Breaking Gnus: Koch Bros Sue Over “One Man-One Vote”

Hot on the heels of the Supreme Court’s latest ruling that Freedom of Speech means anyone can spend any amount to get their candidate elected, the Koch Brothers seek to expand this notion of Freedom of Speech, arguing that restricting voting rights to one vote per person is an impermissible restriction on their freedom of speech.

Anyone should be allowed to vote as many times as they can afford, the lawsuit alleges, arguing for unrestricted mail-in ballots.

Constitutional Law scholars note that the “one man-one vote” doctrine was never written into the Constitution, effectvely conceding that the Koch Brothers’ lawsuit might prove persuasive before the Roberts’ Court.

“After McCutcheon and Citizens United, it’s only a matter of time before free speech, money, and voting rights will be treated as equals under the Constitution” one scholar, who asked to remain anonymous, commented. A constitutional amendment to overturn those decisions was deemed highly unlikely to ever garner enough support to become part of the supreme law of the land.


8 thoughts on “Breaking Gnus: Koch Bros Sue Over “One Man-One Vote”

  1. I’ll put this on the list of BnF’s predictions, because I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Kochs and their kind pulled something like this.

    But of course, they already have, haven’t they? SMDH

  2. “allowed to vote as many times as they can afford”

    Why yes, that seems to be the plan – thanks Chief Enabler Roberts…. when they write the histpry of this failed experiment, we will drag your moldy corpse out of whichever hole they stick you in a skull-f**k you until we feel better.

  3. In a great sci-fi/humor series that Jane and I enjoy, author Terry Pratchett has created Discworld. On Discworld is a major city ruled by someone with the title of Patrician, even though he’s a tyrant and occasionally admits it. The Patrician believes in the One Man-One Vote way of Democracy – he was the One Man and he had the One Vote.

  4. The Koch brothers better quit their power grabbing soon. More people are learning about them all the time. They need to be stopped.

    • Yeah, I wonder how many tea-baggers want to go along with this one. Talk about slitting your own throat. This amounts to brazen stupidity.

  5. Woo-hoo! Kodos the cat has already been adopted! I knew that anyone who met him would love him but I figured it would take until the weekend.

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