The Watering Hole; Friday April 18 2014; “Come Slowly – Eden”

The following 32-word-plus-3-photograph essay is courtesy of, resp., Emily Dickinson (circa 1861) and Denny Green (2014). Some things apparently remain the same even after 153 years. Poetry in words, poetry in pictures, together at last.


Come slowly — Eden!
Lips unused to Thee —

Bee-1 DG 2014Bashful — sip thy Jessamines —
As the fainting Bee —

Bee-2 DG 2014

Reaching late his flower,
Round her chamber hums —

Bee-3a DG 2014Counts his nectars —
Enters — and is lost in Balms.


[photographs © Denny Green, Tempe AZ; 2014]


55 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday April 18 2014; “Come Slowly – Eden”

  1. Extract from Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet

    And now you ask in your heart,
    “How shall we distinguish that which is good in pleasure from that which is not good?”
    Go to your fields and your gardens, and you shall learn that it is the pleasure of the bee to gather honey of the flower,
    But it is also the pleasure of the flower to yield its honey to the bee.
    For to the bee a flower is a fountain of life,
    And to the flower a bee is a messenger of love,
    And to both, bee and flower, the giving and the receiving of pleasure is a need and an ecstasy.

    People of Orphalese, be in your pleasures like the flowers and the bees.

      • For ignoramus’s like grampy McCain, Kahlil Gibran was Iranian.
        Oh who am I kidding. If it doesn’t involve military action he can’t comprehend it.

        • True true true. McCain would say the same about Omar Khayyam as well, and would probably want to declare war simply because Khayyam perfectly summed up McCain and all who think like him — some 900 years ago!

          A Moment’s Halt–a momentary taste
          Of BEING from the Well amid the Waste–
          And LO!–the phantom Caravan has reach’d
          The NOTHING it set out from–Oh, make haste!

          • My mistake.
            Gibran was Syrian.
            It wouldn’t matter. They just want to bomb the place.
            Never mind the civilian casualties and bloodshed

  2. I eat my peas with honey
    I’ve done it all my life
    It makes the peas taste funny
    But it keeps them on the knife!
    Ogden Nash

  3. I hate to be Major Buzzkill on a technicality but, a hive is female and is run by a female with the exception of drones which essentially do nothing during their lives except eat the honey stores and fly off to drone congregation areas waiting for a queen to mate with.
    In short, all they do is eat and hope to get laid.

    • Yeah, no worries. Remember — poetic pronouns are invariably circumferential, and are only accurate when the topic is politicians. And since there are (for obvious reasons) scant poems about politicians . . . well, you know. 🙂

  4. British Pathé uploads 85,000 historic films to YouTube

    Thousands of hours of historical footage showing major events, celebrities and simple day-to-day life from 1896 until 1976 has been uploaded to YouTube

    British Pathé, the newsreel maker which documented all walks of life on video during the 20th Century, has uploaded its entire collection of moving images to YouTube.

    The archive of 3,500 hours of footage was digitised in 2002 thanks in part to a grant from the National Lottery, and is now freely accessible to anyone around the world for free.

  5. Something I didn’t know, via Stephanie Miller: Each month, Hustler magazine is mailed free to each Congress member’s office. The courts have ruled the legislators can’t stop them from coming because it’s his right of free speech to send them.

    • A few things about that:

      1) That’s awesome! Go, Larry!

      2) I wonder what actually happens to each of those copies of Hustler, and I wonder if he sends one to Justice Clarence Thomas?

      3) In a great scene from The SImpsons, Stephen Hawking guest stars as himself. He makes an observation about the town of Springfield which isn’t met with too much enthusiasm until Homer stands up, points at Hawking and says, “Larry Flynt is right!”

  6. Ed Miliband signs up top Obama adviser David Axelrod for UK election

    US president’s right-hand man, who masterminded back-to-back election wins, to sharpen Labour party focus on inequality.

    Barack Obama’s most influential adviser during two presidential victories has been hired to advise Labour on its 2015 election campaign, ensuring that Ed Miliband will put inequality and the break between family finances and economic growth at the centre of his election campaign.

    Maybe this will keep him off TV here until after the midterms.

  7. In honor of Good Friday, we only have to work 4 hours, so I’ll be making my token appearance from 11am to 3pm there. Many people are simply taking four hours of leave so they didn’t have to show up at all. At least I don’t have to pack a dinner in the cooler.

      • That’s Roseanne’s husband. She had a show on for a while showing her life on her Macadamia farm in Hawaii. I guess I’m the only one who loved it.

    • That is awesome.

