Sunday Roast: American Spring Betrayal

Where was y’all!?  Where was ya!!??  They stole all my granddaddy’s guns!!

Betrayed by tens of millions of teabaggers who failed to show up for the great American Spring, it must be devastating.  You bastards!

This is our daily open thread — See you bastards at Bundyfest!

22 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: American Spring Betrayal

  1. Best explanation I heard, as to why the ten to thirty million pay-tree-nuts didn’t show up: They were raptured on the way to DC.

      • One cat, hence ‘cat’ lady. Herd of cats is the ‘cats’ lady.

        What are you going to have to do to get your big computer working?

  2. Enjoy! 🙂

  3. Wayne, I suppose since I’m an old twit I don’t tweet. I see nothing wrong with your postings outnumbering other posts since if anybody had anything to post they’d post.

    Meanwhile, around the corner from me, the old lady who lived across the street from Peckerhead Pete died. She was a cat lady and left behind about 20 of the critters. About a month ago Pete asked me to get him some info on raising worms for fishing. I found him some general info and the titles of some books he could read about the subject. His initial small scale attempt using a large plastic bin ended when a downpour filled the uncovered bin with enough water to drown the worms.

    Undeterred at his failure at worm farming, Pete made an 18″ high enclosure and bought 8 chicks to raise to lay eggs. The very next morning all of the chicks were gone and the cats were happy! Someone Pete knows arranged for the cats to be captured and evaluated and Pete has rebuilt a covered chicken coop and bought more chicks.

    I don’t remember if I had told about Pete being too sick to drive to make his delivery of mice a couple of months ago and I drove both ways that day with Pete riding sleeping shotgun. He paid me $50 that day which I thought was interesting since I had quit riding with him when he didn’t want to pay me $10 a trip I had suggested!

    Pete built a tall box on his Isuzu pickup and now makes 1 delivery a week of about 8000 mice @ $.03 a head. The last two weeks the owner of the mice farm has been laid up with a bad back and I have arisen at 4 AM to go to the farm to help Pete load the truck. He drops me off back here before he takes off for his 6 hour round trip journey. For this I get a cappuccino in the morning and a 6-pack of Heineken when he gets back.

    Now that the American Spring Revolution has failed to materialized I need to get back to my book.

  4. I open Youtube, and at the bottom of the page it says Recommended channel for you. Now why do the fuckwits running Youtube think I’d be interested in The Alex Jones Channel? A little further up the page they recommend Ring Of Fire Radio too. That makes sense. But Alex Jones?

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