Music Night, June 6, 2014

These guys were a lot of fun back in the 60s, as The Turtles and with Frank Zappa. The two songs fused together in this video make a nice set because the latter was actually a gag song taking a slap at their label for constantly demanding another Top 40 hit. And that’s what the song turned out to be.


62 thoughts on “Music Night, June 6, 2014

      • I really wish Iggy would tour my part of the world.
        It’s hard as hell to find good bands and good venues.
        For some bizarre reason country western dominates the tour circuit down here.
        I think it’s the prevailing mentality of my location.

      • Ha! More to the mellow side, without any heat; just Roma tomatoes, oregano, fresh finely minced garlic, balsamic vinegar, EVOO, sea salt, and pepper.

    • Interesting name and album cover!
      I like the song.
      Good to ‘see’ you on music night, IC/IP

    • Nicole Sandler talked a lot about these two today, then played a clip of her interviewing David Byrne early in both their careers.

  1. Re: the OP. Elenore was my favorite Turtles song.

    This was my second favorite.

  2. My mom’s been dead 25 years – not one day goes by she’s not in my thoughts..
    this was one of her favorites…

    • I remember the first time I heard that. It was on the Smothers Brothers Show, set to… this

    • BTW, my dad was laid to rest on 6-6-01. Military honors with a 21 gun salute and my mom presented with the flag in a case and the whole thing.

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