      People proudly wear a crucifix around their neck, especially this time of year, and they feel so good and godly.

      I just flinch at the sight of a torture device.

      • “Jesus died for your sins and mine.”
        That was the tribal call all through elementary school. Never quite understood why he was sacrificed by himself/hisFather/andThe Holy Ghost, three gods in one!

        • Why would anyone celebrate a cult whose principal events include suicide-by-Roman and zombie worship?

    • If they were on the ark, where are they now? And if are there no dinosaurs why are there still Republicans? So many questions, so few answers.

      • The bigger question – where did he find the little fellas at the time of the flood? (since they were extinct looooong before ‘Noah’ appeared on the scene).

        • Something else that’s always puzzled me is how did both fresh and salt water fish survive a global flood? I assume the rain was fresh water, so by the time even Mt. Ararat was covered (and presumably Everest as well, although Noah never did really say) all THAT much fresh water would have drastically reduced the oceans’ salinity — to the detriment of critters that live in the oceans — and also would probably have screwed up the nature of shallow ponds and lakes everywhere, the the detriment of . . . well, you know.

          Also, two lingering questions: where did all that water come from, and where is it now?

          I dunno, there’s a handful of creationist crap that just doesn’t seem to work all that well.

          • As a person who has kept saltwater aquariums since the days when I got my water from the Pacific Ocean instead of mixing it myself; I have found that most people have no idea how devastating a miniscule change in water chemistry can be. Oddly enough; that understanding doesn’t preclude a belief in creationism.

            A fish site I used to frequent was rife with creationists and rightwhiners in general. What I can’t understand is how anyone who has successfully maintained an aquarium and even raised many generations of fish can fail to understand the implications of pollution in a closed system and the reality of evolution. I got into an argument about pollution and pointed out that we can’t simply change the water on earth as we would in an aquarium and they actually seemed to believe that God will take care of things.

  8. Uncertain where, in Mexico, Turtles are on holiday – do hope they weren’t anywhere near the earthquake.

    M 7.5 Earthquake, 37km N of Tecpan de Galeana, Mexico
    Print the AlertSend via EmailShare on TwitterShare on Facebook
    5 hours, 39 minutes ago
    Location: 24 miles (38 km) NNW of Tecpan, … Show more
    Posted 5 hours, 18 minutes ago – U.S. Geological Survey

    An earthquake with magnitude 7.5 occurred near Tecpan, Guerrero, Mexico at 14:27:29.40 UTC on Apr 18, 2014. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)

    • I thought that was me and too many refried beans……. nope, too far away – San Jose del Cabo….. nasty times. No word of any tsunami warnings either.

    • OK so we are convinced AndyTheTurtle is the only one to feel it – on the beach – he guessed the time about right. He is mortally afraid of tsunamis though…..

    • Another 100 Km up the road from Tepcan is where Zihuatanejo is located. That’s the place where Red went to meet Andy after he was paroled in Shawshank Redemption. The scene in the movie was shot on the Caribbean island of St Croix, however!

    • I wonder what Tecpan means. My son was born in Tecpan de Guatemala.

        • Thanks Ebb. That’s so cool. I though it a strange place name, but never realized there were other Tecpans until this talk of the earthquake. Tecpan de Guatemala was the capital of the Kaqchikel, so that makes sense.

  9. Mt. Everest Avalanche: Is Climate Change to Blame?

    …An avalanche today (April 18th) claimed at least 12 lives, in what may be the single deadliest climbing event in the history of the world’s tallest mountain (29,029 feet, or 8,848 meters). The death toll may rise, because other climbers are still missing, according to the BBC.

    All of the deceased were guides from the ethnic Sherpa community, who were securing ropes for the start of the spring climbing season. And many Sherpas insist that Mount Everest and other mountains in the area have become more dangerous because of climate change. [Ice World: Gallery of Awe-Inspiring Glaciers]

  10. Lately, Chris Matthews has sometimes had slightly better ratings than Rachel Maddow. I noticed that Wednesday night, his show led MSNBC in the 25-54 demo 245,000 to 229,000 for TRMS, and also won overall for that evening 922,000 to 910,000 over TRMS. I’ve been watching tonight and was pleasantly surprised that Joy Reid was subbing, and I thought to myself, was she subbing Wednesday also. Yep, she was! Joy led the night as a sub!

  11. Rachel’s intro to her last segment made me laugh, just because of the way she said it.

    “Sometimes the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice, but you know what? Sometimes the arc of the moral universe runs around like a chicken with its head cut off!”

    About the unconstitutional anti-sodomy law in Louisiana.

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