Sunday Roast: Everything that kills me makes me feel alive

Here’s a song I heard on the radio today.  I thought it was pretty good.

BONUS:  Fundygelical weirdness in the video.  😀

This is our daily open thread — What makes you feel alive?

22 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Everything that kills me makes me feel alive

    • Now that’s a rescue! Good mechanics with the necessary tools. Should the need arise, I am similarly equipped, and I have speed wrenches to make the job go a little faster.

  1. This must be the season of hackberry trees to fall. My back yard just filled up with a huge one. It took out a section of fence, but spared the 4×4 post, so the fence won’t be too much, once I get the trunk out of the way. I just felled three smaller ones at my ex’s house after the first one fell on it’s own, revealing the weak roots. I have some of the pruning done, so I could get it onto the edge of the road. The pickup day is Monday, of course.

    • Had to look up Hackberry tree – whoa, they grow tall and wide.
      Damn good thing it didn’t fall on your house, House!

      • It was leaning already. It was just short enough to not hit my dogwood. That would have hurt my feelings. I had to find my way into my shed to get the chainsaw gas. The door was hard to open, so it’s got a bit of weight on it. Pruning is over for the evening.

  2. Holy crap! This guy sounds like a real life Cartman. (Note: Cartman is the evil character on South Park and one of his scams was a fake Christian” band.)

  3. Egypt presses ahead with ridiculed medical device

    Egypt’s military has pressed ahead with promotion of a fanciful device it claims can diagnose and cure AIDS and hepatitis, announcing that it would be tested in the next six months on larger numbers of patients in army hospitals.
    The military’s supposedly miraculous medical device – a metal gizmo that has been described as resembling a kitchen hand mixer – drew wide ridicule when it was unveiled in February as the invention of an army general. Even a science adviser to the then-interim president, Adly Mansour, said the claim it cures viruses had no scientific basis.

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