Sunday Roast: D-Day

My grandfather was an ambulance driver in WWII.  He was a conscientious objector, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to serve, he just didn’t want to shoot anyone.

In 1945, he spent his birthday — June 6 — picking up the dead and wounded on Normandy Beach.  He never really talked about his time in the war, except to say that if the Germans caught an ambulance driver with a gun, they shot the driver immediately; and that he’d been a Private “several times.”

Granddad, Dad, and I, along with several sailors from my Dad’s shop, took one of those salmon fishing excursions that took us beyond the Golden Gate Bridge.  On the way back from a great day’s fishing, the guys running the boat were gutting the fish and tossing them to the hovering seagulls.  In my mind’s eye, I can still see Granddad standing on the back of that boat, standing ram-rod straight, with his hands clasped behind him, staring in the opposite direction.

He never went to any of the D-Day reunions.  He said he didn’t see the point.

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  1. Danica rolls off 16th at Pocono shortly. I have to try to watch her on TV while keeping up with the Canadian Grand Prix online. Busy, busy, busy!

    • 40 laps to go. Danica is 20th and just took 4 tires on this caution. She was the fourth car out of the pits, and may only need a short stop with ten laps to go. A number of cars stayed out, but all will have to pit once more.

    • Danica cut a tire and brushed the wall with 20 laps to go. She was in 2nd place, needing a splash of fuel to make it to the end. She was almost a lap ahead of most of the lead lap cars, and could have stopped and still gotten out ahead of most of them. The time it took to fix the fender dropped her to 37th place.

  2. ‘In 1945, he spent his birthday — June 6 —’

    June 6th is also my Dad’s birthday.

  3. California Chrome’s owner said he understands if people consider him a “sore loser” after his post-race whining and even gave out his phone number so people can call him to complain about it. That should go well.

    Someone please call him and give him a better analogy about the Belmont Stakes than the disjointed one he’s currently pedaling about him playing basketball against a kid in a wheelchair.

  4. Badmoodgrandson (just turned 4) is really into superheroes. Yesterday while doing the coloring book:

    “Daddy, this Hulk is going to have a new color. He’s going to be yellow Hulk. He has sun powers. He also has nipple powers. He can control nipples.”

  5. Life is like a stroll on the beach: go as near to the edge as you can go.
    – Thoreau

    • Something for everyone…giraffes and planes; pigs; turtles; dogs, birds, and goats!

    • …on the mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam…

      That is a great video accompanying Carl!

    • I did look for it, and was disappointed at the news. They should dump that smarmy Ronan Farrow and give her his spot.


      • I wondered how long they would keep Disrupt. It was meant to be part of a block of weekend news/opinion shows, that was still in development when they moved Ed Schultz back to weekdays,

        I never listen to Farrow, because I always have Thom Hartmann on.

  6. In a move that absolutely no one would call pandering, the evil Koch brothers give United Negro College Fund the fifth largest donation in the organization’s history.

    • This country’s collective conscience will never get saturated with gun violence. We’ve become completely inured to it in the same way we don’t think about soldiers at war. I can’t imagine any string of tragic events that could sway feckless politicos to rebuff he NRA. Mass shootings have become a chronic issue of modern life in ‘Merica.

  7. I accosted our local D-day vet at market yesterday and gave him pork chops. He’s 91 and walks 2 miles a day to remain healthy. He spoke briefly about going ashore and being scared. He asked my opinion on gay marriage, women earning more than their husbands, and all the changes our society has seen in his lifetime. We talked for about 45 minutes and it was one of the best interactions I’ve had with someone in years. I love my job.

  8. If this has been posted earlier I missed it.

    GOP Straight Up Bribes Democratic Senator In Effort To Block Obamacare

    The Republican Party in Virginia has resorted to what appears to be outright bribery in its ongoing effort to deny low-income residents in the state access to the Medicaid expansion authorized by Obamacare.

    The Washington Post is reporting that Republicans offered to move Democratic state Sen. Phillip P. Puckett and his daughter into prestigious jobs in exchange for Puckett’s resignation, which will flip the chamber into Republican hands. Pucket will officially accept the offer on Monday, the paper reported.

    The Senate was on course to pass an expansion of Medicaid, as the law allows, while the House of Delegates, in GOP hands, aimed to block it. In such a scenario, Democrats hoped that Republicans would be blamed for the resulting government shutdown. With Republicans in control of both chambers, Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) must now veto the GOP budget in order to force a showdown over Medicaid.

    The apparent quid pro quo has sent Democrats railing.

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