Sunday Roast: British Pathé newsreels

From the British Pathé YouTube channel:

Since the invention of the moving image in the 1890’s, British Pathé began recording every aspect of global culture and news, for the cinema. With their unique combination of information and entertainment, British Pathé’s documentaries, newsreels, serials and films changed the way the world saw itself forever.

These videos are amazing, and it’s easy to get caught up watching one after another.  Disasters, inventions, daredevils, Queen Victoria’s funeral, the Hindenburg, as well as cute (and sometimes weird) animal videos.

Check ’em out!  There are 85,000 clips from which to choose!

You thought I’d go for the obvious 4/20 or Easter Bunny post, didn’t you?  😉

This is our daily open thread — Discuss!

78 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: British Pathé newsreels

    • Another jam-packed day for the dycker family!
      The cherry blossoms hung on just for your holiday. Pretty tree-lined streets!

  1. Is the Tax Code Really 70,000 Pages Long?

    In a perfect world, there would be no need to have an argument over how long a book is. You would think it should be a pretty objective inquiry. But not for the tax code, a book whose length has been hyper-inflated by journalists and others as a proxy for the complexity of our tax system. So how long is the tax code?


    So, how long is it? In the 2013 edition, the last page is numbered 4,037. Now, that’s not exactly right either, for two reasons: The book starts at page 100, and then skips 500 pages in its numbering (don’t ask me why), and this volume (like all other volumes I’ve ever seen) contains both the present-day tax laws and prior versions of the tax law. That is because tax lawyers like me often find it useful to refer to prior versions of the law. But the compilation of those old laws isn’t really the “tax code”—it’s just a resource for lawyers. I’d estimate that the old law takes up about 800 pages. So let’s say the tax code is about 2,600 pages long. It’s like 2½ times the length of Stephen King’s It—except you replace “scary clown” with “accounting methods.”

    I admit up to now I thought it actually could have been 70k pages, with all the supplements and instructions that are available.

  2. I have an Obamacare question.

    I’m paying $500 a month premium, until I become a full-fledged employee at the company I’m now working as a placement agency contractor. If I don’t go to the doctor at all, based on the 80-20 percent medical loss ratio in the law, don’t they have to rebate my money back? Since they have to use 80% of my premium as care, and I had none, how do they justify keeping any of it?

  3. Premiere: Randi Rhodes Show To End May 16th

    PREMIERE NETWORKS has confirmed that RANDI RHODES’ show will end on MAY 16th.
    A statement from PREMIERE said that RHODES “has decided to end her national radio program. We’ve had a successful partnership with RANDI for several years, and we wish her all the best for the future. PREMIERE NETWORKS will conclude syndication and production of RANDI RHODES on MAY 16th, 2014.”
    RHODES and PREMIERE came close to ending their relationship in NOVEMBER before RHODES signed a new deal with the syndicator

    Guess it was just a six month extension. I hope she can find another syndicator or do a station-by-station deal directly.

  4. I’m SO tired of all the “He is Risen!” posts on FB, by some of my soapy “friends,” that I posted a “Happy 420” status.

    I don’t actually partake, although I support legalization, but maybe some of the churchy crowd will be offended enough to un-friend me. 😀

    I know, I’m passive-aggressive. 🙂

    • He complains his premium went up, but that means he had a crappy, high deductible plan before. If he can’t see his old doctor, it’s because he didn’t have enough sense to call them and make sure which plans they are on.

      • He talks about Dems thinking people are too stupid to understand how the ACA works (or whatever he was rambling about), but people like him absolutely count on the stupidity of their voters!

  5. Here y’go Badmoodman!
    Oh brother! Nick Saban hired Lane Kiffin as offensive coordinator at Alabama after the end of last season. I found that out just now.

    • Do you also get your email by Pony Express?

      Saban is nuts. Kiffin was O.C. At USC and their offense blew. And does Bama play at Tennessee next year? That should be fun.

      • What e-mail? People have to call me by phone to let me know to check it.

        I stopped following football the day after Alabama lost to Oklahoma. I happened to notice the Alabama Spring game was on today and watched it. That’s how I found out. I’m not thrilled by it, as you can tell.

        Bama does play Tennessee in Knoxville this year.

      • She’s had me here since 3:30pm Friday. I’ve been out to the store a time or two, and I was working on the car yesterday for a while, but mostly I’ve been here in the recliner, with an available lap.

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