Sunday Roast: Cats in Silhouette


Photo by Zooey

Our Cats dipping her feet into the ocean at on a gorgeous day at Nye Beach, Newport, Oregon.

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45 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Cats in Silhouette

  1. This being the open thread, permit me to take a moment for self promotion. In the lead up to at least one major publication (about 9 months from now? maybe less) I’ve started a blog of my own, which folks are invited to explore (little as there is at the moment):

    • Good for you, you always had it in you as a writer. Congratulations!

      BTW, I complimented your writing skills the other day on the Murray Energy (the coal mine owner) vs the EPA thread at TP. 🙂

  2. Danica is running fourth, in a single file order. Pit stops in about five laps.

    • She just moved to the low line for the first time today, getting ready to pit. Smart.

    • Then she screwed up the pit stop and lost the lead draft. Damn! 60+ lap tires didn’t stop well on the concrete pit stall.

    • Big wreck! Danica came through with a light tap on her front bumper! Listed 7th after scoring straightened out!

    • Caution for drizzle. 50 laps to go, if the rain doesn’t shorten it. Danica is 8th.

      • Still waiting on the rain to stop. Way too early to call the race official.

      • Nascar called the race official when the rain got harder and the radar didn’t look promising. Danica credited with 8th. First victory for the Petty 43 since 1999.

  3. Yanno, it would have been nice if you kids would have swapped places and taken photos of each other.

      • That certainly is. They are growing up quickly. It seems like just one year ago he became a grandfather and now look at these guys.

        BTW – I did take a picture of Zooey only she won’t let me post it. She looks very pretty on the picture… nice smile, nice teeth 🙂

  4. If you’re going to go to the beach at least do some surf fishing while you’re there.
    Surf perch are deeelish.

    • Of the first guy, whoi lost both his hands, there was this quote:

      The type of device was not identified. “It would have had to have been something pretty powerful,” Morales said.

      Not necessarily. If you light and hold a cherry bomb tightly in your hand, you could lose most of it when it goes off. It all depends on where the explosive force has to go, either through and into your hand or into the surrounding air. You can hold a lit firecracker atop your open palm with far less (though not negligible) risk of losing your entire hand, though you may still get burned.

      • People have been setting off what are called M1000: besides the frightening BOOM that makes us think ‘war zone’, it sets off car alarms…

    • Of course it’s ok, they left the light on

      • ‘New laptop design for pet owners’ – now that would be a winner!

      If anyone knows a really good fish pun
      Let minnow.

      (what does it say that I found that one humorous?)

      • I’ve never been entirely convinced that stomach stapling is all that great. I think that, in most cases, stapling the mouth would be more effective.

        NOTE: I’m 6’1″ and have struggled, between a high metabolism and nervous disposition, to keep on weight most of my life. Up until I was prescribed a medication, that truly improved my life in every way, I never weighed more than 150 pounds. Now? At 190 pounds I feel better than ever aside from the aches and pains that come with age. I can actually go out for a walk in the depths of winter without feeling like I’m going to freeze to death! On the other hand; I have run into old acquaintances who have said something along the lines of “holy crap, you aren’t skinny” and one of them even called me “fat”.

  5. Another zoo denizen has also been at the beach with family, including four grands who had never seen the ocean. I’m exhausted.

    • The look on their faces must have been priceless!
      How long did it take for them to ‘dip a toe’ in the ocean?

      • The oldest two, 9 and 8, were in in seconds. They’d have gone in right after our brush with Hurricane Arthur if I would have let them.

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