The Watering Hole, Tuesday April 8, 2014 – Environmental News and Food Politics

Oh Christ, now they are genetically modifying trees. Towards a more corporately perfect tree…


…and Michael Pollan   FAQ’s


Open thread…

68 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday April 8, 2014 – Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. So? It is easier to genetically modify trees, and (purportedly) plan to grow them ‘remotely’, so as to not cross-contaminate other ‘normal’ trees (and/or make the GM trees sterile) than it is to, say, use hemp to make paper?

    It may be legend, but I read some time ago that it was the paper and tree-felling industries that were powerful lobby voices behind the classification of hemp making it illegal to grow for any purpose whatsoever in Amerikkka. I think converting the factories and re-training the loggers to be hemp farmers would be more productive (and the hemp plant is good for all kinds of textiles, wax, cloth (better than cotton), fuel, medication, recreation (sure — I MUCH prefer that to getting drunk, for my own part)… it is such an incredibly useful plant.

    As an aside — I also would expect Monsanto ( to do the saem thing they have done to small farmers with the whole “drift” matter: “OH, some of our GM trees are growing on your land? Well, we’re going to court to take your land from you.” Hell, they could use that one to chip away at national parks, too….

    • I remember reading that William Randolph Hearst had a lot to do with the criminalization of pot. He used to publish horrible lies like, “If Frankenstein’s Monster confronted the demon weed marijuana, he’s turn tail and run.” Maybe he did it be cause he owned paper mills and wanted to protect his investment.

      Also, it was generally (and incorrectly) perceived that black people were the primary smokers of pot, so that was another excuse to make it illegal.

  2. The engineered trees would allow manufacturers to create paper significantly easier. Moreover, it’s not just the paper industry that benefits from this change — the effects would be advantageous to the entire planet. Paper created from these special trees would require less energy and fewer chemicals to produce, and the entire process would release fewer pollutants.

    Well, OK, so I instantly come up with a far better and far more profound project, one that would have an absolutely IMMENSE probably even GLOBAL impact on energy consumption, on the environment, on the human condition, an effect that would, clearly and obviously, be advantageous to the entire planet!!!

    Genetically Modify REPUBLICANS!!!

    Imagine it: no more wars, massive forward strives in renewable energy, climate change reversed and under control, wanton greed a thing of the past, no more need for guns, public lands redefined as sacred and eternally protected ground, equal treatment for ALL people, massive advances in education, no more “corporations are people, my friend” idiocy, endangered species finally brought back from the brink of extinction to live fuller and longer lives . . . THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH WORDS TO FULLY DESCRIBE THE BEAUTIFUL CONSEQUENCES TO THE WORLD OF GMR’s!!!

    I’m gonna write my congressman today and demand he . . . oh. Wait. How to convince Republicans to support, much less figure out how to legislate, the concept of GMR?

    I will think on this.

    • Tell them this will help make sure Republicans are even MORE conservative, even though we’re really doing the exact opposite. They, of all people, can appreciate how publicly stating the opposite of your intentions does not bind you to those actions.

      • Is it in the bible, perchance, that genetic modification brings one closer to god and guarantees a more blessed eternity?

        That might work even better than using the Fox News (lying) approach, amongst the bulk of them at least.

    • Isn’t there a form of genetic modification that produces sterility? If we negated their ability to propagate, within a couple of generations the stench would abate.

      • That too would work. But I have the suspicion that the opposition would use the word “Eugenics” — and that wouldn’t be good. Better to genetically modify based on biblical ‘wisdom.’ Who could not love and adore either the process or the outcome?

  3. No wonder we are hanging those people out to dry ….

    “and honestly tell you, the people little hope for the UN and EU …”

    • That quote was my friend yesterday BTW…

      From the article:

      “The less people know about where Ukraine is located on a map, the more they want the U.S. to intervene militarily.

      And there you have it – Republicans support military action in greater proportion, people who support military action are thick as a box of bricks….. ergo….

      • The less details, the more impersonal. empathy often requires some measure of connection. Soem folks do not need much to empathize, some require a lot more details, and then there’s the sociopaths who cannot empathize at all (the last group are “Consrvatives”: while not all sociopaths are conservative, all conservatives are sociopaths).

        • When you are emailing someone from the safety of your office, while they listen to the sounds of a full on deadly riot, the flames and smoke from the burning tires drifting across the river to the apartment and she is wondering if she can get her son to a safe place in the country with a friend before the government sends in the tanks….. yes it is different for me.

      • There shouldn’t be a religious test, but if you are as dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks-for-Jesus, then you shouldn’t be allowed to run for 4th grade hall pass monitor.

    • Daddy to poor, poor emotionally traumatized daughter…There, there, poopsy, we all know science STINKS…
      Let’s make sure we have a religion class at all public schools and teach Buddhism, Islam, Pantheism, and oh, yeah, Xianity.
      But in SCIENCE class, let’s teach SCIENCE, not bullshit.

  4. Carl Bild has been consistently one of the most forthright and blunt in calling out Russia’s foul play in Ukraine. Unfortunately, Stalin’s joke about the Pope is what counts here: “How many divisions does Carl Bild have?”

    • wow….intentionally racist i see.

      but hey…the only time anyone at Fox likes ni**ers are when they’re playing basketball, football or running track

    • A truly Blazing Saddles moment…At least she didn’t call the UConn men’s team a pack of nappy headed boys…

  5. Via TPM:


    “…your department has still not been forthcoming in producing the documents that were the subject of the contempt,” answered Gohmert.

    I admire Holder’s restraint.

    • Without self defense training, few people are able to respond this way. And while women and girls should have some ability to defend ourselves, the focus really should be on teaching men and boys not to be rapists, with severe consequences if they don’t learn.

    • I tested my family to come up with one Republican comedian…. just one….. They came up with one: Dennis Miller. “He’s not a comedian”, I said.

      • He does not have the profile perhaps he should, that President Higgins. There’s a lot of negative comment about McGuinness on the Mail comments, but when you recall that the IRA murdered the Queen’s uncle…. you must conclude that she has decided that her role is to be part of the road to the future tonight (as has McGuinness, who might well have been part of the decision tree to assassinate Mountbatten). It is a very significant night in UK-Irish relations.

      • Wolf reintroduction can be a really good thing — one of the best ways available to reduce the number of cattle grazing “free” (or for pennies) on MY (our) public lands. Only drawback is that wolves have never been known to eat ranchers. Probably for good reason.

    • It is very difficult for easterners, with our pricier land, to compete with those who pay a minimal fee to graze publicly owned land. I applaud the leveling of the playing field.

    • I was just going to bring this up.

      “aspersions on my asparagus.” Last May’s malapropism, in which Gohmert likely used the vegetable instead of the like-sounding “character,” …

      Dafuq? In what reality does ‘asparagus’ sound like ‘character’?

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