The Watering Hole, Saturday, June 21, 2014: This Week In Irony

It’s funny when Conservatives go on and on about things without realizing what they say often sounds pretty ironic coming from them. Take Gary Bauer. No, really, take him. Preferably far away where we won’t have to hear him whine and complain about how Christians have it so bad in this country. I mean, did you know that out of 43 different men elected President of the United States, only 43 of them have been Christians? Talk about not having a voice in our government! I don’t object to people like Gary Bauer having a voice in our government; I object to people like Gary Bauer being listened to as if their voice had some validity to it. Conservative Christians believe a number of out-and-out false things (such as that Jesus was a Conservative like them), or that the United States, as represented by today’s Constitution, is officially a Christian nation and, therefore, our laws should be based on the Bible. This is true of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, and one of their biggest concerns is that gay people will be treated as equal citizens. Of all the sins in the Bible, right-wing Christians believe homosexuality is the worst possible thing to allow in a society. I mean, I don’t hear conservatives saying there’s a problems with guns in our society when twenty elementary school kids are shot and killed by a weapon no civilian has any business owning. But let two people who have been in love with each other for more than twenty years finally get married and have the same marital rights as everyone else, and Conservative Christians start talking about the Demise of Civilization As We Know It (the “we” in this case being Conservative Christians such as themselves.) If it weren’t for the issue of gay rights, would there be anything else for them to talk about today? That’s why it was a bit surprising, to say the least, to hear Gary Bauer say that President Obama is “obsessed” with the issue of gay rights, and that the nation will be destroyed as a result. No mention is made (I’m sure) that the only reason the president has taken the actions he has is because of the actions taken by Conservative Christians to treat their fellow citizens as something less than human. If he were real, I’m sure the Jesus of the Bible would not approve.

Speaking of people that Jesus of the Bible would not approve, Whack-a-Bird Senator Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, also speaking at that same F&FC conference, told the audience, with a straight (and stern) face, to “Stop electing the village idiot!” Strangely, he seemed to have mistaken the President for his own son, but to hear a line that out of the father of one of the craziest, and most dangerous, abusers of power in our government is richly ironic. Because of Ted Cruz, a strong contender for title of Village Idiot of the US Senate, our nation was taken to the brink of fiscal disaster and punished by a downgraded credit rating. He blames the Democrats and the President because they refused to negotiate with terrorists Republicans over repealing Obamacare in exchange for continuing to fund the government. This knee-jerk reaction Conservatives have where they just say the exact opposite of the truth (often recorded for all to repeat) has not done this country any good at all.

I find Conservative Christians to be the worst hypocrites of all the Conservatives (who are generally hypocritical themselves, as they often excuse behavior from their own kind that they publicly and loudly abhor in others), because they profess to follow the teachings of someone who clearly would not approve the things they say in his name. I find it hard to believe Jesus would really preach

Seven Mountains Dominionism, which as we have noted in the past seeks to give right-wing Christians authority “over the seven forces that shape and control our culture: (1) Business; (2) Government; (3) Media; (4) Arts and Entertainment; (5) Education; (6) Family; and (7) Religion.”

If that isn’t the ultimate in Selfishness, I don’t know what is. They want authority over your family. They want to be able to say what is and what is not permissible in the way you live as a family, the way you raise your children, the things you allow them to learn, and the religious practices you will follow. And the Republican Party embraces them, and seeks out their approval and endorsements. Because, ironically, the Republicans are all about Freedom.

This is our daily open thread. Feel free to discuss hypocritical insane Conservatives, Christian Dominionism, other contenders for Village Idiots of the US Senate, or anything else you wish to discuss.

29 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, June 21, 2014: This Week In Irony

  1. All I have to go on, ie what my direct life experiences have shown, is that people are more inclined to believe what they want to believe. The Universe (or god/gods/goddesses, etc.) rarely offer news and information that humans WANT to hear. He/She/It/Whatever offers tidbits of useful information in still small voices, for the sake of survival and growth.
    The human invention of threatening, alluring, angry, seductive, cryptic and unknowable anthropomorphic beings who alternately offer doom and damnation and wealth beyond imaging are simply a mirror of basic animal instincts. Shelter, Water, Food and Warmth are at the core of all life on the planet. Step and look at the motivations behind all human and animal behavior and this is what we find. Human imaginings, reasonings, justifications and excuses are the skins we wear and the tools we use to ascend above the base of nature.
    Humans as hunter-gatherers revered the plants and animals they depended upon for survival and created ‘gods’ in a (sometimes) anthropomorphized image of the plant or animal. Ceremony, ritual and art expressed these concepts.
    With the advent of sedentary agriculture, a means of control for the assembled and no longer migratory masses had to be invented: Gods of War, Famine, Communication (Mercury) Idealized Human Form (Venus, Apollo), etc, etc, etc.
    Wearying of this panopoly and the attendant bureaucratic overload, the all powerful and frustrated angry Old Man character was invented. Look at Christianity and one can see it’s all about control of Earthly concerns. When I was young and growing up in an enforced Christian environment, it was either vague pictures of heavenly riches or threats of eternal damnation in fire, with an emphasis on the threats. Direct common sense questions were not welcome, and if answered it was with “because you have to have faith”, something that was also unexplainable. Look around at the conflict, destruction and waste of our planet these days and no one will find a source in the simple agrarian or subsistence cultures. The source is the monotheistic gluttonous goblins who have enough but want more, better to take from others and then throw it away than to let the bogeymen have any.
    Thanks Wayne for the foundation of this diatribe. Time to go feed the chickens…

    • You’re welcome, and thank you. And I believe your viewpoints valid. I haven’t studied this subject, but my sense tells me that it would have been more natural for humans to have created one God, and then moved onto Pantheism to avoid having to explain the otherwise schizophrenic nature of the one God. Then, as each god’s area of control was explained by Science, the roles of these gods would diminish over time. Eventually, even the God of Dark Matter will reveal Its secrets to Scientists. It just seems more Logical that way. Then again, as one of my favorite fictional characters has observed, “Humans often do not behave in a logical manner.”

