HUMP DAY: Wednesday, April 2, 2014: The Watering Hole: Get out of jail free.

Life is a perpetual game of Monopoly where one player starts out owning 90$ of the properties, a ‘get out of jail free’ card, and $2000. The other 9 players start out with no properties, and $20 each. Each time the one player passes Go, he gets $200. The other nine? $2.

The one player wins, and feels he deserved to win. After all, his starting point in the game was bequeathed to him by his father, who got his starting point from his father. He’s ready to play again, to go ’round the board gobbling up what few properties he didn’t get at the start of the game. The other nine begrudginly join in – they have no choice in this – it is their punishment from God for not being born into riches, or so they’re told.

The one will win again and again and again. There’s no way he can lose, and no way any of the nine can ever avoid losing everything they have. And still they play, on and on, each passing their spot on the game board to their chosen heir. And the game continues, generation after generation. The perpetual roll of the dice in hope of a different, better outcome.


In the news recently, one of the 1% was arrested for sexually abusing his three-year old daughter for a period of two years. He played his “Get out of jail free” card and got probation instead of jail time. She’s twelve now. I wonder if daddy cut her out of his will…

“With liberty, and justice, for all.” But the pledge doesn’t say “equal justice” for all.



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  1. The judge’s reason for giving that guy (great great grandson of DuPont) probation instead of jail time? “He will not fare well in prison.” …… ! …… NO FVCKING SH!T, and “So what?” It is my understanding (unless it is urban myth) that ANY rapist, and espescially pedophiles “do not fare well in prison” because the other prisoners don’t like them.

    As Dick said, “SO?”

    What is more, the prosecutor reccomended the sentence as well!!!!!

    How many lesser offenders (say, drug possession cases) did the judge give probation to becasue they might “not fare well in prison”? I’m betting not a single poor person.

    When I sent that article yesterday to my conservabuddy I titled it: The Rich Really CAN Do Whatever They Want in America.

    • I think the most descriptive word for what this country has devolved to become is OLIGARCHY. We’ve become the penultimate example of a place where the government formally allows/insists that the rich steal from the poor and keep it; Robin Hood upside down, in effect.

      • And the most recent Robin Hood movie made Robin Hood out to be the bad guy. I’ve stopped watching Russel Crowe movies after that.

    • Speaking of Oligarchy, SCOTUS strikes again. AmurkKka now officially FOR SALE TO HIGHEST BIDDER:


      BREAKING NEWS Wednesday, April 2, 2014 10:38 AM EDT

      Supreme Court Strikes Down Limits on Federal Campaign Contributions The Supreme Court on Wednesday issued a major campaign finance decision, striking down limits on federal campaign contributions for the first time. The ruling, issued near the start of a campaign season, will change and probably increase the role money plays in American politics.
      The decision, by a 5-to-4 votes along ideological lines, was a sort of sequel to Citizens United, the 2010 decision that struck down limits on independent campaign spending by corporations and unions. But that ruling did nothing to disturb the other main form of campaign finance regulation: caps on direct contributions to candidates and political parties.
      READ MORE »

      • Well, the obesely rich now have a new sport to go with Wall Street…. “How many politicians can you own?”.

        I wonderr how long before they will start trading their politicians amongst themselves like baseball cards.

        • Baseball cards could work. Also comic books: “I’ll trade you a Batman for a Captain Marvel.” Who, in today’s Wingnuttistan, is Batman? Captain Marvel?


          Baseball cards might be the better choice, yep.

  2. Animal Farm and 1984 were written as cautionary tales of what can become of a society when the scales are not balanced or kept in check.
    They were not intended to be blueprints for future societies.

  3. More Kochtopia:

    SCOTUS strikes down limits on campaign donations

    The Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down current limits on the total amount individual donors can make to political campaigns. The 5-4 ruling could have an immediate impact on November’s congressional midterm elections.

    Sharpen up the blade on Madame Guillotine! We’re running out of other options.

