Friday Night Music

Nonewhere has had a lot on his mind lately so not only did he forget Tuesday’s post, he forgot Friday’s music.  This means, it’s my turn to post.

We saw these two bands at the WOW Hall in Eugene.  Their music was fun to listen to and even more fun to dance to.  These bands are from Portland, OR.

The opening act, Chervona…

The main act, Vagabond Opera…

People do wear costumes when they attend a Vagabond Opera show.  Then again, it was Eugene and people are always looking for reasons to wear a costume.


30 thoughts on “Friday Night Music

  1. Sometimes I can’t resist — here’s a young man, guitarist, that seems (to my untrained ear) to have a LOT of promise! Even aside from the fact that he’s the son of one of my favorite Minnesota nephews!

    Without further ado, here he is, Sam Melchior, the lead guitarist.

    • Edinburgh, Hanover Street, June 1985 – I was like “*who* is *that*!?”

  2. I’ve been quiet I know…. last week was camping with TommytheTurtle ……

    Been keeping in touch with my friend in Kiev, if she’s a reflection of how the ordinary people feel with all that is going on…. it is emotionally draining, depressing and heart-rending. Had a couple of Whatsapp conversations this week, she’s out in the country with her son and some friends this week.

  3. Friday evening – alexa’s café in the Main street – music is as good as this all the way through Happy Hour. we had Jimi, Zeppelin, Creedence, Doors …. and now Kinks

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