The Watering Hole; Thursday March 27 2014; What’s in a Name?

With the news stories of the day being pretty much limited to the still unknown fate of MH370, to Hobby Lobby’s hoped-for love affair with SCOTUS, and of course to the remnants of the Chris Christie/GWBridgegate horse puckey, I thought maybe it was time for a break.

And up it popped: the Washington Redskins, and all the emergent fuss over the team’s insulting nickname. Now, as everyone who knows me is well aware, I have zero interest in professional sports no matter the genre. Be it football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey — name it — I don’t waste even a moment per decade on any of it. But, then once in awhile an aside of sorts pops up and . . . well, what the hell.

Here’s a brief summation courtesy of the Washington Post, where it’s noted that

In the past year [team owner Daniel] Snyder has faced stiff criticism over the team’s name, which some Native American tribes have called offensive. Several state and local officials have also spoken out against the name. Last season, the Redskins drew protests at many of their road games, with crowds of several hundred turning out to their matchups in Denver and Minnesota. Groups also have lobbied NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to take action.

Word on the street has it that Snyder’s ego won’t allow him to engage the potential humiliation implicit in knuckling under to popular opinion, to acknowledge the name “Redskins” is, more than anything else, a racial epithet that insults Native American Tribal entities all across the country. The owner of a professional football franchise valued at some $1.7 billion is, at least in Snyder’s own mind, far too important to pay attention to anything that non-billionaires might think. As the Washington Post puts it,

Snyder, who has owned the Redskins since 1999, maintains the team’s nickname represents the heritage of the 81-year-old franchise and is meant to honor Native Americans.

Right. I mean really, how better to honor Native Americans everywhere than via the well-worn epithet “Redskins”?

Well, anyway, I decided I would offer my services — at no charge, of course — by suggesting an appropriate alternative moniker for that 81-year-old Washington heritage, a nickname far more worthy of a $1.7 billion franchise than “Redskins.” Still, in keeping with the apparent thesis that a racist epithet is, to many, a somehow cool and honorable means of demeaning those of inferior blood, I’ve concluded that maybe both expanding that concept AND at the same time toning it down a bit might be something Snyder could live with, maybe even like?

OK. So. Rather than sticking with REDskins and insulting ONLY Native Americans, why not dig in and nail each and every skin color (other that white, of course) to that old familiar KKKross? Go for the Gold! as someone said once. Somewhere. I forget where. Anyway, there are, scattered across this land and around the globe, folks with RED skins, with BLACK skins, with YELLOW skins, and with BROWN skins. And true enough, it would only raise further ire amongst the masses if Snyder changed the name to accommodate any one of the others beyond RED. I mean think of it for a second: the Washington Blackskins? Yellowskins? Brownskins? Nah, no way. Gotta do better than any of THAT nonsense. So, it struck me all of a sudden. Why not combine those four possibilities into one, into one word that pays heed to each and all of our minority (so far at least) skin colors even as it celebrates the passions of bigots and billionaires everywhere? How about the WASHINGTON FOURSKINS!!

YEAH! And Yee Haw!


85 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday March 27 2014; What’s in a Name?

  1. More celestial news:

    Astronomers have discovered what they believe to be a planetoid orbiting the sun that has never been seen before.The New York Times reports that the planetoid, dubbed VP113, lies beyond Neptune and even further past the icy ring known as the Kuiper Belt. The planetoid was originally spotted in 2012 by Dr. Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, DC, and his colleagues. It is estimated to measure about 250 miles wide.

    At its closest point, VP113 sits about 7.7 billion miles away from the sun, but it orbits out to 42 billion miles away. That pushes it much further out into space than Neptune, which lies 2.8 billion miles from the sun. Researchers are classifying the discovery as a sednoid, a planetoid that lies beyond the Kuiper Belt with a wide-stretching orbit. After discovering the first sednoid, Sedna, researchers believed they would find more quickly, but that didn’t happen — V113 and Sedna are the only two that have been discovered so far.

    ………….another theory suggests that something bigger lies beyond the belt: some believe that a rogue planet that was ejected from the inner solar system dragged the sednoids with it. VP113 shares some parameters with Sedna, which suggests the gravitational influence of a larger planet.

  2. Some Native Americans have amassed quite a bit of wealth (largely from the gaming industry). They should buy an NFL franchise and rename the team the Pale Faces. You know to honor the European invaders of this continent.

  3. sadly, my high school still uses the nickname “Redskins”. over the years we’ve referred to them as the “Foreskins” too..

    the school board has refused to buckle under pressure from native american groups. what message does that send to children? once a “sundown town”, the old hatred rears it’s head from time to time regarding minorities. i can truly say i’m happy to have left as a young man, and have never looked back.

    • Even back in the 1960s, I thought it was pretty strange when downstate Illinois, Pekin High School, which was routinely in the state basketball Sweet 16 — had a mascot and nickname that was the Chinks. I kid you not. And they may still be for all I know.

    • That’s a start. Next up ” the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed . . . “ so long as those arms are parcel to “a well-regulated Militia” whose sole intent is to forever work to maintain “the security of a free State.” And it should further be pointed out by SCOTUS that the second amendment no longer has anything to do with granting southern plantation owners the means of putting down slave rebellions. I know that last point will anger lots of southerners even today, but screw ’em.

    • A little good news. But I am waiting for the NRA to get a work-around after giving some judge or politician a reach-around.