    • Emily Dickinson brilliantly summed up the whole mess of Christer-Biblical baloney:

      The Bible is an antique Volume —
      Written by faded men
      At the suggestion of Holy Spectres —
      Subjects — Bethlehem —
      Eden — the ancient Homestead —
      Satan — the Brigadier —
      Judas — the Great Defaulter —
      David — the Troubador —
      Sin — a distinguished Precipice
      Others must resist —
      Boys that “believe” are very lonesome —
      Other Boys are “lost” —
      Had but the Tale a warbling Teller —
      All the Boys would come —
      Orpheus’ Sermon captivated —
      It did not condemn —

  2. I want nut job xtians out of my life as much as women want U.S. Congress and state government out of their uterus.
    What ever happened to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
    If your definition of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is having a lesbian biker playing a flaming banjo tattooed on your chest, fine with me.

    Thanks to Duckman for the lesbian biker playing a flaming banjo thing.
    I didn’t make that up.

  3. Great post, Wayne, the perfect rehash of my own views on the matter.

    Repubs and Con Christers have only one goal: to make everyone else believe and act as they do. Me? Fuck ’em. I refuse. And if anyone here has any contact with Dave Vitter, please tell him that NO, I will NEVER wear a diaper in a whore house; not even if Jesus thinks it’s cool. 😯

  4. The Earth and it’s creatures has seen a millennia of exploration, conquest and plunder at the hands and under the feet of the christian notion of domination. Violence, theft, murder and the wasting of resources, fellow creatures and fellow humans. All of which they proclaim to be against.
    Humans are a creation of Nature whether they choose to believe it or not, and Nature has a habit of seeking balance. Nature is a universal force, from the smallest whizzing particle to the massive black hole at the center of a galaxy.
    The end is nigh indeed, the end of a voracious virus that happens to be conscious of what it is doing and has not the maturity to correct itself. Nature will perform this correction.
    In all honesty I have some odd sense of peace, perhaps through being able to perceive the pattern. There is no happiness for the suffering Earth’s human population is enduring and will soon experience to an apocalyptic degree, only a sadness that we as humans are not yet strong enough in the spiritual realm of our consciousness to perform the required mental and emotional surgery to heal ourselves.

    Later…time to go mow the lawn…-snort-… laughter, even a strong enough painkiller for the moment.
    Oh, and Happy Solstice! High summer however you prescribe…

    • Oh dear! Their “science” curriculum comes from Bob Jones University. Perhaps you can get her a personal copy of Cosmos when it becomes available on DVD or, dare I say, a nicely bound copy of On the Origin of Species?

    • The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding
      Prov. 9:10

      The children must be fearful in order to become wise?
      hmmm, I fear for the child’s well- being in such an environment.

      • Indeed. I can think of few things more disturbing than making children afraid of knowledge. Make no mistake. The real message is to be afraid of anything that might make the young ones question their blind faith and servitude. It ought to be a crime. I sure was lucky in my “choice of parents” who bought me my first chemistry set and fire extinguisher when I was about 6.

        Oh yeah. One of those things that’s more disturbing than teaching kids to fear knowledge is what Disney might do to Star Wars (As if the crap Lucas has done could really be topped.)

        • Back to a more serious note…

          My parents didn’t take me to church and they didn’t allow me to read the Buybull until I was 13 or 14. I think I was about 10 when some kids started giving me grief about not going to church so I asked Dad why we didn’t go to church. His reply was; “because your Mother and I decided we would never lie to our children”. I’m pretty sure they kept to that ideal since I was never even indoctrinated with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy. I still got surprise presents “from Santa” on Christmas morning but I also knew that they came from my parents, who stayed up all night filling stockings and assembling complicated toys, and they did tell me it was rude to tell children who did believe in Santa, or Jebus for that matter, that they were gullible idiots.

          Did I mention that I was extremely lucky in my choice of parents?

            • I wouldn’t say “idyllic” because that’s a state that is always fleeting at best. But? I think they taught me pretty well. I was always a bit distant with Mom because she was already getting sick when my memories kick in but Dad was my best friend till the day he died and beyond.

              Mostly; they both taught me to reach out and discover things whether it was experiencing my first crush, directed at a (gasp!) black girl, or venturing across the lake in the family canoe all by myself. I’m pretty sure that the binoculars were fixed on me the whole time and the engine on the speed boat was ticking over but I didn’t feel the eyeballs boring into the back of my head. Plus? That was the day that I caught my first, really big, Northern Pike!

              I think that it is fair to say that I was blessed without the usual religious connotation.

      • “I fear for the child’s well- being in such an environment.”

        So do I. The question remains, will a judge agree?

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