The Watering Hole; Friday March 28 2014; Outrage

Courtesy of online dictionary, a partial definition:

1. an act of wanton cruelty or violence; any gross violation of law or decency.
2. anything that strongly offends, insults, or affronts the feelings.
3. a powerful feeling of resentment or anger aroused by something perceived as an injury, insult, or injustice: Outrage seized the entire nation at the news of the attempted assassination.

That pretty much summarizes my opinion of each and every one of the policies which have come to define today’s Republican Party, aka the GOP aka the Tea Party aka the AFP (American Fascist Party). In brief summary, this is the American political party that does not give a tinker’s dam about ANYTHING that has ANYTHING to do with ANYTHING other than money and power. They care nothing for culture, for civilization, for we the people, for education, for science, for the environment, for wildlife, for _______ (fill in the blank with ANY word other than money, or power, and save me however many thousands of pages it would take to list everything in the universe that’s hated or dismissed as insignificant by Republicans).

While y’all are doing that, I’ll post here an account of the latest atrocity that’s causing my blood to boil. It’s brief, summarized in a few short paragraphs describing outrageous actions by Republicans in the state of Idaho, courtesy of the Center for Biodiversity. It reads (highlights their own):

Idaho’s official policy is that “wolf recovery efforts be discontinued immediately, and wolves be removed by whatever means necessary.” The state has already killed more than 300 wolves and now plans to ramp up the massacre, slaughtering another 500.

Idaho’s legislature created a new “Wolf Control Board” just days ago — made up of hunters and ranchers and funded with $400,000 of taxpayer money — to shoot, trap and gas the state’s last remaining wolves.

Though Idaho’s wolf population has plummeted by 42 percent since federal protection was stripped away, the state — left in charge of wolf “management” — wants to kill another 500 of these ecologically precious predators. That will drive their population down to an unsustainable level of just 150.

There is, of course, zero logical reason for such stupid and ridiculous wildlife policy other than the all-too-typical (and common) Republican hatred of virtually everything other than themselves, and the money and power they spend their respective lifetimes cultivating.

The next step, the only chance remaining for Idaho wolves, will be if the US Fish and Wildife “Service” should ultimately decide to follow the science (rather than the hatred) and restore the endangered species tag to wolves in the lower 48. Sounds like the obviously logical choice to be made, but then when Republicans have any input at all on most anything at all, the concept of ‘obviously logical’ goes flying out the window. Every freakin’ time.

OK, rant over. Hopefully the embedded message — that the Republican “philosophy” of death to everything and everyone but the rich and powerful is the absolutely WORST government option that this country could ever choose. Sadly, pretty close to fifty percent of the apparent electorate supports and even votes for such dirt. Wish I had available the means to make the needed repairs, but it’s probably far more simple to train a colony of sewer roaches to dress for dinner than it is to convince half the population that they’re voting only for their own destruction.


130 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday March 28 2014; Outrage

  1. A great many GOP/TeaPottiers/Conservatives care nothing for the environment, and refuse to learn lessons from the past. It took a long time to bring wolves back from the brink to reintroduction. When the balance is, again, upset – voles, moles, deer, etc. will over populate because the predator has disappeared. The ranchers will then start crying about those ‘pesty varmints are destroying the (federal) land where they graze the beef…

    It’s nature’s way of telling you something’s wrong
    It’s nature’s way of telling you in a song

    It’s nature’s way of receiving you
    It’s nature’s way of retrieving you
    It’s nature’s way of telling you
    Something’s wrong

    It’s nature’s way of telling you, soon we’ll freeze
    It’s nature’s way of telling you, dying trees

  2. “We have doomed the wolf not for what it is, but for what we deliberately and mistakenly perceive it to be –the mythologized epitome of a savage ruthless killer – which is, in reality, no more than a reflected image of ourself.”
    ― Farley Mowat, Never Cry Wolf

  3. It’s that time of the year when people do stupid and cruel things to farm animals and, themselves.
    No, it’s not the running of the bulls.
    It’s CRACKER DAY and they are damn proud of it.
    Some things you can be sure of:
    Someone will end up in the hospital.
    There will be mass consumption of low quality beer.
    There will be fights.
    People will wear cowboy boots and belt buckles the size of hub caps, even though they can’t tell the difference between a horse and a jackass (I’m leaving that one open)
    Confederate flags will be flown all over the place.
    The people at this event will consider themselves to be profoundly amurican by displaying xenophobia on an unprecedented scale of stupidity.
    This is supposed to be a real family friendly event so, cancel those tickets to Disneyworld and come see what real idiots look like.