  4. After Heated Shouting Match, A Happy Morning for Chris Hayes

    A few hours after the garden variety cable news shouting match, Hayes enjoyed a much more special moment this morning. He and his wife Kate welcomed their second child, David Emanuel Shaw-Hayes, at 5:39amET, weighing in at 8lbs. There will be no shouting tonight — unless it’s the baby — as Hayes is out of “All In” on new daddy duty.

    All In With Ezra tonight?

    • Stefano’s a fucking idiot…i watched that in awe. she gave so much wrong information in a couple of minutes on top of being totally pissed, it was hilarious.

      she obviously came there with the intention of blowing up and raging at Hayes.

    • Congrats, Chris!!

      I watched that clusterfuck last night– not the childbirth — and I really think she thought she was making HIM look bad. She’s a teabagging, self-professed victim, and a liar.

  5. Speaking of gun nuts. I stumbled upon this video while looking for amusing clips of people flying and crashing RC airplanes. I was left speechless and had to sleep on it. Now that I have slept on it I have arrived at a conclusion. There is absolutely no reason why any civilian should be allowed to fire, much less own, any of the weapons shown in the video.

    Furthermore; anyone who would participate in the airplane shoot, no matter how many times they are warned to only fire when the planes are against a “safe backstop” should be allowed to touch much less posses any firearms with the possible exceptions of shotguns and .22 rimfire rifles. And they would need to demonstrate they are capable of understanding the implications of firing a projectile that can carry for a mile or more before I would allow them to own any rifle. I think the most disturbing bit, to me, was the young child firing the machine gun while an adult stood behind him to keep the gun from straying wildly off target. If someone is not capable of controlling a particular firearm, whether it’s a child and a machine gun or a ditzy blonde with a big bore hunting pistol, they should not be allowed to fire said firearm under any circumstances.

      • If ANY of these asshooks had seen actual combat they wouldn’t be gleefully they blast shit away. I’d love to see the sequel where the RC aircraft is armed with Tomahawk missiles and a gatling gun.

        • Oh, come now… can’t you tell that most of those guys have logged hundreds, even thousands, of hours on Call of Duty? Most of them show physiques that can only be obtained by a serious and rigorous regime of Doritos, Cheetoes, fast food, and gallons of soda.

          That ain’t fat… it’s a carefully groomed protective layer for the Jared Paddelaki(sp?)-like physiques they are cleverly camouflageing.

  6. Twit, er, Tweet of the Day:

  7. I’m not the brightest crayon in the box, but in regards to the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby thing: if SCOTUS rules in favor of employer dominance, will they be the first to give up those parts of their taxpayer funded insurance? I mean, aren’t taxpayers technically the “boss” of, well, everyone in the government (not like I can go tell Cantor to mop out the bathroom, but still, in a technical manner the voters/taxpayers are thier “bosses)?

    If the owners of Hobby Lobby object to those provisions of health insurance for their employees, then SURELY they also object to their tax dollars paying for those same things for members of the government. Right? Hello?… (tap, tap)* is this thing on?….

    And just to cut to the chase, if SCOTUS rules that way, doesn’t that mean that there is a good case to argue that all members of government should not be allowed any insurance at all? I mean, among others, there are the Christain Scientists who do not believe in modern medecine at all as a religious issue, and at least some of them are taxpayers.

    *Please note, tapping on a microphone is bad for the microphone. Please refrain from such activity.

  8. The “Redskins” franchise might have some basis to claim they were “honoring” native Americans if they’d send a nice chunk of all that fat profit to the reservations to help out the starving, struggling native Americans every quarter (while a small few make a profit off the casinos, many native Americans live in horrific poverty on the reservations)….

    Nah… that’d NEVER happen…. rich white folk don’t REALLY give a damn about native Americans.

  9. I’ve relayed my ‘horror’ story about ACA/ObamaCare: being able to keep my Primary Care Physicians AND Specialists – of which one is a Retinal physician.
    Thanks to ACA, a few weeks ago, was able to have an Avastin injection into my right eye to decrease edema in back of the eye. My vision has improved 60%!
    Am able to see colors more vividly and images more sharply!
    Thanks, Obama – really I’m sincere in that appreciation!
    Eff the GOP/Teapottiers!
    (Macular Degeneration; Diabetic Retinopathy; very beginnings of cataracts)

  10. Steven Seagal has called the actions of Putin in Crimea “very reasonable”.

    In an interview with a state-run newspaper the Seagal said Puitin is “one of the great living world leaders” and that he “would like to consider him as a brother”.

    Imagine if Seagal were a Democrat saying those things.

    • Appears someone went to the Dennis Rodman school of diplomacy/foreign policy! That hair dye seems to have penetrated into his brain muddling the ‘thought process’.

  11. BP raises estimate of Lake Michigan oil spill

    BP today more than doubled its maximum estimate of how much crude oil spilled into Lake Michigan earlier this week from its Whiting refinery in Northwest Indiana.

    In a statement, the company said a malfunction in a new distillation unit forced up to 39 barrels or 1,638 gallons of oil into the lake just across the Illinois border. A day earlier, the company had estimated that 18 barrels at most had been spilled.

    BP said it based its latest estimate on the amount of oil collected by vacuum trucks and absorbent booms, along with an inventory of the waxy balls of oil that cleanup crews scoured from a beach on BP’s property. Strong winds appear to have pushed most of the oil toward a shallow cove between the refinery and an ArcelorMittal steel mill.,0,7519350.story

    can’t these Brits just go home and infect the British Isles?

  12. Rachel is great tonight. She’s boiled the Christie internal investigation of the bridge scandal down to blaming Bridget Kelly’s libido. 🙄

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