The Watering Hole: Wednesday, April 30, 2014: What’s up, Doc?

The Right to Work Amendment, a proposed Amendment to the Constitution of the United States:

1. Congress shall make no law respecting a person’s right to work.
2. Congress shall make no law respecting an employer’s right to employ any person.

This is the Repbulican plan for achieving full employment in this country, so why don’t they put it forward in the form of a Constitutional Amendment? They will receive millions of votes in favor of such an amendment. And, as the Supreme Court said, there’s no more discrimination in America. So, why not? The Founding Fathers wanted to keep the government’s hands out of their business. Why not go back to laissez faire?


at least until we lose net neutrality

51 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Wednesday, April 30, 2014: What’s up, Doc?

  1. Why not go back to laissez faire?

    Because it didn’t work, and only served to increase the massive problems of income inequality. Corporations MUST be brought under control through the Rule of Law. If we don’t, they’ll just exploit everything they can for profit, including irreparably damaging our environment to the point of making it uninhabitable for human life.

    America’s biggest flaw is our promoting the idea that accumulating more money than one will ever need in a lifetime is a good thing, and a worthwhile goal. This must end.

    • I think I take it one step further, and maintain that America’s biggest flaw is her longstanding mythology that money is, for whatever odd reason, worth worshiping. Money and god — two nasty myths that, of all the species of life on this planet, only humans have deified — further proof that man has indeed descended from the higher animals.

  2. Just in: Donald Sterling renounces all ties to basketball.
    In a comment to the press he stated: Since the abolishment of slavery, wealthy white assholes have used the ownership of sports teams to provide a defacto way to own blacks for profit and entertainment.
    Sterling said: “I have provided employment for the negro and this is the thanks I get?
    “I support them and give them food and clothes and cars and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them?”
    “Screw you guys, I’m going into the cattle business with Cliven Bundy”
    “And by the way, good luck trying to collect that 2.5 million fine”.
    Cliven Bundy, an expert on bullshit, welcomes the merger and anticipates no future conflicts or difficulty with the venture.

    Note: I editorialized a little, some of those statements are real.

    • They’ll call it the “D & C Ranch” using their first names. Their brand will be the initials for their last names: BS.

      Their next venture will be to buy a cotton plantation in the deep south.

  3. Justice Scalia Makes Epic Blunder In Supreme Court Opinion

    It’s not often that a Supreme Court justice makes a factual blunder in a formal opinion.

    Legal experts say Justice Antonin Scalia erred in his dissent in the 6-2 decision Tuesday to uphold the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate coal pollution that moves across state lines. The Reagan-appointed jurist argued that the majority’s decision was inconsistent with a unanimous 2001 ruling which he mistakenly said shot down EPA efforts to consider costs when setting regulations.


    UPDATE: 9:15 A.M. ET

    As of Wednesday morning, the Supreme Court has corrected Scalia’s opinion. The relevant passage now excludes his erroneous mention of the EPA and replaces the header with a new one that drops an EPA reference.

    Republican revisionist history, before the ink even has time to dry!

  4. Wingnuts have been having fun calling Sterling a Democrat:

    Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) inaccurately claimed Tuesday during a House Financial Services Committee hearing that Clippers owner Donald Sterling is a Democrat, shortly after the NBA banned him for life for making widely-denounced racist comments.

    “We’ve all heard of the comments that were recently made by Mr. Sterling from the LA Clippers, who is a Democrat — made absolutely offensive comments,” Duffy said, praising President Barack Obama for condemning the comments.

    In fact, Sterling is a registered Republican, as confirmed by public records provided by Los Angeles County officials.

    • What’s more important, and something the Republicans will never point out, is that Sterling is a Conservative. They like to point out political parties, rather than ideology, because too many Americans foolishly believe that all Democrats are Liberal and all Republicans are moderately Conservative. The truth is that Democrats are more moderate (some even Conservative) and the Republicans have gone far hard line right overt the past 30 years.

      Sterling is no Democrat, and he’s no Liberal, either. He’s a Conservative (or else he wouldn’t register to vote as a Republican.)

  5. The insanity of the Greater Israel Lobby:

  6. At midnight tonight, I’m covered with health insurance for the first time since January 2013.

    Thanks Obama!

    Now my job is about to process me in as a regular employee, (I’ve been a temp, or contractor) so I’ll go on company insurance either in June or July.

  7. So Sterling gets tapped being himself. Meanwhile his team is at its peak – best it has ever been. Now he will be forced out and it looks like there are a line of people willing to buy his team. Looks like Sterling comes out on top unless they can somehow limit his gains on the sale.

    • Sterling is a real scummy guy, but it doesn’t seem right that you can be forced to sell a business — any sized business — because of what you said in the privacy of your own home, no matter how egregious it was. After all, in Florida you can kill someone in your home for seemingly anything and get away with it.

      And I can’t imagine there’s anything anyone can do about limiting Sterling’s gains from a sell of a franchise that figures to go for at least $1billion. Face it, he’s earned whatever profit he can get. He didn’t commit a criminal act here.

      • You are right. I just find it annoying that the value of his team has gone up when for years it was at the bottom of the pile.

        • True!

          What bdmm states, of course, is they way it is. Making his money from talent that he seemingly hates is repugnant and people just want him to see that.
          At 80 years of age, Sterling isn’t about to change his ignorant ways.

            • Sterling owns an NBA franchise, and is bound by the NBA franchise constitution and its bylaws. Just like if you owned a McD franchise, you’ve signed up to play by their rules. Break the rules they can break your contract. Tough shit. Yes it was a “private” conversation. Tough shit!

  8. It’s not easy to shock porn star Chanel Preston, but that was what happened, she says, when City National Bank closed her personal account without explanation.

    “When I went to deposit my check, my account had been shut down. They didn’t explain why,” Preston said. “I asked, ‘Is it because I do porn?’”

    The bank didn’t answer. Preston said she felt humiliated and that a “basic human right had been infringed upon.”

    Almost a year later, Preston says she never received a response to queries as to why her account was closed, amid reports — corroborated to Al Jazeera by adult entertainment trade association the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) — that JPMorgan Chase Bank has in a little over a week closed hundreds of adult entertainment industry professionals’ accounts. Chase declined an interview request from Al Jazeera.

    Numerous porn actors have reported that they received no clear explanation of why their accounts were closed.

  9. A Tea Party candidate actually pulls off a kinda humorous ad, which of course is offensive to some prissy rightwingers:

  10. I got home and reversed the DVR as far back as it would go, which was to about the fifteen minute mark of The Last Word. I’m scanning through anything related to the NBA or the botched execution. I’m not getting much news tonight.

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