Let me get this straight:

You voted Republican all your life, and you don’t like the Hobby Lobby decision?

It must really suck to be you right about now.


31 thoughts on “Let me get this straight:

  1. BnF, do you have evidence that such a Republican exists? (Democratic Underground – challenge all assertions – attitude/off)

      • So, you have faith that a Republican exists that doesn’t like the Hobby Lobby decision?

        • I believe not ALL Republicans are evilgelical christians, hence, yes, I have faith there is one or more Republicans who don’t like the Hobby Lobby decision.

          • I’m sure there are Libertarian Republicans for whom religion is personally not important, but they are so anti-Obama that they like anything that thwarts Obama.
            Even young, female Republicans have a big enough chip on their shoulder to not care if their less successful sisters’ reproductive choice is curtailed. They know they can afford to get it on their own. (Think S.E.Cupp here if you need to.)

  2. Saw this on a photo:

    “Science flies you to the moon.
    Religion flies you into buildings.”

  3. A question popped into me head yesterday, one which would, in any sort of a sane world, be positively ridiculous. But since this is clearly an insane world and getting nuttier with every passing SCOTUS “decision”, I’ll ask it anyway.

    Here’s the thing: we now know that corporations are indeed the same as people, even in the religious sense. So. When people get together and produce their human end product (baby), it, too, is human, a “people”. Question therefore arises: since corporations are people, when they produce something is it a “people” too? Pots and pans? Golf clubs? Automobiles? Guns? Air pollution? If such is ultimately determined to be the case, then what? Is human-caused climate change a “people”? And if so, does that mean that anything done to correct or ameliorate is the equivalent of either contraception of abortion, and therefore something that really pisses God off, ergo something no corporation can ever be forced to do?

    I know, dumb dumb dumb. But still, in this day and age and given our dumb dumb dumb and dumber Tea Party AND Supreme Court . . . well, you know. Just askin’.

    • Quit beating around the bush, are you asking because you want to marry your vacuum cleaner?

    • I’ve been married to a Porsche since 1982. The mother-in-law is pretty high maintenance though. The Father-In-Law has pretty high expectations too.

      • Try toluene. It’s like the Tylenol for the crappy pump gas world.
        114 octane and it reduces lag time on turbochargers due to higher exhaust gas density.
        Burns clean with no ugly residue or corrosive byproducts associated with alcohol.
        My heads a little foggy right now due to an injury but I have an equation for making pump gas usable in real cars.

        • I can run pump gas in my cars. I don’t have the compression ratio for 114 octane. Right now I don’t feed a turbo car, either. More power means more teardowns, and I drive Porsche for the handling, rather than the horsepower.

          • I admire Porsche.
            They always finish strong in the Rolex 24.
            They’re cool to watch in the pit too.
            Other teams can be a Chinese fire drill.
            Porsche has their act together

  4. Just in case you’re not listening to Thom Hartmann.

    Court Strikes a Blow to Religious Freedom

    In rejecting the men’s claim that Oregon’s law barring peyote use under all circumstances violates their religious freedom, Justice Antonin Scalia, in writing for the majority, said that the First Amendment freedom of religion does not allow individuals to break the law: “We have never held that an individual’s beliefs excuse him from compliance with an otherwise valid law prohibiting conduct that the state is free to regulate.” He said it would be “courting anarchy” to create exceptions every time a religious group claims that a law infringes on its practices.

    ‘Courting’ anarchy’. How appropriate.
    Of course, this was 1990, and they weren’t Catholic.

  5. Bobby Jindal is ready to ride the Hobby Lobby horse into the primaries. What. An. Asshole.

    • I didn’t mean for this to usurp your open thread, but, hey, we’re on the same team. Anytime one of us fumbles the ball, someone is here to pick it up and score.

    • I thought we got rid of Santorum when we kicked him out of the Senate. He is like a “bad penny”. He keeps showing up. When he was in the Senate, he was considered to be the least intelligent Senator. Since Santorum got kicked out, Senator Mike Lee has taken his place in stupidity.

  6. hmm, has open season been declared?

    Darby man found not guilty of threatening to kill president

    A jury took just over an hour to find Dan Rachell, 43, not guilty on either charge of threatening to kill the president and of threatening to kill one or more members of his family.

    Rachell admitted during testimony that he made racist remarks and repeatedly told a co-worker at the Valley Veterans Service Center in Hamilton that “someone should nuke Washington and start over.”

    “I do know my heart gets ahead of my brain,” he said. “I say things as a defense mechanism to distance itself from my frustration.”

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