67 thoughts on “June 13, 2014 Friday Night Music

      • Videos, to me, are almost irrelevant. It’s all about the music. Still, if I had been the producer, I would have had everyone in the video dress up like DEVO because the song seems pretty much like an homage IMO. DEVO invented the bass and keyboard sound Jack used.

      • Me too. I heard it on the radio a couple times and wondered; “who’s doing the DEVO homage”. Then I heard it while I was with a far more perceptible person who said; “that’s Jack White”. I’m just glad that we Minnowsnowtans have a station that will, occasionally, play some songs that don’t quite fit inside a box.

    • Steely Dan recalls a very humorous incident.

      A very good friend of mine got a Steely Dan DVD. Another good friend proclaimed; “I don’t like Steely Dan”. Then friend #1 put the DVD in the player and, with each new song, friend#2 said”I guess I like that song”.

  1. Here’s a video that does not do justice to the song. BTW. Can anyone come up with a reason that Yes has not been inducted into the rock-n-roll hall of fame?

  2. Oh, how fun. A fire alarm went off in the building, and we had to get out of the building until the fire department showed up.

    I comforted a lady who was hysterical about her cat being left in her apartment.

  3. The President and family, are spending the weekend in southern California … with a gay couple!
    (the White House decorator and his partner)
    POTUS will be giving a commencement speech Saturday.

    How dare the President take time out to celebrate Father’s Day with his family.
    The likes of GrumpyGramps McCain want another war, stat!

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