The Watering Hole, Tuesday April 1, 2014 – Environmental News and Food Politics

April Fools!!!!!!!


Too tired to be clever, so I’ll leave that to others.

1. Time to Vege Up! Cut out the meat and the cheese if you want to save the world.  

“If agricultural emissions are not addressed, nitrous oxide from fields and methane from livestock may double by 2070. This alone would make meeting the climate target essentially impossible.”

2. Last week it was Chernobyl, this week Three Mile Island is celebrating an anniversary. I actually remember this one pretty well. Just met Cats and lived in Reading, PA, about 60 miles downwind of the disaster. Have we learned anything yet?

3. GMO labeling won’t go away. Food Democracy showing signs of resurgence in California, Colorado. Referenda – the people speak.




88 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday April 1, 2014 – Environmental News and Food Politics

    • Eventually, even Mitch McConnell will have to start each sentence with, ‘well, some of the American People’ instead of ‘the American People’. Except that he probably won’t be a Senator any more after Novenber.

    • “real Amurkin majority”
      free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.

  1. Oh really?

    New at Talking Points Memo:

    We’ve temporarily taken comments offline as we prepare to deploy our new commenting system based on the Discourse discussion engine. This will provide a better user experience, reply notification and more robust protection against trolls and spam. You will be able to access the new system with your existing account. No new sign up or registration is required. We hope to deploy the new system later this week.

    This should be interesting.

      • My phone won’t display the Facebook or Disqus comment systems. I can do WordPress, Democratic Underground, and Firedoglake comment systems just fine. There’s a used I-Phone coming my way eventually, according to my ex. Maybe after I recover from paying my income taxes in two weeks.

        • I have an old Iphone I replaced because the battery is shot. If you know how to get the battery replaced I’ll send it to you.

          • Thanks Shayne.
            I’m OK until we can get around to going to the AT&T store to get my data swapped over to the better phone. My ex’s phone won’t take the new aps, according to her, but her roommate’s used phone is newer and a better deal.

    • According to comments there, and elsewhere, the number of enrollees is only important if the estimated number had NOT been reached.

      Since it was reached, then all those enrollees are inconsequential because the qualifier to count them is…. ummm…. well, from what I can tell, the fact that they signed up for the ACA in and of itself disqualifies them from being counted as enrollees in the ACA (really… read the insane comments, and that is the conclusion the “Anti-ACA” crowd is harping now).

      And the conservative American refrain continues, “All you others are all poopy-heads. Also.”

      • Whoa there, cagey – trying to follow the Repugnant/TeaPottierParty ‘logic’ will turn your world upside down! As you so deftly pointed out, they keep moving the goal post in attempting to appear correct on something/anything…

        • I can’t help it… trying to comprehend the incomprehensible. It’s amusing until I think about the real-world stakes involved…

  2. The whole world in going to collapse. Ed Schultz just said “Get the fuck outta here” on the radio. 😆

          • Obamacare. The guy was all upset because we should have had a public option from the start, and Ed agreed that we should have, but the political reality wouldn’t allow it. He was trying to tell the idiot that the state who didn’t take the medicaid expansion were going to create an atmosphere where the people would start demanding the same health care as other states, but it was no good.

            The caller just went completely bonkers, yelling about us slipping into fascism because Obamacare wasn’t perfect, yada yada.

            Remember Willy Loman? Like that.

  3. Ed Schultz just called a looney caller an asshole on the air. It didn’t get bleeped over on Tune In, maybe it did on the terrestrial stations.

    • Heh, that guy really was an asshole.

      In a nutshell: “Everything has to be done perfectly and with the correct motivation the FIRST TIME, and if it’s not it’s ALL BAD! The world is ruined now!!”

    • Does Issa plan on lining them up against a wall and then….

      stealing all their cars?

    • Not being familiar witht hat column, I actually had to study it to realize that that was satire. THAT is how insane the (R)’s have gotten. I was fully prepared to believe that…. I still might….

      “Hook, line, sinker, and copy of Angling Times” (Kryton)

    • In addition I would add that a number of members of the Chimpy administration invalidated “Contempt of Congress for failing to appear for a subpoena”.

      • The Bush administration determined that executive privilege is a way out of any kind of shit you’re in. There are no more rules.

  4. ’60 Minutes’ Admits Error In Dubbing Noises Over Quiet Tesla Electric Car

    CBS News says an editor made an “audio error” in dubbing the sound of a loud traditional car engine over footage of the much quieter Tesla electric car in a “60 Minutes” story that aired Sunday.


    The revving sound, as opposed to the much quieter windlike noise of a Tesla, was noticed by the auto enthusiast website Writer Robert Sorokanich said it almost sounded like a motorcycle.

    Error my ass! The RWNJ ex-Fox VP of News, now President of CBS News, David Rhodes, had his minions try to sabotage the Tesla piece.

  5. Derp of the day:

    “I wish I just had more time, college goes by so fast,” says Kansas freshman Andrew Wiggins as he enters NBA draft, with three years of eligibility remaining without ever getting around to declaring a major.

    • Only to become a marginal 4 – point a game extra bouncing through 4 teams in a short six year NBA career. See Webster, Martell.

    • Cue George. Has anyone else noticed that the first four Commandments all cover God’s inferiority complex? What a puss.

    • Heh…Shelley Laysi Peterson hummm something tells me this isn’t quite the response Mr Cruz was hoping for ROFLMAO

      FU Ted.

    • I read teh first page and some of the replies to the replies, and I only saw two “No’s”, one which whined he never had insurance and can’t afford it now (how much you wanna bet he never even looked into the exchanges or subsidies), and the other started out by ripping Ted for asking a biased (I think she used the word “stupid”) question.

    • Shorter NSA:
      Yes, we are illegally invading your privacy in a legal and Fisa approved manner, thank you for asking.

    • That’s cool. I’ve never seen that. So that’s what happens in my stomach when I eat a strawberry, too, huh? 😉

      (JK – I used to think that I could grow watermelons in my tummy if I swallowed the seeds. )

      *Waves* to everyone.

        • Haven’t been here all that much Ebb. Having to travel to Texas way too often to care for my mom who is in declining health. I am barely unpacked. On the one hand, I have learned to travel light and learned that one just doesn’t need that much “stuff.”

        • Barely have time to stay connected or even as informed as possible. And since mom watches Fox news…

          How are things where you are?

    • The Joker is going to experience an unpleasant transfer of kinetic energy.

  6. I wish I could refresh the page, and have it return to the part of the page I was viewing when I refreshed. I start at the bottom, hit refresh, it moves up to my last comment, to Shayne, then finally stops,,,at Wayne’s blob fish picture. Every time. 😀

  7. I came up with another brilliant ides.

    I think public schools should devote the first semester of a year between 4th and 7th grade to a single course called “what is evidence” and no student should advance past that point until they master the art of telling the difference between evidence and butt nuggets.

    • An excellent idea!

      Send that one to Texas – since the country is stupid enough to ‘entrust’ them with school curriculum!

      Are you and one cat still in the apartment?
      Do hope it is all straightened out!

  8. Will park it here, for now, and post it again tomorrow.

    At least one corporation is being held liable for a great big effup!
    It has taken nearly four years…

    PG&E criminally charged in fatal pipeline blast

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