    I’ll be at the beach fishing or tending my bees, weather pending.

      • Presently one hive.
        It’s a matter of educating neighbors that bees will leave you alone.
        It’s the paper wasps and yellow jackets that are ill tempered.
        I plan on expanding.
        Things appear to be going well.
        It’s fun and amazing what they can teach you.

        • i had 6 at one time back in Illinois….then trachea mites hit. by the time they figured out what had happened i was down to one hive.

          i love bee keeping, but am kind of leery here in the SW with the Africanized bees.

  4. A song called “Shit Barge”.

    The milk is changed to heavy cream
    The dinosaurs to gasoline
    We haven’t kept our play pen clean
    Mother Nature’s getting pissed

    Chemicals that change the taste
    Continents being defaced
    Swimming round in toxic waste
    Mother Nature’s getting pissed

    We’re living on a shit barge
    A garbage scow in space
    We’re living on a shit barge
    And Mother Nature’s getting pissed

    Forests replaced by concrete
    Bare earth trampled under feet
    Resistant strains and mad cow meat
    Mother Nature’s getting pissed

    Extra legs on all the frogs
    Tumors growing on our dogs
    Acid rain and killer smogs
    And Mother Nature’s getting pissed


    Breeding like a swarm of flies
    Fouling water land and skies
    While we live the planet dies
    And Mother Nature’s getting pissed

    ChorusX3 and out

    • Nice. Thanks for the post. I was aware of the impact of wolves on the streams and rivers (and the respective aqueous and peripheral habitat implications) in Yellowstone, but had never seen Monbiot’s inspiring narration.

      Funny how nature seems to know far more about how to ‘balance’ the relationship twixt all of life on the planet than do even the nation’s most BRILLIANT Republicans (read: cockroaches)!

  5. Homeopathy product recalled over fears it may contain actual medicine

    A company making homeopathic remedies in the US has had to recall more than 50 different products from across its range after they were found to contain actual medicine.

    Yet in a series of tests by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it was found that a variety of tablets, capsules, drops and suppositories – with names like “Pleo-QUENT” and “Pleo-STOLO” – actually contained quantities of penicillin.

    Snake oil salesmen just can’t put anything past the FDA anymore now that Bush isn’t president.

    • They should really get excited, then, at the prospect of a Rand Paul presidency. I mean, he’ll probably start something like the American Homeopathic Council to OK all snake oil everywhere. He’ll not be associated with it of course: his wife will be the CEO and his FiL the Treasurer, and snake oil will soon prosper. 😯

    • Uh oh, Neil’s gonna piss off more creationists in the first 10 minutes of episode 5, explaining how the distance light travels could not possibly account for a 6500 year old universe.

      • I really wish that prominent scientists would flood televangelists with requests that they give scientists equal time on their shows to offer rebuttals. Can you imagine the look on the faces of Jack van Impe or Marion “Pat” Robertson as Richard Dawkins gently and calmly deconstructed their every word? While it’s true that their worshipers are unreachable; I think it would be great fun for us sane folk.

        Better yet. Let’s start a letter writing campaign demanding that CBN air Cosmos. Now that would provide some hilarious responses!

        • Hear, hear!

          That worked for me to shut down an argument where two fellows were whining, “There’s two sides to every issue.” After pointing out that actually there are rarely ‘just’ two sides to any issue, I asked if in Bible study at their church do they present and offer the “other side”? And to clarify, while athiesm may seem to be the other side, I argue that Satanism is actually far more the ‘other side’ to Christianity. The conversation ended in silence as they both pondered the point and did not know how to respond.

          • When it comes to, say, Pat Robertson and his wingnut christer ilk, I think I’d agree that in their world, Christianity and Satanism have become one, and that I as a nontheist am therefore their direct and precise opposite. And that makes me feel real good!

            • Yeah…. but speaking theologically at their level, I think that they would have far less of a problem with “Christianity vs. Athiesm (or Non-thiesm)” than with “Christianity vs. Satanism”, in the context of “show the ‘other side’ at bible study”.

