Music Night — Summer edition

Yeah, do what y’all so so well.  😉


53 thoughts on “Music Night — Summer edition

  1. I would like to thank Bugs Bunny for nurturing my appreciation for classical music.

  2. <— Tanya and Timur just last month

    This one is for my friend Tanya (and her very good son Timur) …. a long way away, doing her best to raise a son in a country that wants to decide for itself how to govern itself, stop the crooks and the corporations and the fascists stealing from them….

  3. And this was goes out to my son Thomas…. we all share a single Amazon cloud account…. so I put some of my stuff up there….. So he grokked the Chumbawumba and the Squirrel NZ….. and then I wandered into the family room and I am like hold on, that rhythm – no way….. “Wait….. your headphones….. that’s ….. Rainbow in the Dark!” – “Yes, I am gettihg into Dio – I found it up there on our cloud”

    YES!!!!! – That’s my boy!

      • So what do you think next? Nirvana? Pearl Jam? Or go long and deep – Purple that is….. or maybe Priest and Iron Maiden? The Heaven and Hell is already there……

      • Well yes – David Coverdale – the boy from Saltburn-on-sea who made good….. his grandma lives 10 mjiles from there….

        “A woman goes crazy with the thought of retribution…”

  4. Good one Ebbster – send to my son – his German lesson for this evening….

    OK, I am checking out for this evening – night all 🙂

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