The Watering Hole, Tuesday May 13, 2014 Environmental News and Food Politics

Quick notes for today.

A big issue for siting windfarms is bird casualties. The critters are wont to fly in to the blades. Scotland seems to be on the way to solving the problem.

Fly on little birdie.


Then we have the GMO herbicides showing up in mother’s milk.

Passing it forward.


88 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday May 13, 2014 Environmental News and Food Politics

    • T’would be interesting to dissect the contents of Rove’s skull. Most likely find: a viscous sludge that is repelled by light and goodness.

    • He need look no further than his pal GeorgieBoy who seems to be suffering from a form of dementia. The painting therapy keeps him occupied.

      As for Hillary – the GoOPers are frightened of intelligence so will attempt a ‘take down’ at any cost.
      Shame on KrazyKarl.

  1. New York City Airport Workers Overwhelming Vote To Join SEIU

    Thousands of poorly paid airport workers voted Monday to join the nation’s largest service workers union.

    As former New York Mayor David Dinkins and other supporters looked on, the security guards, cleaners and porters cast their lot with 32BJ SEIU.

    “This is just the beginning,” union President Hector Figueroa said as the workers rallied at the Riverside Church. “The fight is just getting started.”

    Some 4,051 workers out of 6,100 voted to become part of the union, Figueroa said. They work for 13 subcontractors at LaGuardia, Kennedy and Newark airports.

    Service workers are the road back to relevance for unions. Service jobs can’t be moved to other countries. They have to be done on-site.

  2. Ukr paratroopers, 6 killed, 8 inj. 1 serious in ambush near #Kramatorsk #russiainvadesukraine— Euromaidan PR (@EuromaidanPR) May 13, 2014

    Eastern Ukraine may now move more towards a Northern Ireland situation. As the Ukraine army slowly regains physical control of the Donbass, the separatists/terrorists will probably resort to hit-and-run, kidnap, extortion and day-to-day mayhem while hiding amongst a sympathetic minority of the local population ….. the solution is the same as in Northern Ireland, there needs to be a political solution in the environment of a shared economic future with some real hope for improvement. The Northern Ireland Troubles only ran from 1972-1998 depending on how you measure it – poor Ukraine.

    • The big difference is that the Irish Republic, did not actively play a role, either financing or supplying weapons and soldiers to pretend to be Ulstermen as part of the IRA. In this case Putin *is* the IRA

      • Question no one answers for me (and no gobshite of a western reporter – I am looking at you Corey Flintoff)….. why does a (patently flawed and illegal) vote in Donetsk and Luhansk for ‘self-rule’ (if you look at the question it asks “Do you support the Act of Independence of the People’s Republic of Donetsk?”) mean that the unelected gangsters who organized this ‘vote’ now say they have the power to offer their oblast to #Putin? What happened to independence? McFly?

      • “How can we conceive that there were millions of years between Adam and Noah, and millions of years between Noah and Abraham and more millions between Moses and King David and Daniel and the Apostle Paul?” the viewer wanted to know.”

        Dear dipshit viewer;
        Since civilization appeared about 5000 – 3500 years ago, nobody, no one, nada is claiming that millions of years spanned Adam and Noah, then millions more between Noah and Abraham…MORAN..
        Gawd, Robertson’s right. Box of rocks has a higher IQ.

  3. My conversation with the Ignorant Conservative One continued…

  4. Out of the loop, Don:

    “Did you ever like a girl, were ever jealous a little bit if she was with other guys?” — Donald Sterling to Anderson Cooper on CNN last night.

  5. Michael Sam Has Second-Most-Popular Jersey Of NFL Draft Class

    Michael Sam might have been the 249th player chosen in last week’s NFL draft, but his St. Louis Rams jersey is No. 2 in sales among rookie shirts being sold on

    The St. Louis Rams picked the Missouri product in the seventh round of the draft Saturday, making Sam the first openly gay player to be drafted in the NFL. The jersey of Johnny Manziel, drafted in the first round by the Cleveland Browns, is the top seller. In fact, his jersey has outsold all NFL veterans since April 1. From Thursday to Saturday, the days of the draft, almost as many Manziel jerseys were sold as Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Tim Tebow jerseys combined on their draft years.

    These are pre-sales. The jersey numbers aren’t official yet, so the shirts haven’t even been screen-printed yet.

      • I think the word is Oligarchy, a country where the rich and powerful look only after themselves and their interests, where innovation goes poof if the oligarchs don’t own and control the means — in this case, wind, sun, and intellect. So they stick to business as usual — coal, oil, gas, and stupidity.

