Sunday Roast: Mmmmmmm, Hood strawberries


Mmmmmm, Hood strawberries from Sauvie Island.  I bet you wish you had some!!

I wish I had a tiny eraser for that superfluous apostrophe — while I’m eating Hood strawberries for breakfast.  😉

(photo source)

This is our daily open thread — what summer fruits are you eating?

36 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Mmmmmmm, Hood strawberries

  1. John McCain 2004: “If the lawfully elected government of Iraq tells us to leave, we have to leave.”

    McCain in 2010: “Last American combat troops leave Iraq. I think President George W. Bush deserves some credit for victory”

    McCain in 2014: Obama withdrew troops from Iraq before attaining victory.

  2. The abundance of berries here in the PNW is phenomenal, so many varieties. My fingers are painted in permanent pastels…

    • I’ve known about the Jalopnik automotive and racing site for years. I didn’t know they had a military spinoff site.

  3. Danica is back on the lead lap! She fell back early and has been one spot from getting her lap back several times. Now she’s on the lead lap, 21st place, fifty laps to go!

  4. 1994’s version of Dick “Head” Cheney explains why the US military didn’t march into Baghdad to take out Saddam Hussein and topple the Iraqi government.

    Geez, Dick “Head”, what made you believe that taking out Saddam and toppling the Iraqi government in 2003 would be end up any differently then you predicted nine years earlier?

  5. We finally hit 90 today, just for a brief period. This is the latest I can remember getting the first 90, but all next week we’re predicted to make it to 90 or a little over. I had to play lumberjack yesterday, so I’ll have to go out and mow my grass in a little bit. The back yard is three weeks behind thanks to the rains.

    • Always enjoy the smile these bring!
      This, especially, today

      Quantum physics cat…
      grapples with the intricacies of string theory

  6. Dad’s gone,
    I’m neither.
    Just had a blueberry,
    nothing sweeter.
    Happy Fathers Day to those who are and a tip of the wing to your accomplishment!

    • And the President spends Father’s Day with his family, how dare he!
      RepubTeaPottiers make me quite ill. It is their damn effing war, let them go into the fray and take care of it…BabyBoyBush should be at the head of the band.

    • Fox and CNN are taking turns fellating George HW Bush tonight, as MSNBC puts everyone in prison. No news at all except Al Jazeera on my TV, and they haven’t said much about Iraq.

  7. NBA Commish Adam Silver, at the Spurs trophy presentation tonight:
    “The Miami Heat should hang their heads high.”

    Spurs owner, Peter Holt, whose team has nine foreign born players: “America is the greatest country in the world!”

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