The Watering Hole; Friday May 2 2014; Wingnuttistan II — Theocracy Anyone?

He preached upon “Breadth” till it argued him narrow —
The Broad are too broad to define
And of “Truth” until it proclaimed him a Liar —
The Truth never flaunted a Sign —
Simplicity fled from his counterfeit presence
As Gold the Pyrites would shun —
What confusion would cover the innocent Jesus
To meet so enabled a Man!
(Emily Dickinson)

Modern America’s Wingnuttistanian movement is not limited to militias, to racial hatred, or even to greed. It has another very major component: religion . . . the Christian religion, actually (it’s apparently the only ‘real’ one). I recently ran across an article addressing that issue on Think Progress, entitled The 800-Pound Gorilla Of The Christian Right. It begins simply enough: The Alliance Defending Freedom [ADF] wants to take America back to the 3rd century. Literally.” 

With an agenda like that, what could possibly go wrong? Some other tidbits, courtesy of the article:

(ADF) “seeks to recover the robust Christendomic theology of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th centuries.”

“This is catholic, universal orthodoxy and it is desperately crucial for cultural renewal”

“Christians must strive to build glorious cultural cathedrals, rather than shanty tin sheds.”

While the Arizona-based organization has not made much progress in its mission of restoring the religious sentiments of the Byzantine Era, it has built a massive “legal ministry,” relying on 21st century attorneys and an eight-figure annual budget to reshape American law and society.

 ADF was founded in 1994, and has, in the ensuing two decades, grown to become a multi-million dollar legal enterprise (currently it brings in some $40 million annually), one which aims to essentially demand that Christian philosophy and practice become THE American guiding light (sotospeak . . . my word, not theirs). An example of a portion of their current legal agenda is described in the article as follows:

ADF is also actively involved in an array of challenges to the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act. Most notably, it represents Conestoga Wood Specialties, a family-owned company whose owners say providing contraception benefits would violate their religious beliefs. That case, consolidated together with a similar challenge by the Hobby Lobby company, is currently awaiting the Supreme Court’s ruling.

It has also launched a project called “Pretty Ugly,” aimed at “exposing the truth and combating the evils” of Planned Parenthood. . . .

Much of the Alliance’s other recent work has focused on attempts to establish a right of companies to circumvent nondiscrimination protections for LGBT individuals and couples based on their religious objections. . . .

And the beat goes on, and on, and on, and the American road to a Theocratic Oligarchy remains paved with gold. Why? Ask Emily Dickinson, who most presciently summarized today’s ADF operation some 150 years ago. How did she know?

“All” Rogues “shall have their part in” what —
The Phosphorous of God —





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      Stick to the Tokyo diet.

      • …a smattering of radioactive isotopes is actually good for the digestion.

  1. SLOVYANSK, Ukraine – Two Ukrainian helicopters were shot down amid clashes with “highly skilled foreign military men” in the key eastern city of Slavyansk, where a fierce effort by Kiev to regain control from pro-Russian separatists brought the nations closer to the brink.

    The fresh violence erupted in Slovyansk, which has become the focus of an armed pro-Russian insurgency. But the Ukrainian offensive “effectively destroyed the last hope for the implementation of the Geneva agreements,” which international observers had hoped might defuse the crisis, warned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman.

    A Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesman told Fox News that two Ukrainian helicopters were shot down and two of their crewmembers were killed. Several Ukrainian soldiers were injured in the fighting around the southeastern city of Slovyansk.

    Residents of the city of 130,000 in the divided province of Donetsk were warned to stay indoors as a Ukrainian “anti-terrorist operation” was mounted. Two Mi24 helicopters were taken down with mobile surface-to-air missiles, killing two military officers and injuring others, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry website. Another army helicopter, an Mi8, was damaged but no one was hurt, it said.

    The Ukrainian Security Service said its forces were fighting “highly skilled foreign military men” in Slovyansk. The clash seemed to counter Russia’s claims that the city is under control of civilians who took up arms.

    • Goddamned f**king ‘he said she said’ idiot western media. It’s the f**king Russian army – the C-in-C of NATO says so. For God’s sake, tell the frigging truth for once!

  2. The president of the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP resigned Thursday, following scrutiny of his plan to give Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling an award for promoting civil rights.

    Leon Jenkins was to present Sterling with a “lifetime achievement award” later this month. Jenkins rescinded that offer Monday after a recording surfaced over the weekend on which Sterling disparaged black men.

    In a letter to the national leader of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, Jenkins wrote, “In order to separate the Los Angeles NAACP and the NAACP from the negative exposure I have caused the NAACP, I respectfully resign my position as President of the Los Angeles NAACP.”

    The decision to give Sterling a “lifetime achievement award” May 15 at the 100th anniversary celebration of the Los Angeles chapter had been questioned by some civil rights activists, who cited allegations of discrimination in Sterling’s past.

    The U.S. Justice Department sued Sterling in August 2006, alleging housing discrimination in the Koreatown area of Los Angeles. In November 2009, Sterling agreed to pay $2.73 million to settle allegations that he refused to rent apartments to Hispanics and blacks and to families with children.

    Also in 2009, the year after Jenkins was first elected president in Los Angeles, the chapter honored Sterling with an award.

    After the recording of Sterling having a private conversation with a woman became public, Jenkins backtracked.

    “There is a personal, economic and social price that Mr. Sterling must pay for his attempt to turn back the clock on race relations,” he said.

    • I bet Wayne La Smallwilly is watching TV and getting seriously excited that the average Vasily in the street can get something to down a military chopper or two in Ukraine today…..

      • And ten gallon hat – two pint head Bundy and his Band of Boneheads too.

  3. The ironic thing is that if these RW Religious Nuts moved to a country where Religion was more important than it is here, to the point of becoming law, they would find they no longer have most of the other freedoms they have as Americans. Having religious freedom means having to put up with a bunch of other freedoms Religion doesn’t allow.

    • True. And consider, too, that when the billionaires’ purchase of America is finalized, the odds that wingnut theocrats will be left with any “rights” of religious imposition of any kind at all are, shall we say, more than a little remote. I don’t imagine that a return to the dark ages would excite too many, if any at all, oligarchs. Ain’t no money in it, after all.

  4. They want to take America back to the 3rd century? Awesome!

    None of us were here.

    Knock yourselves out, fruitcakes.

  5. If you’re speaking at the National Day Of Prayer, an event that is a nonpartisan day of unity, how do you refer to the president of the United States?

    If you’re James Dobson, you choose to call Obama “The Abortion President.”

    Was that wrong?

      • Somebody write some parody lyrics to Rapid Roy, the Stock Car Boy, by Jim Croce.

      • (The nickname sure fits the idiot)

        How do you stay sane with people like him in ‘charge’ of AL?

        He later said that “you can’t be happy unless you follow God’s law, and if you follow God’s law, you can’t help but be happy.”

        That’s news to me. I’m in charge of my own happiness.

        • I live a long way from Montgomery? Seriously, he doesn’t affect my life directly. I just know I’m not expecting to get in front of him, so I don’t worry about him much. The best way to avoid him having too much power, is to get better justices on the SCOTUS. Then he can be overturned as much as needed.

    • . . . all the people “who found this nation — black, white, all people, all religions, all faiths” knew that America was “about God.”

      Or, as Thomas Jefferson put it, “Religious institutions that use government power in support of themselves and force their views on persons of other faiths, or of no faith, undermine all our civil rights.”

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