Memorial Day, May 26th, 2014

World War I Memorial, Washington, DC


World War II Memorials, Washington, DC
ww2 marines-memorialpacific atlantic ww2

Korean War Memorials, Washington, DC
washington-dc-korean-war-veterans-memorialKorean-WarKorean War Memorial in the Snow 04

Vietnam War Memorials, Washington, DC

Tomb of the Unknown
an american soldier

Iraq War Memorial, Washington, DC


Afghanistan War Memorial, Washington, DC


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22 thoughts on “Memorial Day, May 26th, 2014

  1. Below a pair of sonnets I wrote some 20 years ago to be read by a legless Vietnam veteran, a teacher, at a middle school Memorial Day observance. They more or less summarize the reasons behind my enduring anti-war sentiments

    The Vietnam Memorial
    Washington, D.C.

    Embedded in the ground, a blackened stone
    Pays tribute to the fallen – those described
    As hallowed dead – their souls departed, gone,
    Now ashes in the wind. Their names – inscribed
    Precisely – carved as if by hand of God
    To ornament the rock, still whisper words
    Of love to friends who seem to find it odd
    That stone can weep, and too, the songs of birds.
    There is no glory buried here beneath
    This blackened stone, nor flesh, nor bones. But still,
    One feels that sculpted names did each bequeath
    A challenge only living can fulfill –
    Exist in peace with all upon your Earth,
    Since you won’t know, till death, what Life was worth.

    The Vietnam Memorial II
    A Whisper From the Wall

    The flowers in the vase allay my fears.
    She placed them, quite precisely, near my name
    Here etched in stone. Her eyes are filled with tears,
    Full knowing that it’s I who lost the game
    Of life, my place on Earth reduced to this.
    I pray she knows our Spirits still are one,
    That touch, and tears, and even winsome kiss
    Remain forever locked, though breath is gone.
    It’s peaceful here despite the constant pain
    Of losing her. How easier for birds
    To sing, for blackened clouds to spill their rain,
    Than through this stone it is to speak these words:
    I love you still, you’re always part of me
    And that can’t change – in this Eternity.

    • Frugal,

      there are places along the Vietnam memorial wall where the grief is palpable.

      well put, friend; well put.

      • I’ve never been to DC or visited the memorial, but the name of a boyhood friend is thereupon engraved. I know the sadness implicit, but cannot imagine the grief one would feel at the wall while seeing/reading/touching the name of a loved one.

        War is so senseless, especially a completely uncalled for and senseless conflagration such as America’s intrusion in Vietnam.

        I am thankful that others find meaning in the words. Means a lot.

  2. Thom Hartmann Moving Back To Noon Eastern

    Starting Tuesday, May 27th, WCPT-AM/FM will double up on Thom Hartmann, at least temporarily. Hartmann will do a live show for WCPT-AM/FM from 11:00am-2:00pm and again a live show for the station from 2:00pm-5:00pm. This will take place from Tuesday-Friday next week. (Monday is the Memorial Day holiday.)

    The plan is to have Thom Hartmann’s show move into Schultz’s time slot of 11:00am-2:00pm going forward. A determination as to what talk show will then move into the 2:00pm-5:00pm time slot will be forthcoming.

    Fans of Ed Schultz will still be able to hear him. Starting next week, Schultz will cut his show down from three hours to one hour. He will make it available as a free Internet stream on his website That show will be heard from 11:00am-Noon

    The times in the text are Central. I have been looking for news on this shift for Thom’s show, from a credible source. WCPT is credible enough for me. Maybe Progressive Voices on TuneIn will carry all six hours of Thom. What Free Speech TV will do I can’t yet determine. Democracy Now runs in the first hour of Thom’s new schedule, so it’s hard to predict if they will move Amy Goodman to run Thom live.

    I sure wish Randi Rhodes could come back and get a job with Westwood One (formerly Dial Global). She could be back in her proper time slot, unopposed nationally, and she’d be in the company of other Progressive hosts.

    • But….someone outta erect a memorial to the Bundy Civil War, you know, the one they had several days ago and tens of people showed up…

      MAY 16, 2014

  3. “Facebook is seeking participants for paid research studies. Complete a brief survey to see if you qualify for this research.”

    Not on your life, Zuck.

  4. AOL’s uncomfortable headline:

    Woman Who Had Sex On Top of Murder Victims Takes Plea, Rolls Over on Accomplices

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