The Watering Hole, Monday, June 30th, 2014: Jesus must be screaming

Thank you, frugalchariot, for the link that you posted on Saturday’s thread, leading me to a treasure trove of jaw-dropping info about Colorado’s latest entry in ‘Teh Crazy Game’: Gordon J. Klingenschmitt

Teh Crazy is strong in Gordon J. Klingenschmitt

Teh Crazy is strong in Gordon J. Klingenschmitt

Klingenschmitt is the surprise Republican primary winner for state representative in Colorado’s 15th District. The story in frugal’s link to Crooks and Liars includes an excerpt from RightWingWatch on Klingenschmitt that is loaded with links and will curl your hair. As karoli at C&L says in the article:

“This is why there should be a Great Wall between church and state that is impenetrable. This guy is a nut. He makes Rafael Cruz look sane. And he’s now a Republican candidate for state office in Colorado.”

According to the Denver Post, Colorado Republicans don’t want to claim Klingenschmitt as one of their own:

“Klingenschmitt’s rhetoric and beliefs have raised alarm with members of the Republican Party, who worry that his views might cause problems for conservatives.”

“Gordon does not speak on behalf of the Republican Party. To suggest otherwise is inaccurate and dishonest,” said Ryan Call, chairman of the Colorado Republican Party.”

Klingenschmitt, a former Navy Chaplain who was court-martialed in 2006 – not for “praying in Jesus’ name” as he tells it – for disobeying a lawful order. It is against military rules to wear one’s uniform at a political event, but Klingenschmitt wore his Navy Chaplain uniform to a protest in March of 2006 – next to former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore – outside the White House. He soon launched a new career with a radio show called “The Pray in Jesus Name Project.” Again from the Denver Post:

“[Klingenschmitt’s] outspoken religious beliefs have crossed into the realm of popular politics, including homosexuality and Obama.

“Father in heaven, we pray against the domestic enemies of the Constitution — against this demon of tyranny who is using the White House,” Klingenschmitt said of the president in an episode of his show…”

According to The Public Record, Klingenschmitt has been playing the martyr ever since his court-martial, “boasting to his right-wing extremist followers that he demanded his own court martial because his superior officers prohibited him from praying in the name of Jesus.”

“Further undercutting Klingenschmitt’s claim that he sacrificed his naval career in the name of Jesus is an e-mail Vice Adm. Harvey sent to Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Mullen urging him to approve Klingenschmitt’s “involuntary release” from the Navy due to Klingenschmitt’s “lack of career potential.”

Klingenschmitt’s former supervisor in the Navy had lots to say about him as well. Still from The Public Record article (which you HAVE to read, it’s an eye-opener):

“As reported by AU, Norm Holcomb, a retired Navy chaplain who was Klingenschmitt’s boss, sent an e-mail in March 2007 to Kentucky state officials after he discovered the House of Representatives passed a resolution lauding the disgraced Navy chaplain for “service to God, country and the Commonwealth of Kentucky” and invited him to lead a prayer session.”

[excerpt from Holcomb’s email]

“We have been relatively quiet regarding our ex-chaplain’s untruthfulness and lack of honor because we are embarrassed that one of our own could display such behavior in the name of our Lord. We wanted to spare all concerned the embarrassment associated with his dishonesty. However, it now seems that it would be wrong for those of us who know the truth to remain silent. I served with him and supervised him (as best as it was possible to supervise a person who refused to submit to lawful authority) and I know about his daily dishonesty and ‘spin’ of the truth.”

Okay, so the Navy felt that Klingenschmitt lacked “career potential”, his own former supervisor states that Klingenschmitt was “untruthful” and now he’s running for public office? Coloradans, beware!


Scalia sez 'Go fuck yourselves'

Scalia, as always, sez ‘Screw you, I’m here ’til I die.’

Last week, the Supremes voted unanimously to strike down Massachusetts’ “Buffer Zone” law, which restricts anti-abortion protesters from coming within 35 feet of a women’s health clinic. According to a ThinkProgress thread from June 27th:

“The buffer zone law was struck down in a narrow ruling that suggested there are different ways to curb anti-choice harassment without restricting speech on public sidewalks…it’s still illegal to obstruct women’s access to a health clinic, thanks to a federal law that was passed in response to clinic blockades in the 1980s and early 1990s.”

Naturally, Antonin Scalia took issue with some points in Chief Roberts’ opinion, and had to get his own two cents in, according to an article from

“In a separate opinion, Justice Antonin Scalia criticized Roberts’ opinion as carrying forward “this court’s practice of giving abortion-rights advocates a pass when it comes to suppressing the free-speech rights of their opponents.”

