Friday April 18, 2014 Music Night – Same song, different genre


Many years ago, just before Cats and I were married, we attended a bluegrass festival and one of the bands played a Beatles song bluegrass style. It worked really well, a lot better than I imagined. Here a couple of genre switching videos to get you thinking.



The most successful group you’ve never hear of doing genre switching IMHO is Postmodern Jukebox. They’ll take a Miley Cyrus song and turn it in to a jazz , a hip hop number into klezmer, etc… Really talented. Give this a try and you tube them for other creations later.




28 thoughts on “Friday April 18, 2014 Music Night – Same song, different genre

    • I don’t think that’s a genre switch. Same notes, same tempo, heavy percussion. Pretty much rock and roll. Now, if they had performed it as a polka…I could see that as a genre switch. šŸ˜€

  1. Maybe not…. but Elvis… to Fine Young Cannis…. heard the original today, so here’s this:

  2. I am here because I had to check work email today and SammytheTurtle won’t go to karaoke with me šŸ˜¦

  3. Drawing a blank on the theme, but have been wanting to post this one since I first heard it a couple of weeks ago.

    I’ve always had a crush/infatuation on Tori Amos. Love her quirky style. I think she’s one of those artists you either love or hate. I happen to love her.

    She’s out with a new album and this is the first release of it “Trouble’s Lament.” I absolutely love this song. Typical Tori, but love the Americana-stylings in the music.

    Tori Amos: "Trouble's Lament" – YouTube

    • Bob Weir and I would meet at a diner on Fulton Street and break bread together. Actually we were both on a macrobiotic diet at the time so we broke brown rice, and discussed the yin and yang of all things. Nice guy, and very talented.

  4. For nonewhere, cats, and QZ. , living in the Eugene/Springfield area, is this native Oregonian…

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