          • “two sides to any issue” – I think that string theory allows for at least 14 sides to every issue – BMM – when is Neil going to cover string theory?

    • That explains why I was a “Young Republican” back then, one who passed out buttons and bumper stickers for Ike. Most everyone I knew back then was a Republican. Today, not so much. In fact, here along the Front Range, in six years we’ve already met SEVEN PEOPLE who are NOT Republicans (not counting ourselves, of course). Oh, and Ike? Commanist. 😆

  6. US Rep. Mike Rogers Leaving Congress for Radio Gig

    U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan, who has taken on an increasingly sharp profile in Washington as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee in a time of widening global security crises, has decided to give up Congress for a career in broadcasting.

    Rogers, a seven-term Republican and former FBI agent, said in an interview Friday that he will not seek re-election after his term ends this year. Instead, Rogers told Detroit radio station WJR-AM that he will launch a radio show on stations affiliated with Atlanta-based Cumulus Media.

    “As I close this chapter in my life, I am excited to begin a new one that allows me to continue serving as a voice for American exceptionalism and support a strong national security policy agenda,” Rogers said in a statement.

    Since Limbought has poisoned the well of talk radio advertising revenue, taking on a new talk show isn’t joining a growth industry. I have a feeling this show will simply be the mouthpiece for the Military-Industrial-Security-Complex, so it won’t have to pay its way.

  7. Faux Snooze will be all over this for a while….they’ve been trying since 2008 to figure out a way to call the Obama’s “uppity niggers” without sounding too racist.

    now they’ll just settle for “Bitch”

    First Lady Michelle Obama has created a high-pressure environment and a few people who used to be on staff don’t like it. That’s one of the apparent messages from former White House speechwriter Reid Cherlin’s recent article on her called “The Worst Wing.”
    It’s clear from his conversations with staffers that Obama is a perfectionist who demands high performance from her staff. “Former staffers describe a high-stress, high-stakes workplace,” he writes, “in which Mrs. Obama scrutinized the smallest facets of her schedule.” She conveyed that her time wasn’t to be wasted. “Mrs. Obama made it clear to her staff that…her time was a valuable asset and requests to use it would have to meet an exceptionally high bar,” he says. One ex-aide said the message conveyed about events was, “Don’t do it if it’s not going to be perfect.”

    • Dear me, the First Lady of the United States demands that her staff perform at top level, and keeps an eye on her schedule because her time is valuable.

      Apparently they thought this former high-powered attorney was going to become shiftless and lazy when she moved into the White House?

      I can see why all the people mentioned in that hit piece have “ex” in front of their names.

      • I suspect teh “ex” is in front of their names because they couldn’t keep up with the job expectations and were let go or quit. Such employees anywhere tend to have negative things to say about their former employer.

        But, hey, Republicans like the words of quitters. Also.

    • And they consider this a bad thing. How do they think she got into Princeton and Harvard Law and a big job at the most prestigious law firm in Chicago?

      • Well, consider the conservative mindset towards women in general and their “role in society” and you will have your answers.

  8. If we could figure a way for private business to make money from wolves, Republicans would support them with enthusiasm.

    • In order to gain (R) support for that, wouldn’t it require:

      1) profits go to major corporations and their shareholders (the 1%)
      2) the wolves would have to still be exploited and or abused (becasue taking good care of them would cut into profits no matter what…).

  9. Yet again I inflict myself with “keyboard-in-mouth” disease (a strain related to foot-in-mouth disease) when I commented yesterday about the football team with the offensive name needing to give money to Native Americans.

    “Colbert mocked Redskins owner Dan Snyder for creating a foundation to support Native Americans.”

    While I don’t know the details, I am sure I am not appeased (and it is really not for me to be appeased in the issue). Wrong is wrong. Change the name.

  10. Received this morning the following confirmation of impending atrocity from Defenders of Wildlife:

    We never thought that the hatred of wolves would go this far.

    But on Wednesday evening, Governor Butch Otter signed into law the wolf killing bill HB470 – officially giving anti-wolf forces the green light to kill more than 450 wolves in Idaho.

    Not sure how to stop these fuckers. Today wolves, tomorrow what? Everything ELSE they hate?

    The stench is becoming unbearable.

  11. Regarding recent posts about hateful Republicans, isn’t your hatred for, and demonization of, everyone who disagrees with you the same thing?