    • From RawStory:

      The caps “do little, if anything, to address that concern, while seriously restricting participation in the democratic process,” wrote Roberts, appointed by former President George W. Bush, a Republican.

      Because people who can afford to give butt loads of money to political campaigns have so much trouble participating in the democratic process. Fuck!

      The SCOTUS is systematically undermining our democracy.


    The Supreme Court ruled in the case of McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission Wednesday, striking down overall limits on campaign contributions.

    According to Reuters and the AP, the court left in place a cap on donations to a single candidate.

    • I read the lines and concluded that both Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin are idiots. I knew that already, of course, but it is interesting to see proof positive that stupidity need not shrink with advancing age, that a logarithmic advance is clearly possible, esp. amongst the Wingnuttistanians.

  5. We should, under the circumstances described above, behave like seven year olds.
    After we lose for the umpteenth time, we should pick up the board, smack the rich kid over the head with it, and stuff all his money up his nose, mouth and ass.

    • I read somewhere recently that the net worth of the Kochsuckers has gone up to $80 billion in the last few years, from $50 Billion, give or take a couple. Lucky for me, my share of Amurkkka’s burgeoning prosperity, my S.S. take home, also soared: By $15 PER MONTH just this year!

      I do have to admit, though, that I’m kinda in the mood to see a repeat of 1929 where lots of rich fucks who were suddenly broke were said to have jumped off tall buildings to go splat on the streets below. Believe me, I’d happily volunteer to help them, to push them, and at NO CHARGE! I’m thinking that if billionaire Sheldon Adelson and political hack Chris Christie were to hold hands and go down together from the top of, say, Circus Circus . . . well, think of the SPLAT! in the parking lot below! WOW! And wouldn’t it be really cute if they should land on Paul Ryan . . . ??

      Holy cow! (sotospeak). Sounds like an idea for a new movie! Surely a box-office smash . . . SPLAT?

  6. Anybody listening to Ed Schultz today? I just got my computer back up after running a system restore. It sounds like a replay of yesterday in the first hour.

    • It does sound like yesterday’s show. Maybe they’re replaying it to see if he’ll tell the caller to “get the fuck out of here” again. 😀

      • It might have been Monday’s show, based on what he said about the ACA website going down for a short time.

  7. “She’s twelve now. I wonder if daddy cut her out of his will…”

    I wonder if daddy has visitation on weekends and holidays?

    • I wonder if she can sue the shit out of daddy dearest when she reaches 18.

  8. From Defenders of Wildlife:

    “. . . yesterday, Idaho’s governor signed a virtual death warrant for hundreds of the state’s wolves.

    The new law, HB470, establishes a $400,000 special fund, the sole purpose of which is killing as many wolves as possible. It is part of a broader effort by wolf-haters to reduce Idaho’s wolf population down to 150 animals – which means killing more than 450 wolves.”

    I suggest a name change for the “Great” State of Idaho, but can’t decide which:

    Idioho? Idioyahoo?

    I’m leaning toward the latter.

    Apologies to all (3? 4?) Idahohans who are not stupid, also congrats to all the sharpies who used to live there but who have ESCAPED!

  9. Hi, gang.

    Well? The one cat, Kang, and I are doing well and everything is copacetic with the property managers. I found the canceled check from when I first paid my pet deposit so I won’t even have to decide between food and medications this month! I can manage the increase from $15.00 to $30.00 monthly pet fee.

    Kang was whiny the first night but now I think he’s starting to enjoy being top cat. He even started dragging his toy mice to bed again but has just been crawling under the covers instead of attacking me around dawn.

    Apparently Kodos was the one with the insatiable appetite because Kang is eating just under a full cup of food a day. Kodos is already listed at the Humane Society and they got a much better picture of him than I ever managed. Plus, the gals who processed him for me both fell in love with him on the spot so I think he has a good chance at finding a good home. It even looks like my guess on their age, just under a year, has been confirmed by the vet but I think their scale is off. According to my bathroom scale he weighs 14 pounds. Here’s the link to his profile and the pretty picture.

