Music Night, April 25, 2014

About the time this posts on Friday, I will be wandering through the airport in Atlanta looking for food and a drink, ready for a week of, um, eating and drinking. And a baseball game. In my honor I’m posting a video from an Atlanta garage rock band.  I’ll probably forget to notice that it is 6:00 pm and the Music Night post is up.


97 thoughts on “Music Night, April 25, 2014

  1. This one goes out to CLIVEN BUNDY!!!!
    It’s The Sacred Cows and the republican agenda.
    (I made up the part about the republican agenda)

    • I thought you meant the “Get Smart” part, but we all know that’s an insurmountable task for Mr Racist.

    • The guitarist in this video had an arts blog and interviewed CheeseFlap a few years back! He runs the 17 Frost Theater in Brooklyn…

  2. This one’s initially from Ruby and the Romantics. But I like Amy Winehouse’s version better. When I heard on the radio that Amy Winehouse had died, I had to stop the car and get a grip before I could drive on. A wonderful talent lost to drugs and a fast life.

    • Oh Eve, I had the same feeling. I really couldn’t come to grips with this lose of pure talent.

      • My colleagues in the other office have the radio on all day. The crap I have to listen to for years now and then her voice. She was the best that has come from England ever since the Punk era. Very, very sad.

    • Saying hi and bye, now, because I won’t be home from work for a couple more hours yet.

  3. This says “nobody sleeps” I obviously do not. So before I go to bed…

    Good Night! I enjoyed being here again.

      • Hoping it holds out ’til Thursday when the insurance activates! 😀

        I’m doing OK. Car is still down. They want me to work tomorrow, so it’ll have to wait until Sunday to dig in and try to figure out what it needs. I go in early tomorrow so I won’t have time in the morning.

  4. Former Air America host Lionel was on Ed Schultz radio show today. He had Ed laughing the whole time he was on. This was his theme song on Air America.

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