The Watering Hole, Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Bible says:

“For you always have the poor with you…” Matthew 26:11; John 12:8

I reject the premise. For if we accept the premise as true, we will do nothing that would make it false.

We have the means and the technology to eliminate poverty. But, in accepting the premise, we do nothing. We do not attempt to control population growth, but instead erect barriers to birth control.

We do not seek to level the disparity of wealth, but increase barriers to climbing out of poverty.

Pseudo Christians loudly proclaim the United States is a Christian nation:

for I was hungry and you gave Me food…Matthew 25:35

President Obama signs $8.7 billion food stamp cut into law
Another round of food stamp cuts in states
Florida Couple Fined $746 For Crime Of Feeding Homeless People

The United States is a Christian nation

I was thirsty and you gave Me drink…Matthew 25:35

A Texan tragedy: ample oil, no water
Fracking Waste Could Increase Carcinogens in NC Drinking Water
Pennsylvania Drinking Water Study Shows Methane Might Contaminate Some Wells Near Fracking Sites

The United States is a Christian nation

I was a stranger and you invited me in…Matthew 25:35

Arizona Enacts Stringent Law on Immigration
Alabama enacts anti-illegal-immigration law described as nation’s strictest
Report details abuse at Georgia immigrant detention centers

The United States is a Christian nation

I was sick and you looked after me…Matthew 25:36

50th Obamacare repeal vote
Americans elected this Congress on the promise they would roll back President Obama’s big-government agenda and repeal Obamacare.
Harvard Study: States’ Medicaid expansion refusal will kill thousands

Assume for the sake of argument that Jesus Christ of the New Testament is the Son of God, and that each of the above-linked articles describes in detail what the United States, a Christian Nation, is doing to God’s Son. If so, there’s going to be a whole lot of pseudo-Christians that are going to be terribly disappointed on Judgment Day.

But take away the deification of Christ, and his message is just good humanitarian sense; care for those unable to care for themselves; let those who are able, work as they are able.

There will be poor always? We have the means and technology to reject that premise. We only lack the collective will to do so.


54 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Wednesday, May 14, 2014

  1. Okay, here’s part of the deal on feeding the homeless in Daytona.

    Daytona wants to be a major tourist destination for the whole world (yeah, right).
    In reality it has little to offer other than a race track, crappy fast food restaurants chains, shitty hotels with bed bugs and a crowded beach with sunburnt tourist’s that couldn’t get to Miami or Tampa St. Petersburg area.
    The France family believes that they own Daytona and Mike Chitwood is their toadie.
    Those dirty homeless people don’t buy very expensive tickets to their track.
    The France family has conned millions in taxpayer money to fund an overhaul of the track called “Daytona Rising”. An image of cleaning the place up is an important media campaign for the France family.
    Daytona also has one of the highest concentrations of convicted sex offenders in the nation.
    These sex offenders have houses or apartments and are often public officials.
    The media has conveniently fueled the perception that homelessness and sex offenders are one in the same.
    In a perpetually failed attempt to get people to visit Daytona they have find some propaganda meme that sets the perception that they are cleaning the place up and fostering the growth of business.
    It is bullshit.
    Daytona is famous for all the wrong things like Aileen Wuornos and drunken spring breakers passing out face down in the sand. Let’s not forget rape and murder too.
    Biketoberfeast and Bike week are also a cash cow that they struggle to preserve because the numbers are dropping. Face it, bikers are getting old.
    Homeless people don’t ride motorcycles, they push shopping carts which means, no overpriced fuel sales and flea bag hotel room bed taxes.
    Families wanting a vacation go to Disney and Universal Studios so their kids can visit Harry Potter crapola.
    They don’t go to Daytona because in reality, it is not a very safe place after the sun goes down.
    Bullying a segment of society that essentially has no political voice is a way for the elite to put forth an image of cleaning the place up as empty as it may be.
    The homeless camp out in the local woods and for the most part stay under the radar.
    The irony and hypocrisy of the picture is that the local churches DON”T feed the homeless.
    Crusty old people go to church to try to buy their way into heaven because they have been assholes all of their lives and now the end is near. The homeless cost the church money and churches are in the business of making money.
    If you are homeless and you go to a local church you will not be treated well.
    You will be scorned and looked at with disdain.
    You may be fed a little on Sunday but, that’s it.
    You’re on your own for the next six days.