  6. I think the Psychochristians might have chosen the wrong target. They kicked a girl out of her prom because, so they say, she was dressed inappropriately and was dancing provocatively and the guys watching from the balcony, which is creepy in its own right, couldn’t control their impure thoughts. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that the skin tone of her date might have been the offense that set them off. In either case; she seems quite capable of redirecting the shame right back where it belongs.

      • Yeah. I get this picture of the guys in the balcony on The Muppet Show only skeezier, more disgruntled, and with their busy hands in their pockets. Damn! Now I need to snort more bleach.

      • The more I think about it (Which I really have to stop doing!) the more I think the old farts were shocked seeing a blonde girl with a black date. Personally; I find myself hoping that her dress was what ticked them off. I find prudishness easier to comprehend and accept than racism.

    • How things have changed. I thought the whole point of prom was to dress inappropriately, dance provocatively, and dip a toe in the treacherous adult waters. Dads didn’t need to watch if they’d raised their sons and daughters to be thoughtful people.

  7. Nuclear expert says kitty litter contributed to radiation leak at WIPP

    CARLSBAD >> A change in the type of “kitty litter” that’s mixed with transuranic waste may be to blame for February’s radiation leak at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.

    A scientist who worked at WIPP until 2010 says he believes a change from non-organic kitty litter to organic litter caused a chemical reaction inside a waste drum, releasing the radioactive isotopes.

    WIPP announced Monday night that photos taken over the weekend showed evidence of melted plastic and rubber on 55-gallon drums, indicating that the production of heat likely occurred in the underground area where waste is stored, according to a news release.

    Jim Conca, who worked with WIPP from 2000 to 2010, said last week he believes a chemical reaction involving the kitty litter caused a small explosion inside a waste drum. New Mexico Environment Department Secretary Ryan Flynn confirmed on Monday that he has heard Department of Energy officials discuss the possibility that kitty litter may have been to blame for the radiation leak. Flynn said it is just one of many theories the DOE is exploring and nothing is certain at this time.

    WIPP Recovery Manager Jim Blankenhorn said during last week’s town hall meeting that officials believe the radiation leak was likely caused by nuclear waste that contained nitrate salt which gave off some sort of chemical reaction. Blankenhorn said a switch from a non-organic substance to organic was what triggered the event. According to Conca, the unidentified substance containing elements mirroring nitrate salt is kitty litter.

    Under WIPP’s congressional mandate, the nuclear waste disposal facility located 26 miles east of Carlsbad cannot accept any liquid waste, and therefore kitty litter is used as a preventative measure to absorb any remnants of liquid before the drums are sealed and shipped to Southeastern New Mexico, Conca said.

    “I’m just dying to know why this happened and who approved it, because it was a dumb idea,” Conca said. “You just can’t make a change to the procedure without reviewing it.”

    The DOE is examining three separate waste streams that contain the same chemical composition as the nitrate salt that was switched by Los Alamos National Laboratory in hopes of identifying the nature of the problem. A waste stream is any waste that came from the same place or created from the same process. Blankenhorn said last week the DOE is analyzing two waste streams from LANL and one from an unidentified source.

    “I’d rather not say the other one at this point and cause a lot of flurry,” Blankenhorn said on Thursday. “It’s not that it’s a big secret, but from a management perspective, I don’t want to cause a lot of angst.” Until the shutdown, WIPP was accepting waste from Los Alamos, Idaho National Laboratory and Savannah River in South Carolina.

    • I should probably get one of those!

      Seriously though; Sometimes I go back and look at the history to see if I can remember the train of thought that guided a particular session of surfing. It is weird and wonderful the way our brains make connections with no conscious effort. I can set out to research almost any subject and I still find myself getting drawn into something about aviation and wildlife.

    • My Irises are just about done for the year. They came out good. The daffodils, which didn’t bloom at all last year, did average.

    • Cool. Virginia is close to being destroyed now, Our AG, different from ol’ Kooki by a metric fuckton, is arguing against the state DOMA passed some years ago.

    • Brace yourselves. The “patriots” in Bunkerville (apt name) plan to combine with the huge numbers of “patriots” who will descend on DC Friday and force the illegal usurpers of constitutional authority to resign. Alternatively, they may just hang out at Bull Run Park for a week and scheme how to park near a Metro station.

      • That will be quite entertaining!
        If Bundy and/or his son plan to attend it will be that much easier for the Feds to arrest them!

    • I once drove away from a gas pump having forgotten to pay for the gas. When I went back in about ten minutes there was a cop waiting for me and it took some cool negotiation to avoid arrest. WHY AREN’T THESE FREAKS IN JAIL? Bundy owes the U.S.A. over a million freaking dollars and his gang has threatened to shoot federal agents. I say it’s long past time to send in the tanks and helicopters.

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