Friday June 27, 2014 – Music Night – Mind Altering Music

We may have done this theme before, but I can’t remember. Wonder why?

Drinking Wisdom

Then there is Reefer Madness




22 thoughts on “Friday June 27, 2014 – Music Night – Mind Altering Music

  1. Not musical, matter of fact – no audio. The video is so relaxing and interesting to see the fish in clear water!

  2. Sting’s version of this is awesome too. A later iteration of the Four Freshmen.

  3. Oh, almost forgot. Danica qualified 10th at Kentucky. That’s better than 33 fuckers that Kyle Petty thinks are real race drivers! He’s going to eat those words, eventually. Either that, or he’s going to have to suit up and match race her.

    • You know you’re drunk when your eyes can’t track the cursor on the screen anymore.

  4. Off topic: Relieved to learn I don’t have a blown head gasket. The high buck mechanic I brought it to to do a pressure test on the coolant system….was looking for a big pay day.

    I brought my vehicle to the mechanic who did the original work on it and he did not find any hydro carbon. He also admitted the intake manifold gasket which they removed when I took it to them was leaking which addressees one of my concerns. He believes there is a fuel dump going on which could possibly be bad fuel injectors?

    I hope this is correct because the original mechanic seems like a good, honest guy while the mechanic who diagnosed the blow head gasket (after I told him I thought that’s what I had), is a scammer who charges big bucks through add on work to cover lost time on labor.

    And finally I am relatively pain free or I should say the pain is tolerable! Now if I can just avoid the ignorance of right wing extremists.

    • Head gaskets can leak a variety of ways. Compression loss into the coolant system is one. Coolant into the oil is another.

      The intake leak would make it run lean, and the system may be richening the mixture trying to compensate. Fix the intake leak first. Then have a look at the spark plugs. They should provide a clue as to which injector is dumping too much.

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