Scalia said state and local governments around the country would continue to be able to “restrict antiabortion speech without fear of rigorous constitutional review.”

The buffer-zone case began when Boston-area grandmother Eleanor McCullen and other abortion opponents sued over the limits on their activities at Planned Parenthood health centers in Boston, Springfield and Worcester. At the latter two sites, the protesters say they have little chance of reaching patients arriving by car because they must stay 35 feet not from the clinic entrances but from the driveway to those buildings’ parking lots. Patients enter the building through the parking lots, which are private property.”

[emphasis mine]

Eleanor McCullen, Nosy Parker

Eleanor McCullen, Nosy Parker

So, just because Ms. McCullen wanted to get close enough to her intended harassment victims so that they could hear her better, she sued? Yes, she and her ilk have the 1st Amendment right to free speech, but that shouldn’t mean that a total stranger should be forced to listen to her. And if she couldn’t shout loud enough from across the street, tough darts!

What makes the Supreme’s decision so much harder to swallow is the hypocrisy: the entire Supreme Court plaza is a legislated buffer zone. As Susan Milligan says in this piece from U.S. News and World Report:

“But at what point does the free speech become a barrier to a woman seeking to exercise another right, one upheld by the courts, to have an abortion? The idea that the individuals preaching against abortion on the street are merely “counseling” women is the utmost insult…[t]he idea that a complete stranger presumes to know better – and assumes that the woman in question is some kind of mindless fool who couldn’t possibly know what she is doing – is beyond arrogant.”

Every time a Christian lies in Jesus’ name, Jesus screams.

This is our daily open thread–what’s on your mind today?

66 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, June 30th, 2014: Jesus must be screaming

  1. Klingenschmitt is a smug arse CINO (christian in name only). A true Repugnant GOoPer feels he’s nothing to apologize for, and doesn’t see that being a hateful human should preclude him from ‘preaching’ peace and love…

    As for Scalia – he’s a scuzzy, miserable mote that should be removed from the SCOTUS, (if only that were a possibility)

  2. Thanks for the post, Jane. Klingenschmitt is but one of the Ameri-Fascist wingnuts on Colorado’s ballot this year. Their gubernatorial candidate is a climate change denier cast in the mold of James Inhofe. Then there’s Senate candidate make-contraception-illegal-and-abortion-a-crime Cory Gardner, currently running neck and neck in the polls against liberal-progressive good guy incumbent Mark Udall. Oh, and in whichever is Gardner’s current congressional district, the candidate to replace him there is none other than crackpot Ken Buck, the dude who lost by a few thousand votes four years ago in his quest to unseat incumbent Dem. Michael Bennet. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of Teh Stupid here, and doesn’t include the handful of NE Colorado counties who want to secede and form a new state, a state in which fracking is considered a blessing, not a potential scourge.

    Colorado supported Obama both in 08 and 12, and is slimly Dem Majority in the state legislature with a Dem governor. But the wingnuts started to rise again from their own ashes when the Dem legislative majority voted, post-Aurora and post-Newtown, to properly modify and improve local gun laws sufficiently to cause the NRA to load their Depends. Short of a miracle of some sort, the possibility of Colorado moving from purple to red is more than a little worrisome.

  3. I’m going to start wearing a popsicle stick around my neck.
    When people ask what the heck is that? I’ll reply, hey, you’re wearing a cross, this is my idea of a water board. They’re both instruments of torture in case you’ve forgotten.

    • Got in! This is most recent at the top.

      This case does not involve full-fledged public employees, the Court notes.
      by Amy Howe 9:03 AM

      The Court does not overrule Abood. That opinion has questionable foundations, so we reverse to extend Abood to the situation here.
      by Amy Howe 9:03 AM

      This is a substantial obstacle to expanding public employee unions, but it does not gut them.
      by tgoldstein 9:03 AM

      In Harris, the Court refuses to extend Abood. These employees can’t be required to contribute to unions.

    • The Court recognizes a category of “partial public employees” that cannot be required to contribute union bargaining fees.
      by tgoldstein 9:04 AM

      Kagan writes for the dissenters.
      by Amy Howe 9:04 AM

      The four liberal Justices are the dissenters.
      by Amy Howe 9:04 AM

      The vote is 5-4.

      • It remains possible that in a later case the Court will overturn its prior precedent and forbid requiring public employees to contribute to union bargaining. But today it has refused to go that far. The unions have lost a tool to expand their reach. But they have dodged a major challenge to their very existence.
        by tgoldstein 9:07 AM

            • The redistribution of freedom and privilege by the fascists on the court to wealth-driven and hate-filled bigots continues unabated. If I had the option to run from this fucking country and never look back or return, I’d do it NOW without letting the door hit me in the ass on the way out.

