Sunday Roast: What if…

What if hate hadn’t killed the best of us?

What if fear hadn’t made us hateful?

What if ignorance hadn’t made us fearful?

What if poverty, hunger, and a lack of education hadn’t left so many of us ignorant?

What if greed hadn’t left so many of us hungry, uneducated, and in poverty?

What if wanting too much hadn’t made us greedy?

What if forgetting what was “enough” hadn’t made us want more than our share?

What if we all had enough?

This is our daily open thread — What is enough?

70 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: What if…

  1. There’s a lot of money to be made fomenting hate, and there’s a lot of people who think that making money is the most important thing in the world; that your social worth is measured by your financial worth; that if you can’t make money doing something it isn’t worth doing at all; and that if you can make a lot money doing something, then you must be doing something good. Combine all that with a large inheritance from a father who made money off people of questionable morals and the selfishness inherent in a Conservative mindset, and why we have such a huge income inequality gap is no longer a mystery. Love endures, but Hate pays more.

    • Hate and fear do indeed sell, and provide a great distraction that prevents folks from seeing the roots of their own unhappiness.

    • Gorgeous!

      Yesterday, on my walk, I saw two chickens pecking away in a front yard.
      On my way home passing by a house with a birthday party going on. They were just putting up the piñata. As I walked south – coming north: two miniature horses with a child riding on each. I surmised they were party bound!
      [I live smack dab in a big city and seeing these animals brightened my day immensely ]

  2. Brings to mind that old Latin acronym, SALIGIA. If asked, I’d probably make a bet the the roots of the Seven Deadly Sins are genetically embedded in the human brain, probably a derivative consequence the evolutionary instinct for survival of both individual and species (compare to, say, rattlesnake, or higher up the chain, pasture bull). Humans, curiously and typically, act much the same as their evolutionary predecessors, although in much refined fashion; also, a certain percentage of humans have refined ‘survival’ instinct in precisely the wrong direction to the point where today ‘survival’ of self more equates with ‘destruction’ of everyone (everything?) else. Today, in fact and in the human species, the concept ‘Survival of the fittest’ has evolved to become synonymous with, simply, the practical (presumed) means to that end: accumulation of monetary wealth, and the power implicit therein — always at the expense of those with a mind more advanced than that of a pit viper. Or a pasture bull. Or even of themselves.

    In Amurkkka, that difference is most plainly obvious in the political schism between right and left, between those who want ‘too much’ and those who only want everyone to have ‘enough.’

    • It’s being covered on This Week. They had a segment near the start and now the Roundtable is talking about it too.

    • I really wish the rush to judgement over Sterling would just stop. Facts are in dispute and there’s a lot more to this story we’re getting in dribs and drabs. And no one has confirmed this is actually Sterling’s voice.

      This is all very CNN-ish right now.

      And if it’s all true? Pffft, no surprise and I don’t really care. Just one more old, rich, white billionaire who’s trapped in his mindset. You can’t legislate people’s thoughts. Any punishment meted out will be strictly a business decision anyway.

      • Far as I’m concerned he’s dismissable simply because he’s a billionaire and owns an NBA franchise — which is also the best argument available in support of a 110% tax rate on alladem.

    • Senator Bob Corker (R-Tn.) on Face the Nation about Sterling: “It’s just outrageous, in 2014, that comments like these are being made, so I thought the President’s response was appropriate, and, I don’t know what else to add to it. It’s beyond belief.”

      Wow. Corker said Obama did something ‘appropriate’. It’s beyond belief!

  3. If you thought Rupert Murdoch had no sense of humor…

    You were right. He also has no Irony Gene.

    • Murdoch didn’t have a clue his closest people were neck-deep in a world-wide phone hacking scandal. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

    • I had a psych prof do #9. He said, “Make sure your read the instructions all the way through,” in kind of an off-hand manner. He’d never said this before, so I did.

      At the end was, “Now that you’ve read all the instructions, sign the bottom of this paper like you were John Hancock, and hand it in.” 😆

      I’m signing my paper with a flourish, when I hear a student behind me say, “Who’s John Hancock?” *facepalm*

      • one of my daughters got a similar exam on her first day at a new school, in the middle of the school year. She was the first to sign and turn in her exam, then sat and watched as the other students were going all over the room doing various nonsensicle stuff. she was quite proud of herself that day, for reading and following the instructions!

