Watering Hole Friday Night Music – M-F Duets

How about a tribute to duets tonight?



70 thoughts on “Watering Hole Friday Night Music – M-F Duets

  1. I may join the tribute to duets in earnest later…. I have to duck out now. There was a short Ukraine/Seattle music exchange last week about this time, but I had to go off grid before 3pm. This is what I got from Ukraine.

    My friend’s fave Ukrainian group – Ocean Elzy

    Here Ocean Elzy played a gig to a 100 thousand in support of the Maidan in the Maidan on 14 December 2013. I have not watched far enough to hear the part where the entire crowd holds up lights and they acapella the national anthem. I have seen that not as part of the whole gig but as a single 4m vid. It is really something. Anyway music starts at 7:50 – dunno who the influences are yet… still listening. Here’s just the one from them:

  2. Duets – first one came into my head – Asylum Street Spankers …. :). Later dudes.

    • Excellent choice. One never goes wrong with the Spankers. This is a group of street musicians that decided to band together and make some music. We saw them on their final tour. It was a great show.

      • They are in my – ‘crap I wished I had seen them or even knew about them’ list – there is a blank spot in my music life called – ‘Having kids now – see you next decade’ 😦

    • Good call Ebb – early morning, April 4, shot rings out in Memphis sky……

      Free at Last!!


    PLease delet my last video (and this) I did not preview the dang thing. I think it needs to go.

  4. Linda Ronstadt and J.D. Souther (M-F Duets in the thread title stands for Male-Female, y’all)

  5. And going further back there is this about Americans bonking in the back of a car during a baseball game…. this is the original tour of Bat Out of Hell!

  6. well that’s it sports fans…. got nothing more … nighty night πŸ™‚

  7. KZOO Portland affiliate signing off, etc.. ect., . I’ll leave ya with one of the most beautiful songs written, and an extra from the late, great Steve Goodman. Sweet dreams, and memories…

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