch Fever” and pretty much anyone who passed by would be willing to pay him to stop.

    • The town should fire whoever made the contract with Nugent in the first place. Things he’s said recently aren’t significantly more egregious than anything said earlier.

        • Not yet. The managers haven’t made their decision known yet, but the shop floor says the only person who applied for the day shift position was my second shift guy. The Ingersoll went down this morning with a burnt-out chiller pump motor, so I don’t have to work tonight, and they haven’t called to tell me to report differently on Monday.

    • The RWNJs can’t have it both ways:
      either Obama is the ‘weakest president ever’ for not taking action on everything in the world, or the meanest, most dastardly, murderingest President á la this Erik’s Science Fiction scenario.

    • Simplest way to avoid KochKrap: purchase recycled/green products.
      The Bros wouldn’t be caught assisting to save the earth.

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