    • I won’t speak for anyone else but I happen to really, really, dislike people who are trying to sabotage this country because there’s a black Democrat in the White House. I welcome respectful and reasoned disagreement but, since the GOP has been overrun with hateful bigots and religious fanatics, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen any respectful and reasoned disagreement.

      • Why is it that everyone who opposes the president is painted as hating him because he’s black. Republicans have opposed every other Democrat. They really didn’t like Clinton.
        Obama managed to pass a huge bill that they have opposed vehemently for years. There doesn’t seem to be any racism indicated there. And why is it that Republicans cannot oppose the ACA because they believe it’s a bad policy? Why pronounce that they must hate everyone who isn’t rich, otherwise they would support it.

        • That bill was right out of the Heritage think tank (aka a Republican idea), dntx16, and if you don’t know that, there’s no sense even talking to you.

        • How many Republicans asked Bill Clinton for his birth certificate? Of those; how many claimed they were not convinced? How many claimed that Clinton was a secret Muslim? How about the unprecedented obstructionism since President Obama was inaugurated? Do I really need to go on?

          Here’s the deal. Historically; Democrats have worked with Republican presidents for the good of the country while Republicans have thwarted Democratic presidents for the good of their party. I’ve watched this play out since the openly racist “Dixiecrats” jumped parties. However; the rage and blind hate directed at President Obama is completely unprecedented. Republicans have even gone so far as to turn against their own legislation the second that President Obama has said he would support said legislation and the ACA is only one example. Immigration reform and border security, the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, the sudden switch from naked aggression against any country who doesn’t lick our heinies to isolationism, their complete silence while dozens of US diplomats killed at foreign posts (Not to mention the near daily attacks on the “Green Zone” in Baghdad that went on for years.) while spending a year and a half trying desperately to turn the Benghazi attack into the worst event since the Civil War, etc.

        • There are those who do indeed hate him because he’s black, and they pretty much stand out and tall amongst the ‘hate Obama’ crowd. As for the “huge bill” you mention, I assume you refer to the ACA — and may I remind you that the “Obamacare” bill was based upon a Republican (Heritage Foundation?) proposal in the nineties to counter the far more reasonable and useful (for everyone) “Hillarycare”, which was mainly a universal single payer proposition. Also, “Obamacare” somehow has a really STRONG resemblance to ‘Romneycare’ in Massachusetts. So: why do Republicans HATE it? Why has the R-House tried to repeal it more than fifty times in less than four years?

          It’s because they’re STUPID!!! And care nothing about real people. Period.

    • Yes, it would be so better if, when Republicans do everything they can to destroy absolutely everything that was any good in this country, we just lie back and enjoy it.

      We definitely shouldn’t fight back, right? We shouldn’t expose what the Republicans are doing, right? Don’t show the slightest bit of anger? Please please, hit me again!!

      Right, that ain’t happening.

      • It would be foolish not to oppose something with which you disagree. I’m just asking why it is that you decide that those who disagree with you do so out of hatred. The majority of posts on this site are hate filled, yet it’s only those with whom you disagree that are hateful. You seem not to recognize the same hatred in yourselves.

        • Ummm, the evidence before our eyes? Dog whistles, code words, Obama as Hitler, Obama as witch doctor, Confederate flags, need I go on?

          If you think this is such a hateful site, you should go away from here immediately. Your life will be happier. Bye!

          • So because a few people are racist, every Republican who disagrees with you is hateful and/or racist?
            You have posts commenting on how hateful Republicans are. I’m just asking why the other side should be any different from you.

            • No, I never said EVERY republican is “hateful and/or racist.” That’s you and your proclivity for logical fallacies at work.

              As for the rest: Asked and answered.

              Run along.

        • Republicans have opposed and persecuted every Democratic President since Kennedy because they can’t stand to lose. Not all the hatred is racist but if you haven’t seen racism used against President Obama you are an idiot.

        • “It would be foolish not to oppose something with which you disagree.”

          Actually, dntx16, that is not true. It sounds nice and simple, but it is patently false. A person’s belief in something does not make it true. If you believe, for example, that you can jump off a cliff and fly, the facts of physics will prove you wrong no matter how strongly you believe that you can fly. If you believe the Earth is flat, you are wrong because the fact is otherwise, regardless of how strongly you believe.

