The Watering Hole; Thursday July 3 2014; Travesty. Outrage.

Sometimes words don’t come easily, esp. when anger and outrage work to change the dynamics of conscious thought and expression. Bear with me.

A few days back I ran across an article on Huff Post entitled ASU Professor Slammed To The Ground By Police, Gets Arrested For Assaulting An Officer (which linked to a local metro-Phoenix TV report of the incident). The story caught my eye because of the reference to ASU: Arizona State University (Tempe AZ), a place I happen to be quite familiar with. But I wasn’t prepared for the OUTRAGE I felt as I watched the embedded video, as I read the transcript of an encounter between an ASU Professor of English (who happens to be a black woman) and an ASU PD patrolman (a youngish white cop with an obvious attitude). The Professor was ‘jaywalking’ across College Avenue, a campus street, to avoid, she said, the sidewalk which was “all obstructed.” The cop drove up to her, stopped, then said, “Let me see your ID or you will be arrested for failing to provide ID.” And everything rapidly went downhill from there — fast, and with a brutality that resulted in a passerby calling 911 to report that an officer was getting “way too aggressive” with a woman on the street.

Following a verbal ‘scuffle’, the cop grabbed her and body-slammed her onto the street. At some point the officer claimed she kicked him in the shin, so she was therefore “charged with aggravated assault on a police officer in addition to criminal damage and obstructing a thoroughfare.” According to the local link,

Ore’s attorney, Alane Roby, says Ore is claiming self-defense.

“She was exposed, told officer she was exposed,” Roby said of her client while she was on the ground. “Her dress was up; the officer was reaching toward her anatomy. She felt uncomfortable with hands going there.”

Most of the event was captured on audio/video by the police car’s dash cam. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an encounter between police and pedestrian that is so intensely vicious, such a TRAVESTY, as this one. The hate in the cop’s voice and his demeanor suggests racism as his primary (if not sole) motivating factor. One could easily wonder if the film wasn’t instead shot in Alabama fifty or more years ago.

Fifty years ago — in December 1964 — I completed work on my BS degree at Arizona State University. Those were the days of intense racial hatred in the deep south, but not in Arizona, and esp. not on the ASU campus. I guess times have changed.

And yes, I am outraged.






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  1. Early bird Archaeopteryx ‘wore feather trousers‘ for display
    An ancient creature halfway between a dinosaur and a bird had feathered “trousers” on its hindlimbs.

    Archaeopteryx had pennaceous (quill-like) feathers all over its body, not only its wings, a new fossil – only the 11th of the creature found – reveals.

    • One of the new chickens (about a month old now) on the farm has “pantaloons”, feathers all the way down to the toes… working on getting it to sit still long enough for a portrait.

  2. The arrogant arse of an officer needs to attend anger management sessions.

    And, of course…

    UPDATE, 9:49 p.m.: Although the university says there is no evidence of inappropriate actions by the ASUPD officers involved, it plans to review the incident further,

    meaning ‘we’ve already’ made up our minds that no action will be brought against this pinhead.

  3. I saw the story, too. Reminded me of when a professor of mine related his run-in with the law. His son & nephew were targeted by grocery-store ‘security’ who reported, falsely, that they had weapons. Police arrived, people were thrown to the ground & arrested. When the professor produced ID showing he was a professor, they offered to drop all charges, providing they all sign an agreement to not sue. They didn’t agree to not sue…things got ugly.

    There were two police reports. The professor got both. The police all testified to the 2nd report. As a result, there’s about 5 police who’ll never be able to testify again.

    The professor et al. apparently received a nice settlement.

    But, in my humble opinion, $$$$ some years down the line really doesn’t make up for being slammed to the ground, shoulder dislocated, etc., all because of ‘shopping while black.’

    • It’s stupid to say that “women should not have sex except to make babies.” Why don’t they phrase it “People should not have sex except to have babies.” The way they put it clearly implies men can have all the sex they want without concern for procreation, but not women. Well, if they want men to have all the sex they want, but they don’t want women to have sex unless it’s to have a baby, then how can men have all the sex they want unless they have it with each other. Is that what they mean?

      • There are always cows. Or most any other adequately-sized non-human species that’s docile, not vicious. No chance of pregnancy there, and never a verbal or written complaint from them, never the accusation of rape. No baggage of any kind.

  4. Can a corporation go to church or receive communion? Can it be a conscientious objector? Does it have a soul? Of course not. The Court already decided in Citizens United that a corporation can have free speech rights. Now it can have religious rights. What other rights that formerly belonged only to individual HUMANS can a corporation possess? Maybe the right to keep and bear arms? You betcha.

    • I think they also have the implicit right to screw anyone anytime they feel like it, always without the need of “protection” or contraception (the latter of which, of course, violates various corporate religious beliefs).

  5. Economy Added 288,000 Jobs In June, Unemployment at 6.1%

    The U.S. economy added 288,000 jobs in June, and the unemployment rate dropped to 6.1 percent, signaling that the anemic recovery is finally picking up steam.

    The unemployment rate, which was 6.3% in May, is now at the lowest level since September 2008, when the economy began to enter the worst of the financial crisis.

    Long-term unemployment declined in June by 293,000 last month, though it’s still at more than twice the level than before the recession, with 3.1 million Americans looking for work for more than six months.
    Analysts have been expecting the economy to bounce back after an unusually cold winter had depressed growth. But June’s jobs numbers were even stronger than the consensus estimate, which pegged job growth at 215,000.

    Yeah, this is the worst President since WW2 all right…

  6. Today’s politics — domestic and global — remind me of this little gem:

    “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.” ~Mark Twain

    Based on recent SCOTUS rulings, I think I’ll choose the second option.

    • Hobby Lobby is going to start marketing red sashes – for girls & young women to wear to show they belong to the Anti-Sex League.

    • Zooey, your personal favorite is shared by many libruls, esp. in California. Why else do you think we have so many earthquakes?

    • The frightening part is that there’s no guarantee that she is any more competent driving down the middle of a road.

      • Speaking of jumbo jets.
        Be thankful people like that don’t fly airplanes.
        That’s what I constantly say to myself over and over, everyday.

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