          • Hobby Lobby has some stuff I need that I can’t source elsewhere.
            I swear I will buy a table saw and carve my own material from a tree before I shop there.

            • I’ve never been in one, and now it’s certainty cast in concrete that I never will. In fact, if I should ever even happen to accidentally drive by one, I promise I shall fart in its general direction. Christian Jihadists are in the process of putting everyone possessed of a mind in jeopardy. In Germany it was Kristallnacht; here we can probably call it Christallnacht and not miss a beat.

            • Hobby shops aren’t what they used to be.
              Al of the “kits” are almost ready to fly.
              No one builds things from plans anymore.
              I guess the process of reading blueprints and making something has gone away and visualizing a completed project is what you see on the box.

            • There’s still some hope, vinylspear. I just placed a order, backorder actually, for my first kit in many years. I have been enjoying repairing and modifying my ARFs and it seems that my allergy to CA has disappeared so I want to build something. While there aren’t as many options as there used to be I am really looking forward to building and flying an old fashioned kit, and bypassing Chinese QC issues, and the people who have them seem to really love the Chrysalis. Plus; it’s a Hell of a lot cheaper than ordering one that’s almost ready to cover direct from the Czech Republic just for a custom color scheme! The best part is that I don’t have to swallow my shame about buying from Chinese companies. Still; I would gladly pay a premium for more American made stuff but I don’t see a compelling reason to pay twice the price for stuff from Japan or Taiwan.

              It’s amazing how international the hobby has become. I have one plane that’s all Chinese, one that was built in Australia with a German motor, one that was Built in the Czech Republic with electronics from everywhere, and now I’ll have a new glider built from an American kit. There are also a few companies that will laser cut custom kits from plans. Since I’m a pack rat I still have the plans from every kit I’ve ever built so I might end up revisiting an old favorite or two. Here’s the link to my future glider.


              I have also found some great on line sources for building materials that just might have what you are looking for. Let me know if you would like some links

    • The Court says that the government has failed to show that the mandate is the least restrictive means of advancing its interest in guaranteeing cost-free access to birth control.
      by Amy Howe 9:17 AM

      RFRA applies to regulations that govern the activities of closely held for-profit corporations like Conestoga, HL and Mardel.
      by Amy Howe 9:17 AM

      Closely held corporations cannot be required to provide contraception coverage.
      by tgoldstein 9:17 AM

      • Here is more qualification: It does not provide a shield for employers who might cloak illegal discrimination as a religious practice.
        by Amy Howe 9:19 AM

        Here is a further attempt at qualification: This decision concerns only the contraceptive mandate and should not be understood to mean that all insurance mandates, that is for blood transfusions or vaccinations, necessarily fail if they conflict with an employer’s religious beliefs.
        by Amy Howe 9:18 AM

        Justice Kennedy’s concurring opinion says that the government could pay for the coverage itself, so that women receive it.
        by tgoldstein 9:18 AM

  4. From the Annals of Chutzpah:

    Matt Wilstein almost missed that recent tweet from the former half-term governor:

    “Perhaps Palin forgot what it was like to be the subject of a similar investigation exactly three years earlier after her office released her emails to the press.

    On June 13, 2011, the Anchorage Daily News reported that “Nearly a month of former Gov. Sarah Palin’s emails are missing from the documents released to media organizations last week, a gap that raises questions about what other emails might also be missing from what’s being nationally reported as her record as Alaska governor.”

    According to the documents Palin’s office provided, she sent no official emails from between December 8, 2006 and December 29, 2006, in other words her first full month in office. As the paper put it, “That means zero emails during a period during which, among other things, Palin put out her proposed state budget, appointed an attorney general, killed the contract for a road out of Juneau and vetoed a bill that sought to block state public employee benefits to same-sex couples.”

    The Anchorage Daily News argued that the gap was due to Palin’s preponderance to use a personal Yahoo email account instead of the official state account, thereby allowing her to hide certain communication from public view. The first email Palin was on record as sending came on January 2, 2007, one month after she took office.”

  5. Supreme Court Rules Family-Owned Corporations Are Not Required to Pay for Contraception Coverage Requiring family-owned corporations to pay for insurance coverage for contraception violated a federal law protecting religious freedom, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5 to 4 decision on Monday.
    The decision, which applied to two companies owned by Christian families, opened the door to challenges from other corporations to many laws that may be said to violate their religious liberty.

