Sunday Roast: Music all day long!!

We haven’t had a whole day of music in a long time, so let’s do it!  There’s no theme, just post what you like.  🙂

This is our daily open thread — Sing & Dance!




52 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Music all day long!!

  1. On Washington Week, Amy Walters said the Republicans have a ‘deep bench’ of candidates for president in 2016. I’d say they have a large contingent of ‘back benchers’ unworthy of the office.

    • They might have a “deep bench” but I don’t see a single starter, much less a star, in the bunch. Plus, once they start applying the teabagger purity test, that bench is going to become shallow in no time at all.

  2. “This ragged life” from the operetta , “The Csardas Princess” by Imre Kalman.

  3. On UP, the last 15 minutes of the first hour had a nice report on Vermont’s intention to move to single payer under the ACA.

  4. Today at TPM – “Progress overnight on deployment of new commenting system. We hope to move into a short beta-testing phase shortly.”

    This must be something else if it has taken this long to implement. Foot still tapping…

  5. Tom Friedman on GPS- “Would you think I’m a bad guy, if I were hoping that Vladimir Putin turned off the gas to Europe? Because, that’s my secret hope because I believe if Putin turns off the oil and gas to Europe right now, it would be the equivalent of the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo, which is what launched the solar, wind and efficiency industry. We only got the first auto mileage standards after that. I think we are poised to take off.”

    • So, they want to hang their hat, in 2014, on things their party, in name only, did 95 years ago? Good luck with that.

      • It certainly appears they’ve set the WAYBAC machine.
        The RagTagRepublicans of today are just a sorry, sorry lot!

        Blackburn should really be ashamed of herself spouting that the party of no is for equal pay, yet MUST vote against it.

      • I’m in the middle of a Twiiter argument with a Conservative who claims the major parties have never switched ideologies in their history. At this point, I haven’t blocked him out of fascination with the depth of what he doesn’t know. He also thinks Planned Parenthood is all about abortions, which is why they cut federal funding. I told him to Google the Hyde Amendment. And if he doesn’t tone down the name-calling, I will block him.

        • Some of the Planned Parenthood clinics were started by Republicans. They wanted to reduce the black population via sterilaztion or at least contraception.

      • After drawing UI most of the year, without having any withholding on it, I expected to owe some, but the overtime in the last three months made up the difference, and I got back some from the Feds and the State.

  6. Total lunar eclipse, ‘blood moon‘ to be showstoppers in sky

    …The thing I like to tell people is that it’s one of the most democratic of astronomical phenomena,” he (Andrew Fraknoi, chair of the astronomy department at Foothill College in Los Alto Hills) said. “Firstly, everyone around the U.S. and Canada will be able to see it. It will be visual over anywhere you can see the full moon.

      • It can the the sign of whatever you like 🙂 I think of it as a sign that the sun-earth-moon align just right four times this year!

  7. The Ukranian President has given a deadline for pro-Russian occupiers to withdraw before sending troops to eastern Ukraine to expel them by force. The deadline is 11pm EDT.
    The UN Security Council has called an emergency meeting, going on now.
    I’m watching the BBC News channel. Nothing is on anywhere else.

        • Russia urges Kiev to avoid force in eastern Ukraine, as the UN discusses the crisis hours before a Ukrainian deadline to pro-Russian militants.

          After Russia rushed in and began this turmoil, they now have the temerity to ‘urge’ Kiev to avoid protecting itself.

    • I heard there has already been shooting. Praying for the good folk of Ukraine.

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