    • It was nice to hear someone standing for the ‘little guy’ on national TV, but it won’t happen again until she writes another book. George tried to nail her down on Hillary, and she sidestepped it.

  4. What if: I had a DVD player that didn’t require three remotes, a Ph.D, and multiple calls to a provider that doesn’t give a flying rats ass so I can watch a simple movie?

    The NRA having a convention where they don’t mention 19,000 gun owner suicides a year is like Malaysia Airlines launching a GPS app.

  6. I was just out getting a coffee, and saw a jerk-off driving down the road in his tiny pickup truck with a giant American flag waving behind him. Sure enough, as he passed me, I could see teabagger and Confederate flag stickers in his back window.

    I used to just roll my eyes at these morons, but since the Bundy fiasco, these fuckwits flying the American flag just pisses me off.

    They “think” of themselves as uber-patriots, when they’re actually racist, traitorous, aggressive, dumb fucks, who wouldn’t recognize a single word of the Constitution outside of the 2nd Amendment (and even then, not the whole thing), and haven’t the first idea of what being American means.


    • Again, I recommend that they be delisted as both persons and as endangered. Let the open season begin.

      FWIW, we’re up to our ass in the same idiocy here, too. You can spot ’em a block away and hear ’em for two blocks at least. In fact, I’ve changed the name of this here corner of Colorado from Pickupistan to a more appropriate designation:


      Truck-Menace-Tan. Sounds better than the slightly more appropriate Truck-Menace-Red, but what the hell. Most of them have cab rear window ‘old glory’ shade screens. Most are also 4WD and noisy. Some are aptly named by the manufacturer ’cause they have “TRD” painted on the rear side panels in big letters. Not my fault that whoever named them TURDS forgot the ‘U’.

      One thing the drivers hate even more than America, though, are ppl on bicycles. Like one of them said when he saw the two of us getting on our bikes at the post office, “Startin’ to look like China or The Netherlands around here.”

      I fart in the general direction of “patriots” everywhere.

    • Thank you Onion…. Saint this, Saint that….. total bollocks. Dude did many decent things was a generally sound guy, but fooked up hugely too and yes was just another entitled misogynist …..

      • I’m a snowy egret.

        You’re the epitome of elegance and effortless savoir-faire (even on bad hair days!). Sophisticated and refined, you cut a striking figure in any social environment—from the beach to the ballroom floor. It’s no surprise that so many of your peers look up to you!

        *snort* Really? 😆

    • I didn’t think the options for answers really fit me, but I am supposedly a Wrentit. Maybe Gisela won’t eat me.

      • Oh Yeah! This rocks.

        I’m a Peregrine Falcon. Woo Hoo.

        I was fearing I would come up a Sandhill Crane or something.
        Not that I don’t like Sandhill Cranes but, the damn things have a penchant for my pineapples and that irks me.

  7. The Indycar Grand Prix of Alabama just finished. An Andretti 1-2 finish, which pleases me.

    After years of the Monaco Grand Prix, British Grand Prix, French Grand Prix, all in exotic, famous locales, I just can’t get used to the idea of ‘Grand Prix of Alabama’.

    Maybe next year I can try to go see it in person. Maybe then It will feel more real.

      • Last week the USDA responded to calls for more reliable data and classified PEDv as a reportable disease, a step that requires the pork industry to track its spread.

        It spread because the USDA is afraid to piss off big hog producers by declaring it an epidemic and requiring the industry to step up and report the cases.

        Apparently this is what was killing all the pigs found floating in that river in China.

    • I’m hearing of damage in Baxter Springs, Kansas. I used to drive over there from Monett to buy beer when I lived in Missouri.

    • Mayflower, Arkansas was hit by a tornado. First the oil pipeline spill, and now this. Residents must be asking, what’s next?

      • Is it gawd punishing the area for some reason?///

        Keep yourself safe if the nasty weather visits your part of Paradise, House!

        • That is a question for Pat Robertson!

          We didn’t have any severe weather. We narrowed down the Porsche running problem, but the rain prevented us from trying out a solution. It may be Tuesday before I can get back on the case.

    • I followed Hot Legs and Hot Legs followed me….. and then I realized she was a bit ‘loquacious’ and I had a hard time following Ukraine news…. so we broke up :-(. still her legs are still hot

    • Leave it to the GS Warrior fans!

      I truly hope they get to the bottom of this episode quickly. It should have been cleared up (either way – false or true) by now.

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