The Watering Hole; Thursday May 1 2014; Wingnuttistan

A week or so ago I added a new bookmark category to my Google Chrome setup, one I called (for probably obvious reasons) “Wingnuttistan.” Courtesy of what was actually rather limited browsing on my part, it grew far more rapidly than I’d have ever presumed possible. The titles themselves pretty much shout the undercurrent and the essence of the topic/subject of the top four, but for the curious a simple click will complete the task:

Tea Party Nation Now Promoting Operation American Spring 

Iowa Senate Candidates: Federal Judges Must Follow Biblical Law

Bunkerville Held Hostage By Extremist Militia Members With Guns

Bundy Ranch ‘Oath Keepers Lucky They Didn’t Get Shot In The Back For Deserting Bundy Battlefield’

And then there was this one, courtesy of Rachel Maddow via Daily Kos:

Maddow Said It: Sedition

Which led me, for clarification purposes, here:


Sedition is defined by Merriam-Webster online, as “incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority.” And in more encyclopedic detail, as the:

Crime of creating a revolt, disturbance, or violence against lawful civil authority with the intent to cause its overthrow or destruction. Because it is limited to organizing and encouraging opposition to government rather than directly participating in its overthrow, sedition is regarded as falling one step short of the more serious crime of treason.  In the U.S. the display of a certain flag or the advocacy of a particular movement, such as syndicalism, anarchism, or communism, has periodically been declared seditious. More recently, the courts have applied a more stringent test of sedition to ensure that constitutional guarantees regarding freedom of speech are not abridged. (underline added)

My question is a simple one: WHY have there been no official charges of Sedition against the various and effectively uncountable elements of the extreme right “Wingnuttistan” movement that is so currently prominent in the United States? What are ‘they’ waiting for? Gunfire? Wanton death of innocent people?



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  1. “What are ‘they’ waiting for? Gunfire? Wanton death of innocent people?”

    When the people in question can’t even spell their protest signs correctly, how do you take them seriously?

    • Not sure Attila the Hun could spell either, nor does “armed and dangerous” or “Aryan Brotherhood” or “neo-Nazi” indicate elevated IQ.

    • I was talking to an acquaintance, who happens to be a very successful accountant….(not the typical uneducated southwestern run-of-the-mill-moron), who was advocating an actual civil war between the “haves” and the “takers” in our america. “takers” being the poor who sucked life out of the “entitlement” system, and the elderly who weren’t smart enough to save for their old age. “those are the bane of american society”. how can we advance as a world power with the dead weight sucking the lifeblood from those who actually support freedom?

      …….to say the least, i’m not interested in his business, nor will our paths cross again.

      • Does he want to kill the disabled as well? Is he such a poor accountant that he can’t figure out how to build a reasonable bit of wealth even while the lifeblood is being sucked from his freedom? Yeah, I wouldn’t hire him either.

      • If your paths should ever accidentally cross again, you might ask him what he thinks about the possibility of using giant gas chambers and crematoria. Worked pretty well back in the forties, and what with technological advances in the decades since, I’d assume there should be no problems at all in ridding the country of the ‘takers’ — i.e. the 1%.

  2. Nevada is home to lots of uninhabitable radioactive real estate and toxic coal ash..
    Tell them they can set up there and let nature take its course.

  3. Shall we start an Operation American Spring pool? I’m guessing 120 “patriots” show up.

  4. One of those Oath keeper whackjobs lives in my neighborhood. She is tutti frutti. And apparently ran out of her Lithium

  5. “WHY have there been no official charges of Sedition against the various and effectively uncountable elements of the extreme right “Wingnuttistan” movement that is so currently prominent in the United States?”

    Take your pick:

    a) they’re too insignificant, in the overall scheme of things, to bother with;
    b) NSA already knows their plans and arresting them now would create more bad publicity than it is worth;
    c) the gubbermint is afraide of them;
    d) they’re serving the interests of the ruling class in fomenting armed revolution between ‘christians’ and ‘liberals’, while the rich stay out of the fray and profit from the ensuing carnage.

    • We got about that much, but it was spread from Monday through early Wednesday.

  6. Remington Outdoor Company to open new facility in Huntsville

    Remington Outdoor Company, a company that produces guns and ammunition, said they will be moving to Huntsville. The move is expected to bring more than 2,000 jobs to the Rocket City within the next 10 years. Remington will now be the third-largest private employer in Madison County.

    I won’t have to work for them, but I’ll be better able to stay employed once this place gets up and running. They will suck up a large portion of the manufacturing talent here, and start a positive job churn that will increase demand for what I do.

  7. Okay, I started going through that first article about American Spring, and I was going to write some comments regarding that quote from Judson Phillips. But it got so long that I copied what I had so far and start my Saturday post with it. In short, the Tea Party People need to learn their American history, and not from the likes of David Barton.

    • I also think that it’d be ok if one or maybe even two teabaggers would read and, with luck, one day even begin to comprehend the content of the US Constitution. There is more to it, after all, than the second amendment. Oh, and too, the Constitution is NOT the Articles of Confederation, esp. in re the concept “states rights”.

      • I really don’t want anyone to get hurt but I would really love to see how many of those big, brave, gun nuts called 911 if a shot actually rang out.

          • I don’t care if they get hurt either — they have, in fact, earned that privilege. And sad as I am to admit it, not even the concept of mass death in/of that crowd doesn’t bother me at all, so long as no innocent bystanders are hurt. Makes me wish their (the wingnut seditionistas) drone fantasies prove to be true.

    • woo hoo firestarters…. or ersatz bog paper….. except for the ink

  8. Today’s “Shake My Head’:

    Doctors who have no problem administering lethal injections to execute prisoners but also are vehemently against all abortions.

    • Gay rights activists have marched through St. Petersburg carrying a banner saying “Love is stronger than war!”. They were led through the May Day rally by an activist wearing a caricature model depicting President Vladimir Putin.

    • I’d fly one of those! and check out my new avatar (for now more light-hearted) – Andy the Turtle almost has!!

      • He is an adventurer! AtT certainly is enjoying that ride! Flying is exhilarating with the sense of freedom!

        • Dude’s an explorer on the edge of the human experience…..

    • Perhaps he is of the ‘there is no separation of church and state’ crowd.
      May he tax collector knock upon his (church) (home) door!

  9. Read the post in detail just now and I can’t think of nothing other than eastern Ukraine at the moment. The Western media, the US political system, the EU, have all let these people down.

    They are being coerced by fascist thuggery back into the servitude of the new Czar and no one is doing a damn thing to stop it. You all know I have looked into the eyes and the hearts of the people there who gave up so much to stop the corruption and oppression of the Yanukovych regime, supported by Putin…. and now…. their hearts are breaking and their faith in anything we are supposed to have ever stood for is betrayed…. we should be ashamed. I am ashamed, I can barely face my friend anymore.

  10. Oh shit is going down tonight…. maybe…..

    • Dang, the Ukraine better have enough power to hold down Putin’s military!

      • They don’t – but they had better change the game or ‘Putin’s Tourists’ will take what they want….. they have to call Putin’s bluff that he will not invade….. but crap some people are going to get hurt.

      • See the western Media fail right there – ‘Pro-Russian militants’ – they are not a majority opinion, only some of them are local, the rest are bused in paid thugs and the other 1/3 are Russian soldiers ….. just ask the head of NATO….. they are Russian soldiers!

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