          No — you should not oppose something simply becasue you “believe” it. Belief is not a reason, it is opinion. Belief is not fact, it is opinion.

          You can believe that the ACA is “the worst thing for the country”, but if all you have to assert that is “I believe”, then you have no foundation for your belief. Your “belief” will not convince others unless they wish to share in your belief, but belief does not make something fact.

          Have a nice night (seriously).

      • What about the hypocrisy of complaining that some people are hateful, while being hateful towards people simply because they are on the opposite side politically?

        • Sadly, the current crop of R politicians have embraced the extremism that a segment of their more vocal supporters now require in order for them to secure the nomination. I actually do find that many liberals also exhibit hate for the haters and find that disturbing when that hate is generalized to encompass all who are concerned about the appropriate level of government involvement in and authority over, the lives of the citizenry. I wish the sane Republicans would reclaim their party. I wish we could have a real discussion about poverty without demonizing the poor. I wish we could have a real discussion about corporate responsibility without demonizing those who own them. I wish we could have a real discussion about our country’s role in world events without being afraid to try to understand the perspective of those who live elsewhere. That will never happen in today’s climate. Clean your own house before you start cleaning mine.

          • So, basically, “they do it too?” I just don’t get how people can be so hateful day after day, year after year, and then say, “Why is the other side so hateful?”
            Just because the other side disagrees with your solution to a problem doesn’t mean they hate those with that problem.
            I often wonder how you, as a Christian, are able to post here, with all the unChristian and anti Christian sentiments. I know all about “I like your Christ….” And don’t think for a moment that I’m suggesting I’m better than anyone. I’m just asking the question, why complain about how others are so hateful and pronounce their disagreement with you as hatred, when your site shows that you hate those who think your solutions to our country’s problems aren’t the best solutions?

            • I believe I have answered you, and this is not my site. As to the “anti-christian sentiment”, I read that as a hatred for hypocrisy, similar to my own. The rest of your comment is repetitive drivel.

          • “…I read that as a hatred for hypocrisy”
            Possibly when they used to specify evangelicals. Now their comments show that it’s generally accepted that believers lack sanity. But hey, they’re not anti Christian. They even have a Christian friend.

            • Still at it? Well, again speaking for no one but myself, I try to remember to differentiate between Christians and “Psychochristians”, “fundies”, “dominionists”, “theocrats” and the like. I’m pretty sure that most, if not all, of us have made similar distinctions in the past. Feel free to look through the years full of posts if you doubt me. I have never seen anything from OIMF that would result in being considered a member of any of those groups. You see; those of us who live in the cause and effect universe inhabited by sane people generally need, well, a cause for an effect. I don’t denigrate anyone who expresses what I call a “casual belief” and doesn’t seek to impose his/her belief on others or, most especially, make his/her belief the law of the land in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

              Personally? I think there should be an Amendment 1a. I would word it something like: Any member of the government who cites his/her private religious beliefs as justification for public policy shall be immediately removed from his/her post and be forever barred from public office.

              As long as a member of any religion doesn’t seek to impose his/her beliefs on me or others or stand in the way of children learning the difference between faith and evidence? It’s cool with me.

            • I’m sorry that pointing out the anti Christian sentiment here was so painful for you. But your pride at occasionally qualifying your remarks with “…but only fundies and Christianistas” doesn’t take remove the hatefulness of FSM remarks and questioning the sanity of believers when you have a regular poster that you all know is a believer. I’m nasty? How about making FSM remarks knowing that OIMF will see them and making a sugary sweet comment directly to her. Would you all question the sanity of believers in a conversation in the same room with her? Or do you at least require the anonymity of the internet to deliver your daily slights, which she is sure to see?
              It was interesting to see how you all justify your daily dose of hate by making your targets into “the other” and not like yourselves.
              At least we know your posts questioning why “the others” are so hateful are rhetorical. You know exactly why. They are the extreme right and the mirror image of you.

        • Pointing out that republicans work very hard to deny equal rights to other people, or to deny healthcare for everyone, or paint any social program that helps individuals as bad and yet also work very hard to continue corporate socialism and dismantle programs to protect people from being hurt by poor environmental practices or by faulty food and drug products, is NOT IN ITSELF HATEFUL. Pointing out that republicans are two faced lying assholes is NOT IN ITSELF HATEFUL.