    Apparently only people who believe in religious bullshit are covered by that “federal law protecting religious freedom”, and people who do not subscribe to any particular (or all) religious bullshit are not. The march of Teh Stupid continues unabated.

      • No, but I can see how much is there. I got most of the brush limbs cut and picked up this morning. This tree will drag on for the whole week. My chainsaw reaches a temperature where it won’t run, and requires some cool down time. Also, the worst problem is a big part of the tree is across my shed, and getting the weight off of it to cut it is going to be tricky. I may have to use a framework of 2x4s to allow it to be jacked up using my floor jack. That will work, but will take more time.

        • Chainsaws are fun.
          I love mine. Every year the hurricanes or strong winds down a few oaks and they’re great for grilling.
          Stihl makes some beauties.
          Need extra fun?
          Put model airplane fuel in it, about 30% nitro.
          Smells good too.

  6. The 8 Best Lines From Ginsburg’s Dissent

    ustice Ruth Bader Ginsburg penned a blistering dissent to the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling that the government can’t require certain employers to provide insurance coverage for methods of birth control and emergency contraception that conflict with their religious beliefs. Ginsburg wrote that her five male colleagues, “in a decision of startling breadth,” would allow corporations to opt out of almost any law that they find “incompatible with their sincerely held religious beliefs.”…

    • I wonder how many prescriptions for penis pills the five male dissenters have that are covered by health insurance?

      You’ve got to remember, every sperm is sacred.

  7. As near as my untrained legal mind can determine, this ruling is based on an interpretation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and not on anything in the Constitution. The RFRA can be changed, which would then negate these corporations’ “religious freedom.”

    BTW, if the RFRA really did allow what the SCOTUS said it did, then that law would clearly be unconstitutional. I wonder why that wasn’t argued, or was it?

  8. (it no longer creeps – it is at a gallop)

    Andy Borowitz

    Sharia law is having a good week in Iraq, Syria, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

  9. What happens to women who take birth control for noncontraceptive reasons? Should Hobby Lobby be required to comply with the law for these women since they are not violating any religious beliefs? If so, would a woman have to promise Hobby Lobby she won’t use birth control for contraception to get covered? How would that work exactly? And by that same logic, is Hobby Lobby then exempt from having to provide other medications that have contraception as a side effect? Like chemo, for example?

  10. Obama is going to bypass Congress on immigration reform.

    The number of times SCOTUS has ruled against this administration on an issue of executive power says something about the president’s view of the constitution, somewhat ironically.

  11. On June 30, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln signed an act “authorizing a grant to the State of California of the Yo-Semite Valley, and of the land embracing the Mariposa Big Tree Grove.” This legislation protected Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias “for public use, resort and recreation.” Under this law, scenic natural areas were set aside and protected for the benefit of future generations for the first time in the history of our nation.

    • The truth can not be defamation, Zimmy.

      (Too bad the ‘gets shot down’ wasn’t the same treatment he gave Trayvon)

  12. #HobbyLobby says it will continue buying cheap crap from China, despite 400 million+ forced abortions there. #WarOnWomen #hypocrisy

    • Of course – HL doesn’t have to pay ANY insurance for the Chinese slave labor.
      Spit and double spit on the hypocrisy of HL and the five misogynists on the SCOTUS

  13. The civil war in Iraq is the result of a religious minority holding power over the country for an extended period of time. We are still in the beginning stages of a religious minority’s grap for power. Read The Family, by Jeff Sharlett – they’ve been laying the foundation for this for decades now.

    Hobby Lobby’s ‘victory’ is but the beginning of a long line of lawsuits to impose this religious faction’s beliefs upon the rest of the country. This ruling will apparently apply to all privately held businesses, as well as closely held corporations. Although this ruling, from my understanding, is ‘narrowly tailored’ to the issue of certain kinds of birth control, it is quite easy to predict lawsuits coming forward based on every kind of ‘deeply held religious belief’ to allow those business owners the right to deny coverage under ObamaCare.

    Too bad people don’t care enough (yet) to actively picket Hobby Lobby. As for me, I won’t shop there ever again.

  14. If the Republicans want to add fuel to the Democrats’ charge of a “War on Women”, they just got a tank of gasoline.

  15. We Will Attack’: Ukraine President Poroshenko Ends Cease-Fire
    The Ukrainian president Monday night said he would not extend a unilateral cease-fire with pro-Russian separatists fighting in the eastern part of the country. “We will attack and we will liberate our land,” President Petro Poroshenko said in a statement on his website.

  16. Klingenschmidtt
    I now have a proper name for that unsightly mess stuck to the southern end of northbound chickens.

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