Sunday Roast: Glacier Valley


Photo by Zooey

This picture was taken just after the switchback, and looks back toward the direction we came.  Lake McDonald is behind the mountains.

Who wants to sit on the rock wall and dangle their feet!!??

This is our daily open thread — Anyone have road trip plans this summer?


50 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Glacier Valley

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  2. That is a splendid view! Dangling feet, taking in the sweeping vista, now that’s a marvelous way to spend the day!

  3. Joe Biden, the coolest VP ever. The Correspondents’ Dinner you didn’t see.

  4. Another gem from Obama’s performance last night…

  5. Fox is beating the Benghazi dead horse again. It’s all they have now, and it’s nothing.

    • By now, their viewers are saying,
      “Ben, who?”
      “Gazi, You know, he stared in that sitcom in the 80’s.”
      “Oh, that Ben.What’s he doin’ in Libia?”
      “He’s not in Libia – he’s doing commercials now for Libbys…you know, if it’s Libbys, Libbys, Libbys, on the lable, lable, lable.”
      “Oh, now I remember….He was gay, wasn’t he?”
      “No, you’re thinking of Ben Gay.”
      “Who’s Ben Gay”
      “It’s a cream you use for hemmoroids.”

  6. Obama, on the GOP giving Boehner a harder time than they give him: “I guess orange is the new black”.

  7. Danica led her team in qualifying for Talladega’s race today. She placed 7th, with teammates Harvick and Busch right with her in 8th and 9th, and owner Tony Stewart not far behind in 12th.

    I may not get to watch this race, because I have to work on my car again today. The last component I can replace is a TDC sensor, and if this doesn’t fix it, I’ve got an open somewhere in a harness, which is preventing the computer from sending the ‘fire’ signal to the coil. That could be hard to track down.

    • Danica took the lead on lap 7!! Stay up front and avoid the shit that will be inevitable.

      • Business is going to start picking up now. She’s back in the top 10, and on the inside line where I think she likes to be. 60 laps to go.

        Harvick’s son (about two year old), had a green t-shirt on that said, ‘Danica Likes Me!’

    • Keselowski can’t blame her for that! She isn’t supposed to lift!

      • Good! He needed to be out of the race! Too bad he took a bunch with him!

    • Inside the last 20 laps. Fixin’ to wad up a bunch of metal…

      • Another wreck right in front of Danica but she missed that too.

      • Nascar is showing her in 22nd place, as a caution on the last lap freezes the field based on review of video and not scoring transponders in the track. It may change a position or two.

        • How many finished the race?
          I’d read that she had some ‘water pressure’ trouble? Was that it?

          • After she ran up front, a pit stop shuffled her back into the pack, and her coolant temp went up. Running behind a lot of cars can limit the airflow to the radiator. That was the water pressure issue. They may have fixed it by pulling some tape off the grill, which might have slowed her down, but let the coolant temp get better.

            The Porsche is running all right again. It was the last thing we changed that fixed it!

            • The Porsche is running all right again. It was the last thing we changed that fixed it!

              But of course! (smiley face)

  8. NOW we know! Malaysian 370 by Al Qaeda, Benghazi by Al Qaeda, all because of Obama!

    “The president, you know, wanted to make sure that he could fit his narrative: GM is alive, Osama bin Laden dead, al Qaeda is on its heels,” host Anna Kooiman explained. “And we have some new information out today that 11 terrorists with links to al Qaeda have been reportedly arrested in Malaysia in connection with the disappearance with that missing airliner with 239 people onboard.”

    . . . by Sunday morning, Malaysian police were reportedly calling the allegations “rubbish.”

    “Why haven’t we heard about this?” co-host Clayton Morris asked. “Apparently this happened like last week, according to Malaysian officials, that they rounded up these terrorists that may have been involved, that they may have some how gotten onboard and hijacked this aircraft, but did not come forward. Which is odd about this, usually al Qaeda claims responsibility almost immediately.”

  9. I thought the President did well, and I loved his slides — especially the one of the Fox idiots going all dreamy over Putin’s chest. 😀

    I’ve never cared for Joel McHale’s delivery style, but he had a few good zingers — especially the one about Michelle Obama ripping a telephone book in half with her bare hands, and DeNiro’s agent. “He’ll do it!” I’ve lately been thinking the same.

      • Looks like the chickadee is trying to talk the squirrel out of just a wee little bit of that bread.

  10. John Hinckley, Jr., the fanatical Jodie Foster fan who attempted to assassinate President Reagan in 1981, has been released from prison after 32 years.

    Yeah, he’s in for some really heartbreaking news…

      • In other news: someone who shot a sitting president is now out of jail.

        My gob is smacked.

        • Truly! I was surprised to read that, especially since it was St. Ronnie!
          Who is next to be let our? Charlie M.?

    • Heh. There’s always the transgender choice. She’s just not into you Johnny.

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