Sunday Roast: Robert Greenwald’s “Koch Brothers Exposed”

I know it’s an hour long, but please watch this video.  It’s only ONE HOUR of your life.

It’s important for all of us to know how the despicable Koch brothers have woven their tentacles throughout this country, like a deadly cancer.

They have a very specific ideology, and they don’t give a shit if you subscribe to it or not.  Given their way, we will all feel the toxic Koch boot on our necks, sooner or later, and we can’t fight them if we don’t know what they’re about.

This is our daily open thread — Are we ready to give the Koch brothers the boot?

27 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Robert Greenwald’s “Koch Brothers Exposed”

  1. LeeAnn Rimes just finished the National Anthem, but you still have time to tune to ABC to see Jim Nabors sing Back Home Again In Indiana, live, one last time. He’s 83, and says this is his last year.

    • Team Ganassi’s Scott Dixon just hit the wall. I guess they took too much downforce out at that last pitstop. This caution puts everyone inside the fuel window to finish the race without another stop.

    • Cautions breed cautions. Now Hinchcliffe and Carpenter tangle and hit the wall. That’s three lead cars out here near the end.

    • Temporary red flag with 9 laps to go. Townsend Bell hit the wall. Bell caused Hinchcliffe and Carpenter to wreck earlier. Shootout when the track gets cleaned.

    • And it’s Ryan Hunter-Reay winning for Andretti Autosport! Helio Castro-Neves missed by .06 seconds, and Marco Andretti was third.

      Juan Pablo Montoya, who was in Nascar last year, finished 5th, and Kurt Busch, who has 600 miles more to race tonight in the Nascar race in Charlotte, finished 6th!

      That was a good race to finish like that. Indycar is starting to learn from Nascar how to end races.

        • You’re welcome! Two races watched already and I still have Danica’s race coming up!

          Gisela is doing fine. I saw a flea on her the other day, so I got some Advantage and put it on her neck. Still haven’t gone to the vet yet.

  2. In re the Kochs and Koch Industries, I have a couple of recommendations. First, I strongly suggest they invest heavily in international World Cup Soccer teams, as the profit potential therein is immense. Then, once they get that done, they can and should change the name of Koch Industries to something more appropos. My suggestion? Koch Soccers International. It suits them, and with perfection.

  3. So what’s with TPM’s comment system? Now I can’t even look at other people’s comments there.

    • Thanks for the LOLcats, house.

      Wayne and I watched the beginning of the Indy, and, yes, we watched Jim Nabors “live”, more or less. I was watching on the tv in the computer room with the sound off, and Wayne had the sound on on the tv in the living room. There’s normally a several-second gap in the sound between the two tvs. As I’m watching Jim holding the mike, looking around just smiling and nodding, I hear his voice start singing in the other room. Temporarily forgetting the time lapse, I thought, “oh, shit, Jim doesn’t know that he should have started lip-synching”, then I laughed out loud at myself for forgetting.

      • I thought he sang it about as good as he ever did. I think he really wanted to do it right this one last time. I’ll miss him as much as I miss Tom Carnegie.

  4. How long will it take before the internet figures out that I won’t download the video converter tool, ever, and the more I hear about Subway, the less likely I am to eat there? (Youtube ads)

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