The Watering Hole Tuesday June 10, 2014 – Environmental News and Food Politics


Lunch today?

So, are you good because you are saying food penance, or bad for having committed venial sins with food up until now? Or actually up until 2016?

Can we go to Panera now?


Bee sniffing honey

And all this time you thought you were using honey.

Honey, where’s the pollen?

40 thoughts on “The Watering Hole Tuesday June 10, 2014 – Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. I have all but eliminated refined sugar from my diet.
    That’s also why I buy local honey from a known apiarist and have started keeping my own hives.
    Bees are fascinating and you never stop learning from them.
    There is also an emerging culture of treatment free bee keeping and it is upsetting a lot of folks that think you can’t have bees without dosing them with chemicals.
    Bees have existed for millions upon millions of years without human intervention so why would they suddenly need deadly chemicals to survive?
    I’m part of the treatment free crowd and so far, things are looking good.
    If I could only get rid neonics and Monsanto…

    • i had 8 hives or colonies some years ago, and have thought several times about a hive or two in my garden, but the honey bees here are Africanized and quite unpredictable. we have several people swarmed by Africanized bees each year… that plus the fact i have two small boys next door.

      • I’m lucky.
        Florida passed legislation that no city, town or community may pass regulations restricting the keeping of bees due to their importance as major pollinators for our food crop.
        Contrary to popular belief, pollination is one of the primary benefits of bees.
        Honey is secondary.
        Sadly, most people are ignorant and associate every stinging insect with bees. (wasps, hornets, yellow jackets that are very pissy)
        Bees are fairly benign unless you really piss them off.
        If a hive is getting pissy it is common to requeen with a known strain that is not as aggressive.

        • yeah…I know all about ignorant people, i also know about mischievous little boys and throwing rocks, etc at bee hives, spraying bee hives with a water hose, YardGuard, and other chemicals that will kill a colony of bees.

          nothing more nauseating than open up a hive and seeing nothing but dead bees…or no bees at all.

          • I have sprayed hornet nests with water when they were first developing on the eves of my house. The hornets had plenty of trees in the area. They do build beautiful hives. I just didn’t want one hanging off from my roof. One year, they built a hive on a tree not too far from the house. That hive survived the “Halloween snow storm” which took down trees and many tree branches and Hurricane Sandy. Come sometime in February, some critter crawled out onto the branch and smashed the hive. The next year, hornets built a hive on the underside of the electric box that is situated on a pole. It looked like a safe spot as it was protected from the elements. Again, some critter climbed up the pole and smashed the hornets’ hive. Since this tragedy for the hornets happens near the end of winter, I’m guessing that a hungry raccoon finds the hive and doesn’t care about the stings.

  2. Cats and I went to the Panera Bread place in Corvallis. So fresh and yummy!!!

    I had my latest episode of atrial fibrillation about a month ago, and they made me stay overnight so they could do a bunch of tests the next day. During that stay, I realized just how much I HATED being held hostage in a hospital. I was a real caffeine junkie, and didn’t pay much attention to what I ate, but while I was seething stewing in the hospital — and seeing my eldest son’s worried face — I decided I needed to get with the Eugene/Springfield hippie vibe, and start doing right by my body.

    No processed foods, sugar or caffeine since then, and having the doctor put his finger in my face and tell me NO CAFFEINE EVER was helpful as well. I even went low carb and gluten, cuz why not be an overachiever?

    I feel awesome! I highly recommend not poisoning your body with crappy food! 🙂

    • I still have my AFIB episodes about once a month. Unless they go on for over six hours or so they don’t really scare me anymore. My doctor recommended I take four low dose aspirin, a double shot of my Sotalol med, and go back to sleep or rest if they happen during the day. That works for me. Everyone’s AFIB is a little unique, but I’m glad, after two ER trips, that I now can manage it without getting converted by paddle in the ER…

      • Mine don’t go away that way, unfortunately, although I did ward off another episode by taking another dose of my medication (which the doc had said was okay). I have the extra complication of an electrical glitch called a left bundle branch block.

    • I’m half Swedish and I think my blood is about one-third coffee.

      I don’t buy into the anti-gluten craze either, but whatever helps ya…

      • I’m not sure the gluten scare is really a thing, but I do feel better. I’m focusing more on watching the number of carbs, rather than stressing about gluten.

            • I saw a Pepsi truck unloading its cargo at the local market this morning. It caused me to wonder when the last time was that I had a soft drink of any kind, and I have no idea. Possibly it was when I was in college fifty years ago, but not sure even then. But I do recall the last time I had a beer — right now!

  3. I’m wondering why the media isn’t reporting that the bystander killed in the Las Vegas WalMart, had pulled his gun against the teabagger/white supremacist shooters.

    Was that erroneous reporting?

  4. The WaPo this morning: “The question in this race is how large Cantor’s margin of victory will be. If he wins by more than 20 points it could quell rumblings about his popularity back home.”


  5. Cantor fucking lost! I knew about it hours ago at work, but I was busy and then my 3rd shift guy didn’t come in, so I was kinda tangled up right until time to leave.

    Cantor fucking lost! 😀

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