    • How dare that anti-American, Athiest, secret Muslum, terrorist fist-bumping, Kenyen (not American), American Ambassador murdering, not-‘getting’ OBL, lying, vacation taking, bowing to foreign leaders, afraid to commit to (more) warring, negotiating, capitualting, community organizing, socialist, communist, fascist, ni…. …uuummmm, I mean…. “black man” say that. How dare he use insults. I…. I…. I feel faint (wrist to forehead gesture)… /S

      • Proof positive that Obama is probably the kindest, gentlest chief exec. that’s ever been, anywhere. To ‘bless’ Paul Ryan’s bullshit by simply calling it a stinkburger is the most humane act I can ever remember seeing from any president over the better part of seventy years.

        Bowing in Barack’s general direction.

    • ‘Update’

      Fort Hood said Wednesday that a shooting happened at the Texas Army base and that injuries have been reported.

      The base confirmed the shooting in a brief statement posted online Wednesday. The statement also said emergency crews were on the scene and that further details were not yet known.

      The Bell’s County Sheriff’s Office dispatched deputies and troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety to the nearby post after receiving reports of an “active shooter,” sheriff’s Lt. Donnie Adams said. FBI spokeswoman Michelle Lee said its agents were also headed to the scene.

            • Oh, yes. And they carry their M-16s openly. And there are huge signs saying the use of deadly force is authorized for unauthorized entry. But they are usually posted only at the entry/exit gates. There usually aren’t a lot of patrolling cops, but if something goes down, there enough to respond.

              But the assumption was that once inside the base, you were no longer considered a threat.

    • Fascinating NPR in-depth about the economics of the food stamp. Not only is Walmart paying its people a pittance and they are on food stamps, the employees are buying their food stamp food at Walmart….. ??? Jesus, so you think that the minimum wage that the government would spend less on food stamps and Walmart would lose its massive handout? Make sense? Yeah too much sense.

    • The only way to stop a bad National Guardsman with a gun and a shoot-to-kill order is a good …. well you know it – what Wayne said.

  10. Ok, I have reset my avatar to this guy again so you can see him the other time. This is twice I have seen him now – Tanya sent me the avatar photo, she got it from a friend. Here is this wheelchair guy again, presumably sometime in February during the Maidan protests.

    • His w/c is missing the r/front wheel. That makes it a bit difficult to maneuver.
      I applaud his determination.

      • Maybe Tanya can get this guy’s name from her photographer friend…. I asked her, we’ll see.

      • Nope she doesn’t know his name but does agree it’s the same dude.

    • Nope, Google translate is passing ‘c**kpunch’ right on through….. my friend has used the word ‘bastard’ but I sense she is a more proper person than I am… we may never know what it is in Ukrainian.

      • Here you go, TtT:

        удар півень

        (I entered the words separately and there you have c*** punch)

        • She got it LOL – translation was not so good though. I might get the equivalent if I ask nicely 🙂

  11. Never mind Hot Legs De Winter, Wil Wheaton is on fire tonight:

  12. While CNN’s Don Lemon and Richard Penis Quest continue to jizz over themselves on TV about the lost plane….. here is the Ukraine roundup…. there is a economic depression coming hard to the ordinary folks not the least of which are the new Russian citizens in Crimea, who have been putting up with power cuts, and now food and gasoline shortages…… schadenfreude?? 75% of their tourism has just been deep-sixed by their new friends….. who will go to Mad King Vlad’s Fancy Fairy Castle of Sochi instead….

    • Difficult lesson to learn, that Putin has no compassion/care about the ‘Russians’ he was ‘protecting’. Now his only concern: rape the land and/or sea’s natural resources.
      It is too bad the citizens are learning, too late, no one truly cares about them.

  13. And I am back following God…. well on the tweeter anyway…

    • I’ll have to visit a second-hand store to find an inexpensive bible and practice throwing!

    • It matters not what version ye throw at the infidels, so long as the binding is strong!

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