  2. Jesus? He was a no good, goddamm big government commie!! I’d plug him between the eyes if he came to collect my cloak to give to some Negro /Bundy off

  3. Should we support these “jobless poor”?

    Jobless Deadbeat Armed Bundy Militia Begging for Donations to Continue Seditious Treason Against the United States

    To all American Patriots:
    I am the Team Leader that took Charlie Delta, the black marine, out to Nevada along with two other volunteers that all did an outstanding job at the Bundy Ranch. I understand most of you have come to know Charlie Delta through his expressed views on Cliven Bundy and the good we are all doing as patriots at the ranch. I am coming to you tonight humbly asking for your help. We may be the front line soldiers facing down an overbearing govt bureaucracy, but we are first off family men and women that have our own homes and jobs and families left behind to take on this endeavor. Therefore we have spent our fortunes for freedom and love of our fellow man and need your help to continue our efforts to keep all Americans free from tyranny. Please if you can spare even a few dollars for food,fuel and supplies to continue the stand against tyranny and an overbearing governtment please help. Even the smallext amount will help keep up the pressure to return this land to the people. I thank you all sincerely for your contribution.
    Christopher E Ferrell
    United we stand! Divided we fall!

  4. Shit going down in the South China Sea now… Chinese drilling rig in Vietnamese waters…..

    In 1979, these two had a nasty little scrap for a few months and the Vietnamese were a tough opponent still buff after winning the Vietnam War. Not so sure this time.

    Vietnam – SE Asia’s Ukraine? – no good friends willing to go to bat, and a big neighbor throwing its weight around…..?

  5. Democratic Underground has created a new site, called Discussionist. They wanted people from DU to use different usernames, but they will allow you to use your DU name if you DUmail Elad and ask for it. (I did. I have enough shit to keep up with online already.) All DU usernames are blocked currently, so the trolls can’t hijack them. Right now I can’t see the purpose for it, unless they are preparing to begin a wholesale cleanup of DU, and wanted a place for people to stay caught up. It looks a little different, and works pretty much like regular DU, but without recommends on threads (so far).
    It kind of reminds me of the confusion after Think Progress went Facebook, and some created IDs with their screennames, while others became known by their Facebook names.

  6. To understand how fraudulent the East Ukraine elections were you need go no further than Mariupol on the coast of the Sea of Azov north of Crimea in the Donetsk Oblast.

    The separatists were able to open 4 polling station for a city of approx. 345,000 eligible voters. That accounts for about 20,000 people voting over 16 hours…… at 5 people per minute for 16 hours. So if we accept that 89% of the voters voted for life with Putin, then that’s 18,000 about – out of an electorate of 345,000? So more like 5% in favour……

    Simple mathematics, supported by the map of Ukraine showing that separatists have control of some but not all cities – which means that anywhere not in control didn’t participate in the vote!

    MT @Dbnmjr Cities in the East of Ukraine which are controlled by separatists: a map of capture #Ukraine— Liberate Ukraine (@LiberateUkraine) April 28, 2014

    Probably 5-10% maximum of that population voted, and only for ‘self-rule’ remember, not for annexation (which after the ‘vote’ was tallied, the self-appointed governor said was what they were going to do – democracy – Russia style.

    • Yup Ukraine exhaustion :-(….. I will be at the continuous 24 hour Ukraine protest outside 10 Downing Street tomorrow……if you had any idea of the pain and the sense of a lost future and the hopelessness of what people there are feeling…. your hearts too would break.

    • That is absolutely fascinating!!! Does the fawn just lope off back to Mama? How different we are…..

  7. Really nice post today BnF. I’d have said so earlier if I had the time. Spring is killing me. I think I’m old.

    • I was watching AndytheTurtle play baseball last Friday….. we had some serious Spring showers and then the rainbows – first time I have ever seen a rainbow, ‘touch the ground’ not 200 yards away…. very special

  8. Hmm sitting in SeaTac watching a sports show on TNT – darn it I hate black guys – they look so fooking good in any kind and colour of a suit. Me I am just another pasty white/ blotchy pink dude in a suit that doesn’t fit so well and well….. there you are.

    • It’s worse if you’re a woman. The really vibrant pinks, greens, and blues of summer just don’t work as well on pale skin. Wear white? Forget about it. I have noticed that some black ladies don’t look good in black.

  9. hmm, there’s no sidebar. Has it disappeared or is it my browser?
    (I couldn’t access the ZooTools via url so came to look at the sidebar – and there’s no sidebar)

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