The Watering Hole; Friday May 9 2014; Desert Springtime

“If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.”
–Anatole France

Courtesy of Wildlife Photographer Denny Green, a few close-up views of springtime on the Sonoran Desert — the emergence of yet another generation of, resp., Gambel’s quail, coots, and owls. Life goes on there, with passion to persist and prosper — sans ‘important’ things like money, guns, bombs, coal, skyscrapers, guns, trains. planes, cars, oil, electricity, guns, gasoline, television, churches, politicians, guns . . .

Sometimes I wonder if Emily Dickinson just might have been viewing HER world through the eyes of a bird when she wrote,

Take all away from me, but leave me Ecstasy,
And I am richer then than all my Fellow Men —
Ill it becometh me to dwell so wealthily
When at my very Door are those possessing more,
In abject poverty —

“. . . those possessing more, in abject poverty” is, indeed, the perfect description of we who are so intelligent, so powerful, so brilliant, so divine, so SUPERIOR to all those other meager and subhuman life forms who, unlike us, spend their lives living ‘out there’ whilst picking, scraping, and scrounging just to survive in such a harsh and debilitating world. See below:

Quail Family 2014

Coots 2014

Owl chicks 2014

Owl 2014

 Photos © Denny Green, Tempe Arizona, 2014

Well . . . ahem . . . maybe mother owl understands just who it is that thinks they possess more, but in reality define “abject poverty”?

Hmmm. I will think on this.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
–Anatole France


64 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday May 9 2014; Desert Springtime

    • From the Seattle PI article on Frankie’s proclamation…
      …He said a more equal form of economic progress can be had through “the legitimate redistribution of economic benefits by the state, as well as indispensable cooperation between the private sector and civil society.”

      He does realize he’s talking to the Koch Brothers syndicate, doesn’t he?

      • According to the socialist-French-poet-journalist-novelist Anatole France (who died in 1924) economic ‘equality’ is already in place (although Paul Ryan is currently attempting to ‘improve’ it). As Anatole put it,

        “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.”

    • “The House paid scant heed to Bachmann, founder of Congress’ Tea Party Caucus.”
      May this soon be the case for everyone.

      We already have a collection of pickled fetuses in DC. It’s called the National Museum of Medicine. My father took me at the age of five, from that time on I knew I was not destined to be a doctor.

  1. Anybody else wonderin how those owls manage to latch onto those cactus branches without getting their talons spined?

  2. Happy 40th anniversary to the Mel Brooks classic, ‘Blazing Saddles.’ A film that simply could not be made in this “enlightened” era.

    • May 9th is a very big deal in Russia and Ukraine…. its Memorial Day and Nov 11th rolled in. Putin is in Crimea taking a ‘victory lap’ – his lack of self-awareness … either pathological or he is simply a very bad man.

  3. First time I ever heard a radio host take a day off, then call in to his substitute, about a previous caller on the show. Ed was obviously listening.

    • House, have you seen this article?

      Washington Man Pulls American Muscle from an Orchard

      For most auto enthusiasts, pulling the tarp off an old unseen car is a rare delicacy, but for Dan Stafford, it’s a way of life. Stafford runs Dan’s Garage in Kennewick, Washington, which specializes in GM performance cars from the ‘40s all the way up to the ‘80s. He got a call recently from a family in Las Vegas looking to offload some of their father’s old rides. The father, from Wapato, Washington, passed away several months earlier and left behind a pair of ’68 and ’69 Camaros, a ’56 Bel Air sedan, ’61 Ford Econoline Pickup, and a burly ’77 Dodge Ramcharger with a 440ci engine.

      • No, I haven’t seen that. At least the old guy did what he could to preserve them, limited to storing them outside. I wouldn’t mind owning the ’61 Ford Econoline. The others aren’t my style of cars. I have owned Falcons and my brother has had Mustangs, so we ken old Fords.

        • My first car was a 62 Falcon. Still have, but not running, a 641/2 Mustang my dad bought directly from the factory.

  4. Will this get the point across? I doubt it, but I give them kudos for the effort.

    Web Host Gives FCC A 28.8Kbps Slow Lane In Net Neutrality Protest

    Lots of people are angry about FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s Internet “fast lane” proposal that would let Internet service providers charge Web services for priority access to consumers. But one Web hosting service called NeoCities isn’t just writing letters to the FCC. Instead, the company found the FCC’s internal IP address range and throttled all connections to 28.8Kbps speeds.

    I love the ‘Ferengi Plan’!

  5. BOSTON (AP) — The Pledge of Allegiance does not discriminate against atheists and can be recited at the start of the day in public schools, Massachusetts’ highest court ruled Friday.

    The Supreme Judicial Court said the words “under God” in the pledge reflect patriotic practice, not a religious one. They acknowledged that the wording has a “religious tinge” but said it is fundamentally patriotic and voluntary.

    if i “voluntarily” choose not to recite the ridiculous pledge, do you suppose i’d ever hear about it???

    • Bullshit. I was in either sixth or seventh grade when Congress added those words and I haven’t said the pledge since. No one ever has called me on it outloud, but I have seen a scowl or two over the last sixty years.

      It has nothing to do with “patriotic” and everything to do with propaganda, which is why the congressional idiots added the words in the first place.

  6. I have been dutifully at work on my research / reading and ran across an interesting tidbit about the New York Militia prior to the War of 1812. When the Governor ordered the Militia to assemble, the men who were part of the Militia assembled at the locations in their communities where their arms were stored!

  7. Morality clause for Oakland Catholic schoolteachers wrong, parents say

    A new faith and morals clause for Catholic schoolteachers in the Diocese of Oakland implies that teachers who are gay, have sex outside marriage or use birth control could be fired, and that is wrong, according to some angry parents and Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner.

    • So, it will have been worth waiting for, and all will be well. (Not to put any pressure on anyone… 😀 )

      • Assuming she even knows. A couple of weeks ago we moved my mom into her new apartment on the first floor. But her cable box hasn’t been reacting well to input from the remote, and she’s been having a hard time changing the channel on her TV. And, not being electronically gifted, she doesn’t know what to do. She may not have been able to switch her TV over to the right channel in time. Of course, she could have watched the race in another room, but I don’t know if that would have occurred to her.

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