          If you want to explore hypocrisy, Google “hypocrisy of republican party”. There is far too much to get into in a quick response.

        • Quite an assumption that you make here: “being hateful to peopple because they are on the opposite side politically?”

          First off, you clearly believe in “two sides” to the political landscape and that they are diametrically opposed by their very nature. This is a false assumption.

          Second, the same comment is generalizing the comments here as being “politically motivated”, which in and of itself discounts that anyhting said here has any other basis other than “my political side”. What you fail to understand is that many of those posting here are not “Democrats”. I am not. I have even in the past voted for Republicans, as well as others of parties not “the big two”. Again, your assumption of “politcal motivation for the sake of partisan politics” is false. I would never vote for the American Nazi Party (whatever their current name is), not to support some other party but becasue I disagree with them. It’s fine if you disagree with the ACA (for example), but if your disagreement with it is becasue your party takes that as a platform then you are being partisan. If you disagree with it because of facts that you disagree with then you have a basis for discussion. But if you are going to bring that here, make sure you have actual facts, not misrepresentations.

          The current Republican party is completely run by the loudest voices, and those loudest voices are those who, for example, held over 50 votes to repeal the ACA and every single time the sponsors of those votes admitted that they knew it would not get repealed, and that they were wasting the time and money in Congress just to make a “symbolic vote.” Once is a “symbolic vote”. 50 “symbolic votes” are a waste of time and money for no purpose whatsoever except propping up partisan political agendas.

          But you yourself imply that disagreement is not necessarily hatred. You disagree with the president of the US, and you claim that you do not hate him — you just disagree. That could be true. I don’t know you. Same is true regarding your accusation about those who post here.

            • Thank you. But do you hate Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney and old white conservative men in general?

            • Speaking for myself, I don’t ‘hate’ individuals (with rare exception). I’d be happy to sit down with Mitt Romney and have a beer — er — coffee — um — cola ?? sigh. Water? Yeah, ok, we could talk over a tall glass of water and would probably get along with impressive civility. Likewise with Cruz (cough) and Ryan (choke). They probably each and all are potentially interesting, each in his own way. What I HATE is their politics. It’s greed-based, not people-based. It’s power-based, not people-based. Plus they have zero respect for the environment, for the biosphere upon which every life form depends. Republican positions are invariably based on either money/power accumulation OR, in many obvious cases, abject STUPIDITY.

              There is typically only scant reason to irrationally HATE another person . . . or a wolf, or a bear, a fish, mosquito, pine tree, take your pick. But there is ALWAYS reason to HATE the greedy nonsense spewed by the politics of HATE, that despicable thesis that all that counts in this life is the accumulation of wealth, of power. And the ‘team’ that typically evolves to pursue those goals — the far far far right wing political philosophy — are historically known as Fascists. And yep, I do HATE Fascists. And Fascism.

              It’s really quite simple.

        • I’m sorry but just what is your fixation with hate? If someone disagrees is that hate? If someone points out that claiming a loving god thinks people should be punished is hate? Is feeling offended by people who want to discriminate against others hate? Do I have to hate you because I disagree with you? Or can I just say I think you are a nasty POS who wants to justify themself by thinking other people hate them for their ideas when in actuality they feel pity for someone who lacks cognitive ability?

          • Apparently you do hate people for their opposition to you politically. Have you read any of the posts on this site? My fixation with hate is due to the tendency of posters to accuse those who disagree politically of being hateful, while ignoring the hate being expressed here every day. It’s ok for you be hateful and to decide that those who disagree with you only do so because they hate?

            • Note the title of this post: “OUTRAGE” . . . not ‘hate.’ There is a difference.

              Ok, time for you to cash in your chips and run off to somewhere that loves you. Don’t let the door hit . . . etc.

  12. Conservatives are predictably verklempt over “Noah,” but Ricky Gervais wins Twitter by congratulating Russell Crowe on his new movie:

  13. The vote in the UN yesterday in isolating Russia for its annexation of Crimea: 100 countries voted to condemn; 11 voted against; and 58 countries abstained. All of America’s key allies backed the US – except Israel, which abstained.

    Israel, our greatest ally and partners in peace. Bibi hearts Pooty Poot.

    • And the list of the 10 who backed Putin – great company:

      1. Syria
      2. Venezuela
      3. Cuba
      4. Belarus
      5. North Korea
      6. Iran?
      7. Nicaragua
      8. Kazakhstan?
      9. Armenia?
      10. ??

