The Watering Hole , Tuesday June 3, 2014 Environmental News and Food Politics: The Dirty Dozen for 2014

Here are the most pesticide ridden foods for 2014. These are the ones where organic should be your first choice.


30 thoughts on “The Watering Hole , Tuesday June 3, 2014 Environmental News and Food Politics: The Dirty Dozen for 2014

  1. Questions: when a fruit or vegetable tests positive for pesticides, is that on the outside? if so, can the pesticides be removed by rinsing in cold water? or are the pesticides inside the fruit or vegetable so that there is no way to eliminate them before eating?

  2. In re pesticides, question: Are the p’s in question surface contaminants or are they systemic? Years ago, systemic pesticides were used often on non-food crops — cotton, e.g. — and occasionally a farmer would try to sneak them onto a food crop — watermelons, e.g. Once detected, slam goes the door, and not only on the fool who used a systemic on a given food crop — everyone growing that particular food crop gets whacked by both procedure and the market. I know, lost an AZ seedless watermelon crop in the eighties simply because a grower in the Bakersfield CA area used a systemic on his melon crop as a means to get rid of white flies.

    If pesticides are surface only, they should wash off. If systemic, nope. Then they’re ingested.

  3. Rick Wiles: Pat Robertson Becoming An ‘Embarrassment’ For Questioning Creationism

    Rick Wiles, the End Times radio host who thinks the Sandy Hook and Columbine shootings were carried out by CIA “mind-control assassin” and that Adolf Hitler’s race of super gay male soldiers” is taking over America, is angry at Pat Robertson for saying “crazy things” and becoming an “embarrassment” to the conservative movement.

    Which of Robertson’s “crazy” statements is Wiles upset about? Is it his advice that a man divorce his wife if she has Alzheimer’s? Or his infamous “gay AIDS ring” theory? No, of course. Wiles is upset by the televangelist’s condemnation of Young Earth Creationism, the claim that the Earth is just 6,000 years old.

    On his TruNews program on Friday, Wiles lamented that he used to look up to Robertson, but “in recent years, Dr. Robertson has been saying some really crazy things” about Creationism and is “becoming an embarrassment to those of us who are upholding the ancient faith handed down in the Book of Genesis.”

    • Fight! Fight!! Fight!!!

      The saving grace of extremist movements is that almost all of them kill themselves in an orgy of mutual recrimination. The religious right has done a lot of damage to our country but these are the stories that make me have a little hope the damage will, eventually, be fixed.

  4. I was watching some of the Senate hearing about a Constitutional amendment to counter the influence of money as speech. I realized that the framers could never imagine the advancement in technology and the impact it has had on communications much like the issue with the right to bear arms. Our country was founded when people communicated verbally, in person, or by the written word or by signals like smoke signals or semaphore, and like the issue of arms, our ability to pervert the intentions of our founders has changed, logarithmically as technology has advanced. The time has arrived to realize the old rules no longer apply and to preserve the intentions of our forefathers to provide a society where all people have equal “freedoms”, modification to the Constitution is necessary.

    • Is instant communication a bad thing?

      There was a time, not so long ago, that an injustice a few thousand miles away would not be noticed for weeks or months. When one considered that the affected parties had already moved on it wasn’t really so outrageous. Now? We can watch said injustices happen in real time and the rage is fresh, new, and personal.

    • I’m not sure how much has changed. A man could have bought a paper in the 1700s and influenced an election just as easy as he can today. We need to read and reward a free and independent press in whatever form it takes today. Now if only we could better instruct the populace in critical thinking, a problem with which I imagine our founders also struggled.

  5. Anyone else catch Dick ‘deferment’ Cheney saying that Bergdahl was a traitor that abandon his unit? How many times did old Dickey Boy get out of serving again? Once, twice, three times an asshole!

    • And I’m sure that the Dick would try to make the case that “a bad day doesn’t equal a bad life”. Of course; the only thing bad about Dick’s life is that he never quite managed to be the Supreme Leader of the entire universe.

    • Dick Cheney used four student deferments to get out of serving his country during wartime. Then he learned that expectant fathers can get a deferment, and thus was Liz Cheney spawned.

      Remember that – Liz Cheney was sired for the purpose of not serving one’s country during wartime.

  6. An oldy but a goody.

    The federal deficit in 2013 was roughly half of the federal deficit in 2009. Why don’t the rightwhiners claim credit, which they deserve, for that reduction? Why? Because the only thought they can hold in their pointy little heads is “out of control spending” and they can’t admit that anything good could possibly happen while a black Democrat is in the White House.

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