The Watering Hole; Friday May 23 2014; Wingnuttistan Weekly

It’s getting more and more difficult with every passing hour of any given day to highlight the weekly biggies emanating from that vast wingnut wasteland called the GOP, the Republican Party, the Tea Party, (or any other appropriate designating banner for abject stupidity) in any format containing less than a thousand pages. Still, some of the rot does indeed stand out, so that’s a place to at least begin. Ergo: below are my contributions for the day, each via a quick snippet from the linked source. The snippet pretty much tells the tale, but of course anyone who dares is surely welcome to explore the entire.

I’d have added a few hundred more had I not become dizzied by the sillinesses implicit in each of these four little gems; stated another way, I do indeed and thereby find myself eternally thankful for silliness-imposed dizziness. So onward! Or, as someone once said, “here goes nothing.”

The Latest Right-Wing Solution For Sea Level Rise: Move Southern Florida.

Marlo Lewis, senior fellow of the fossil fuel-funded Competitive Enterprise Institute, argued that moving regions that will be affected by sea level rise is a better idea than taking efforts to mitigate climate change.

During the May 20 episode of NPR’s On Point, Lewis was hosted alongside two climate experts to discuss the recent findings that the collapse of a West Antarctic ice sheet “appears unstoppable,” and will cause global sea levels to rise of ten feet or higher in the next 200 to 1,000 years. Lewis dismissed taking action to reduce our carbon emissions, saying we could simply adapt to the effects of climate change.

Host Tom Ashbrook challenged him, saying, “So you’re saying move New York, move Miami, move Southern Florida, move Boston?” Lewis responded, “Yeah.” His reasoning: “The built environment from the studies I’ve seen, most building stock turns over in about 50 years. And so the markets adapt to this sort of phenomenon anyway.” 

In Alaska Senate Race, A Fierce Competition To Prove Who Knows Less About Climate Science.

The tea party-affiliated candidate for Alaska’s open U.S. Senate seat [Joe Miller] is challenging his Republican primary opponents to “come clean” about their beliefs on man-made climate change, saying he’s the only true skeptic of the bunch. . . .

According to Miller, there are good reasons to doubt that humans are causing climate change. Those reasons, he said, include a Fox News story last year on data that showed a 60 percent increase in Arctic sea ice between 2012-2013; a Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks study finding that the average temperature in Alaska declined by 2.34 degrees between 2000-2010; and a CNS news article about a Canadian evolutionary biologist who wrote a blog post claiming Arctic polar bears could be threatened by too much — not too little — sea ice.

Of course, as Skeptical Science notes, a one-year growth in sea ice is largely irrelevant to a long-term melting trend; The Geophysical Institute’s study specifically notes that the findings represented a “temporary variation” and that “in general, the temperature has increased in Alaska since instrumental records are available,”; And despite the points made by Dr. Crockford in her polar bear blog post, the majority of peer-reviewed scientific articles on the subject provide that early melting of summer sea ice plays a large factor in the bears’ endangerment.

Charles Krauthammer on Privatizing VA health care . . .

Appearing on Fox News on Monday, Krauthammer declared, “”Well, if you would suggest that we go to a voucher system, where everybody will get a voucher for treatment in any hospital he or she chooses, and I were a vet, I would choose that,” adding, “I would rather go to Georgetown University Hospital than to a VA.”

Republican lieutenant governor candidate in Alaska: ‘I’d probably invade ANWR’

[Alaska Lieutenant Governor candidate and current Anchorage Mayor Dan] Sullivan said he’d be an enthusiastic ambassador for the state. Part of that would be fighting for Alaska’s state rights. He said that includes getting the 20 million acres that’s still owed to the state from the federal government, and controlling the state’s resources.

“One of the things I’ve suggested, too, is that if I was governor today, I’d probably invade ANWR,” he said. “What are they going to do, shoot you? Well, they might. But martyrdom goes a long way sometimes.”

There. That’s it. Thank all gods. I think I need a drink.


13 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday May 23 2014; Wingnuttistan Weekly

  1. Why didn’t I think of that?
    What a great way to get rid non indigenous Burmese pythons by melting the glaciers and polar ice caps, thereby flooding Florida.
    Pure genius.
    New Orleans could become the Venice of America.
    I’m sure developers are all onboard with this one because no developer can be truly sexually satisfied unless they see bulldozers plowing something under.

  2. It’s just President Obama strolling through the park surprising people there, nothing to see here, move along…

  3. The candidate who is willing to be a martyr for more oil drilling reminds me a bit of al Qaeda.

    • Cutting flowers for market. Cutting hay. It’s going to be a loooong weekend. Are you doing a market this year?

      • Busy time of year for you!

        Planning on doing a market near where I live — a year around indoor market! — waiting to hear back about my application.

        • Year round would kill me, though indoors could be nice. End of April to Thanksgiving seems plenty long.

            • It’s a nice product. I do have the luxury of eating some of my products in my kitchen. 🙂

            • Thank goodness for that! 😆

              If I lived on that side of the country, I’d do my best to enjoy your products in my kitchen. 🙂

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