Tweeter calls in another Zoo Exclusive

Tweeter calls in another Zoo Exclusive

THIS JUST IN: On the 4th of July, President Obama issued a Press Release and an Executive Order that was totally ignored by the mainstream media. We here at The Zoo are proud to have, once again, scooped everybody with this important, groundbreaking, historical moment.

President Obama, reacting to the Supreme Court’s Decision in the Hobby Lobby case said, “The Supreme Court has spoken. Business cannot be made to go against their deeply held religious beliefs, especially when it comes to contraception and abortion. Unfortunately, in this day and age, businesses become unknowing and unwitting supporters of contraception and abortion when they purchased goods manufactured in contries that allow one or the other, or both. To ensure that all American Companies abide by their deeply held religious beliefs, I am therefore issuing an Executive Order directing all U.S. Customs agents to reject shipments of goods from all countries that allow their citizens to take contraceptives or have abortions.”



  1. …directing all U.S. Customs agents to reject shipments of goods from all countries that allow their citizens to take contraceptives or have abortions.”

    I’d stand at the port and cheer all that profit being sent away from the likes of HL hypocrites.

  2. Here’s me not being able to ship some chocolate to my dear friend Zooey (customs took it out) never mind I truly believe in being nice to friends. And they are allowed to bring all kinds of poisonous shit in from China, probably made by a worker who had a forced abortion. You have to acknowledge the irony of it all.

    • Ohhhh my friend from Zurich used to send me those chocolates with liqueur in them. Can’t remember the name. They are sold here but without the good stuff inside.

  3. To the best of my knowledge, Hobby Lobby does not own any of its stores.
    It leases space and parking from the entity owning the real estate.
    I detect a potential Achilles heel.

    • That would be too delicious…ruptured Achilles heels are extremely painful!

      • Tendon damage hurts! It really hurts!!! I ripped a tendon away from the back of my skull almost 30 tears ago and I need to have it, literally, stapled back into place every five years or so. The damned thing simply won’t create a new natural bond that will stand up to daily use.

    • I just discovered another little bit of the saga. Hobby Lobby, in addition to their craft stores, has been a well-respected mail order supplier of model airplanes and their components since the 70’s. They have offered a lot of really good products that are simply unavailable from other vendors. Well? They changed the name of that part of their business to “Hobby Express”. I don’t know when they made that change and it might not have anything to do with anything but I am forced to suspect that they were losing some business and changed the name to insulate the airplane bit from the rest of the corporation. Assuming that I understand their thought process; their religious beliefs don’t hold a whole lot of weight if their profit margin suffers.

      BTW. In case you missed it; I tried to order a new electric glider kit but the one I wanted was discontinued. I have no need or desire to return to paying $20.00 a gallon for glow fuel but I am looking forward to building a kit. I have found a company that offers a modernized, electrified, version of the Mark’s Models Windfree I built in 1974 and it’s currently holding the first place on my wish list. Modern ARFs are a wonderful thing and they have expanded the hobby greatly but I really do want to build my own and bypass the built in flaws.

  4. So far this is the weekend of delayed races. First Daytona is rained out, and now an hour’s red flag to repair some armco at Silverstone. Hopefully, the F1 race ends before the Daytona start at 11am EDT.

    Vettel made a start as bad as a Mark Webber start, losing three positions to fifth. Ha!

    • Valtteri Bottas had the drive of the day, driving all the way to second. Hamilton gives the Brits a home win, and Button was able to finish fourth. So far, I like this Bottas. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t quick in the wet in qualifying, but he made up for it in the race.

  5. Some poor little hobbits had better get out of the way, because 43 Sprint Cup cars are about to pass through Middle Earth!

  6. Already had one big wreck, and Danica came through with a ding on the left front, which is hopefully fixed.

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