The Watering Hole; Friday June 20 2014; AmurKKKa

I ran across the following video the other day on a C&L page which began with the words, “A BBC crew filming a gathering of Ku Klux Klansmen recorded one of the group’s leaders discussing a plan to use returning military veterans to train KKK members in combat techniques.” This kind of crap frankly sickens me, and, were I not so angry I might be able to at least chuckle at the collective stupidity that has come to define such a significant portion of this country’s dregs. 

In any case, the nine minute video is enough to sicken the spirit of anyone who cares for each and all of those previous, present, and future victims of irrational racial hatred, hatred which sadly persists and lives and probably even thrives, at least amongst the decidedly ignorant, the stupid. Sadly, these same nine minutes would likely serve to fuel the hatred of those who have no means of knowing anything other than the irrationalities embedded within their evil and shriveled souls.

One more time it’s the same old vitriolic mentality. I thought it was over, but still it goes on. And on, and on, and on.


32 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday June 20 2014; AmurKKKa

  1. Three minutes is all I could stand – and that was truly stretching. Teaching children hatred and racism is abominable.
    These illiterate motes of dust are disgusting.

    • Fascinating. Evolution-in-action’s remnants. And who knew that not only Ted Cruz (and Joe Arpaio!) but ALL Republicans have derived from Hispanic roots? Ah, the hazards of unsealed borders!

  2. Among the many fascinating items in the news this week I learned that after Japan’s loss to Greece in their FIFA World Cup game on Tuesday, the Japanese fans waited until everyone else had left and then they cleaned the stadium! Meanwhile, back home in Japan, a court ruled that Anime child pornography was legal.

    After a quick thought that somehow Justices Scalia and Thomas were serving in Japan, I recognized these as examples of a society’s cultural behaviors that “real ‘mercans” find difficult to understand and easy to mock.

    Almost as difficult to understand as a society where clamors to prevent abortions to save lives comes from the same groups that support the death penalty and the right to own weapons to be able to kill other people that scare them.

    TGIF, thank goodness it’s fried day, and I’m going to get fried. It will soon be 4:20 PM in Lappeenranta, Finland, a city where it is cooler than where I awoke to 78 degrees at 5 AM, so I’m going to pretend I’m there, not here.

    Damn, Lappeenrant is a looooong way from Springfield, even in my dreams. 😉

  3. I’ve no time for the ugly racist haters today, I’m cutting lilies. I have about 100 stems so far and I’m only about 1/3 done. The heat has broken, the humidity is down, life is good.

    • I reneged on my plan to mow grass today. 60% humidity is just too draining, and I have to work Saturday night too, so I can’t wear myself out.

  4. I wonder if they’d take a returning veteran who returned some 44 years ago.
    I could use them as targets to teach proper prone, kneeling and standing firing positions.

    • Not releasing the surveillance video?
      Well that’s a buzzkill.
      Probably a meth fiend tweeking out.
      Here in the South, the meth fiends like to take air conditioning units.

  5. Ex-Rep. Joe Walsh ‘kicked off the air’ over racist terms on radio

    According to posts on former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh’s Twitter account Thursday night, the conservative radio talk-show host was kicked off the air on WIND-AM (560) for using racial slurs while trying to have a discussion about racial slurs.

    In a series of tweets posted about 7 p.m., Walsh says: “Just got kicked off the air until further notice. Tried to have honest discussion about racist terms and management censored my language.”

    Maybe he should have cleared his subject with the management beforehand?

    • And: “I’m trying to have an honest, adult conversations about words without resorting to alphabet soup phrases (C-word, N-word, etc).”

      The posts said the discussion involved the ethical debate about the name of the pro football team in Washington, D.C.: the Redskins.

      If you’re going to talk about the Redskins, why do you need to use any other racially charged terms? And if you’re going to talk about words that you know offend some people, and you’re going to use those actual offensive words, then you should expect that offended people will complain to your bosses.

      It sounds to me like he wanted an excuse to say all the nasty offensive words he could under the guise of a “conversation about words.” I just hope he doesn’t start whining about his First Amendment rights being violated, because they weren’t.

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