Sunday Roast: Humanism

Purpose in our lives, and the meaning of life, the universe and everything, comes from within ourselves.  Life is too short (or long) to take on someone else’s idea of purpose/meaning of our existence.  Why settle for little…?

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37 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Humanism

      • Well, and I am only speaking in a very general sense here, but I think, and this is only a rough estimation from a subjective standpoint, but I think that it signals the “End Times” because…

        CTHULU IS COMING!!!!!

        (heh, heh… I did get what you meant, but couldn’t resist).

        I think the End Times has a nice generic “natural disasters” clause to basically cover all things natural… like this….

    • Cthulu posts all the time at Democratic Underground, as ‘cthulu2016’.

  1. Mormon Leader: Many Have ‘Redefined Marriage’ But ‘The Lord Has Not’

    “While many governments and well-meaning individuals have redefined marriage, the Lord has not,” said Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve. “He designated the purpose of marriage to go far beyond the personal satisfaction and fulfillment of adults, to more importantly, advancing the ideal setting for children to be born, reared and nurtured.”

    Is that with one wife or a dozen wives? Fuckwit.

    • Marriage is both a secular and a religious institution. The only way to avoid extending civil marriage to all couples would be to remove the secular benefits accorded married couples in matters of taxation, government benefits and inheritance law. None of these “my religion gets to decide what marriage is” folks ever seem eager to do so. Why not if the matter weighs upon their conscience so?

  2. I wonder if the RWNJ Nascar fans are enjoying the episode of Glee running in the hour timeslot prior to the Nascar Broadcast on Fox. Somebody in programming there must either have a sense of humor, or they’re looking to get fired. 😀

    What they really should have done was run a repeat of the new Cosmos series.

    • …run a repeat of the new Cosmos series…

      The indignation would cause much messiness when their heads exploded!

      (the idea of Glee playing is quite delicious!)

    • I wonder if West’s “warrior code” mentions his being forced to resign his commission due to his own war crime. He is himself a fake.

    • They put up some great pics!

      • How ever it was done – the cat audience watching Tom and Jerry is humorous!

      • We all need a ‘badass unicorn’!

      • yes, indeed, dandelions for the win!

  3. Joey Logano was asked who he was rooting for in the NCAA Championship game. He responded, ‘I’m from Connecticut, but I don’t know a lot about basketball.’ Darrell Waltrip, who’s from Kentucky, then asked him, ‘Do you know how many teams are in the Final Four?’ He didn’t get to answer that question for the laughing in the broadcast booth.

  4. Just got a call from a supervisor, to not report tonight, and instead come in tomorrow at 3pm, on second shift. Woo Hoo!!!! 😀

      • Maybe now I can sleep six to seven hours at one time, instead of three hours in the morning and three in the evening.

  5. Colour Striped Icebergs

    …As seawater is drawn deep under the ice shelves by the oceanic currents, it becomes supercooled and freezes to the base of the ice shelf. Because this ice is formed from seawater that contains organic matter and minerals it causes variety of colour and texture to the iceberg. As the bergs become fragmented and sculpted by the wind and waves, the different coloured layers can develop striking patterns…

  6. I’m watching Pirate Radio. The oldies in this movie are so great I keep pausing the movie to go to Youtube and play the full versions of them.

    • I just looked up the track listings – it is full of the oldies but goodies!
      Moody Blues, Dusty, Junior Walker, The Easy Beats, Jimi…

    • Am a bit embarrassed – I thought he’d died loooong ago.

      He was married eight times and filed for bankruptcy in 1962, having gone through the $12 million he had earned.
      …Mickey Rooney is survived by wife Jan Chamberlin, a singer he married in 1978; son Mickey Rooney Jr. from his marriage to singer Betty Jane Rase; son Theodore Michael Rooney from his marriage to actress Martha Vickers; daughters Kelly Ann Rooney, Kerry Rooney and Kimmy Sue Rooney and son Michael Joseph Rooney from his marriage to Barbara Ann Thomason; and daughter Jonelle Rooney and adopted son Jimmy Rooney from his marriage to Carolyn Hockett.

      Mickey got around, didn’t he?!

  7. US Navy ship is hearing the ‘ping’ signal possibly from the Flight 370 black boxes. CNN

    • Certainly wish it to be a positive. Finding the black boxes would halt all the re-talk about Benghazi from the FakeSnooze.

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