  14. This rom one of my brothers:

    I encountered the perfect straight man this morning. Jehovah’s Witness comes to the door to invite us to the anniversary of Jesus’ resurrection (can’t make it). As he’s leaving he comments on how fragrant and beautiful our porch vine is and I reply “god works in wisterious ways.” He gave the most delightful groan.

  15. The population of Los Angeles County has edged past 10 million — a new high for the most populous county in the United States, according to just-released estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

    As of July, the county was estimated to have a whopping 10,017,068 residents. That’s nearly twice as many as the next largest: Cook County in Illinois, which had an estimated 5,240,700 people.

    Pffft, I moved from Cook County, IL in 1989 to LA County. Good move for someone who really doesn’t like being around people.

  16. Friday, news dump day, and…

    Christie announces that David Samson resigned as Port Authority chairman

    Gov. Chris Christie announced today that David Samson, whose chairmanship of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has come under fire in recent months, has resigned.

    Samson, a close ally of Christie and a former attorney general of New Jersey, is reportedly under investigation by the U.S. Attorney of New Jersey in the face of accusations that his law firm, Wolff & Samson, had enriched itself by lobbying for companies with business before the Port Authority.

    I hope Rachel isn’t taking the night off tonight.

  17. The Most And Least Liked TV News Anchors Revealed

    Which TV news anchor is your favorite?

    According to the Wrap’s new Q Score survey, CBS’ Scott Pelley is the most-liked news anchor, while Chris Matthews falls in last place as the least-liked newscaster.

    The study, which measured the popularity of 24 top news anchors, showed CBS’ evening news host Pelley beating out CNN’s Anderson Cooper by just one point. Cooper still tops the list in one category however– he is the most recognizable male newscaster on TV.

    Not sure how they categorized this, with cable hosts and network anchors mixed together. Still, having Tweety in last place makes me feel it’s at least somewhat credible. David Gregory didn’t even make the list, so he’s still lower.

    Tweety’s ratings may be a little lower recently, but they are better than when he had two slots before prime time each day. He’s second to Rachel Maddow, numbers-wise, but she always wins the 25-54 demo.

  18. I have a cunning plan.

    Someone commented on a story over at Raw Story that a fallen preacher should be waterboarded. I would like to take that one step further. I think that any aspiring preacher should be waterboarded until we can ascertain if he/she really believes the crap he/she wants to spew in public. I even came up with a catchy name for it. “Enthusiastic baptism”.


    BREAKING NEWS Friday, March 28, 2014 5:15 PM EDT

    Putin Seeks Diplomatic Solution to Crimea Crisis, White House Says President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia called President Obama on Friday to discuss a proposal by Mr. Obama for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Ukraine and the two leaders agreed that diplomats for both should meet soon to discuss it, the White House said.

      • My guess is that it’ll be those ‘Mom Jeans’ worn by the wussy black dude compared to the shirtless white guy on a horse. Shirtless white guys are invariably tougher, right?

    • Well shit, it’s so much easier to appear manly when you’re waving a big stick rather than sitting around a table talking. Clearly Obama has castrated the eagle by not trotting out some shiny metal stuff to see if it’s bigger, faster, harder, stronger than Vlad’s shiny metal stuff. Or, maybe you have already won something when your opponent calls you, and maybe you should at least listen to what he may have to say, even if it means your really cool shiny metal stuff will remain unused.

      • Thinkin’ is hard werk for dumb people, and dumb people fear what they don’t understand. Therefore, Obama is a commie fascist nazi socialist.

        • Indeed.

          People kill what they hate, they hate what they fear, and they fear what they can not understand. That’s why I generally insult stupid people instead of talking down to them. I think it’s safer to say “you’re an asshole” than “a combination of several different methods of radiometric dating and other founts of evidence establish that the earth is approximately 4.54 billion years old”.

          The first might get you a crack in the mouth but then everyone has a couple more beers and ends up laughing while the second might very well result in cut brake lines or a shiv in the back.

          • I don’t know, I’m more inclined to talk down to them. It generally takes enough time for them to realize it that I and my brake lines are far away. I do realize this is terribly unchristian of me, so I try to resist the impulse. Sometimes I fail, I’m human.

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